Amanda Lutz, writer, organic SEO expert, and Innovation Manager, sitting in front of a bookcase at work.

Amanda Lutz, Author

About Amanda

Nashville-based contributor Amanda specializes in thoroughly researched reviews of home services and insurance products. Beginning her career as a Regional Winner of the Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards for her nonfiction work, she has lent her editorial and writing skills to dozens of books and publications over the past decade.

Research Process

Your trust is my priority when researching products that add value to your home and life. I personalize my recommendations using an in-depth methodology customized to each service and clearly stated in each piece of content. This research process includes:

  1. Investigating which services and products are important to consumers, along with the relevant brand landscape.
  2. Conducting consumer surveys and focus groups to discover which key concerns and buying factors matter to consumers.
  3. Testing and reviewing products and services through vehicles such as secret shopping and consultations with experts.
  4. Crafting targeted recommendations for different consumer needs while keeping the readership in mind.
  5. Maintaining fresh suggestions as the landscape changes by re-testing products, continuing research, and updating content regularly.