Rachel Sadler, Author

Rachel Sadler is an experienced journalist and content writer who has been writing content for print and online media for five years.

Rachel is the Independent Advisor’s resident VPN expert, with a remit to find the best VPNs out there through thorough testing and research. She spends most of her time vigorously testing VPN services for performance and security features to provide accurate and trustworthy buying guides and reviews. On a weekly basis, she updates guides, and reviews where necessary ensuring prices and information are correct and up to date, as well as keeping her ear to the ground for all the latest news and advancements in VPNs and cyber security.

She also writes content around renewable energy and how UK homes can become energy-efficient by installing solar panels. Rachel researches which solar panels are best for your home with a focus on how homeowners can save money with solar panels and generate enough electricity to power their homes.

With a focus on home insulation, Rachel spends time researching how windows can improve energy efficiency, the style of your home and reduce bills. She focuses research on which materials are best suited for durability, maintenance and price to create well-informed guides and features.

Rachel holds a BA in English language and creative writing and started her career writing for some of Hong Kong’s leading lifestyle publishers, Sassy Hong Kong, Localiiz and Bay Media, where she reported on island-wide news. When she’s not writing; she’s intrigued by all things film, food, and art.

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