Magnet fitted kitchens review (2024)

Read our detailed Magnet fitted kitchens review to find out everything you need to know about what makes this brand one of the UK’s best kitchen suppliers.

By Rachel Sadler

October 19, 2023
Magnet fitted kitchen in the Tribeca range in graphite grey. A large kitchen with an island breakfast bar and exposed brick walls.

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Magnet was established in 1918 and has provided high-quality fitted kitchens for decades. All its cabinets are made in the UK, and it has earned itself a stellar reputation over the years, picking up some excellent reviews from satisfied customers.

As you would expect, Magnet is a premium kitchen brand, and its prices are higher than many other kitchen providers. The most affordable range is currently the Ascoli range, with prices starting from £1,879 for the smallest eight-unit kitchen. But prices go up to £13,018 for the largest 16-unit Integra Nordic Nature range. In return, it offers personalised service, high-end designs, luxury styles, and a range of handleless, shaker, and modern kitchens. It also has various cabinet finishes to choose from and lots of colours. If the prospect of starting from scratch daunts you, you may want to talk with a designer. With the free design consultation, you can speak with a designer who will talk you through the process and provide advice. Overall, Magnet’s kitchens are very popular, made using high-quality materials, and offer good warranties of up to 20 years.

Fast facts about Magnet fitted kitchens

Magnet provides a wide range of fitted kitchen styles. It currently has 18 kitchen ranges, divided into Shaker, Modern, and Handleless styles. Each kitchen is available in a selection of shades, and a smooth-close mechanism is available on doors and drawers. Various financing options are available to make purchasing a new kitchen easier. It also provides a free kitchen design service where customers can discuss their options with a designer.

Key features

Upsides and downsides of Magnet fitted kitchens

New kitchens are a large investment, so buying a new kitchen is a big decision. It’s important to consider both the pros and cons when choosing. Here are some of the key advantages you can enjoy when you choose Magnet kitchens:


Choice: Magnet provides a large range of kitchens, so there should be a style for everyone, with 18 kitchen ranges to choose from.

Cost: Because Magnet kitchens is considered a premium brand, the costs can be high, which may not be suitable for those on a budget.

Warranty: Good warranties of up to 20 years gives customers peace of mind when buying a kitchen.

Recommendations: Fitters recommended by Magnet can be quite expensive.

Reputation: Magnet has been going for many years and has developed an excellent reputation in the industry. It is also known for its superb customer service.

Waiting Time: There is quite a long waiting time of up to six weeks following your order.

Assistance: Customers can use the free kitchen design service to get advice on their kitchen before ordering.

How do Magnet fitted kitchens work?

Magnet fitted kitchen in the Hoxton range in white. A large kitchen with a lot of natural light and wicker light shades.
Magnet fitted kitchens can be designed to fit your space and colour choices. (Image credit: Magnet)

The best way to use Magnet kitchens is to begin by exploring the kitchens on its website or its brochure to get a feel for the products and prices. You can then meet with a consultant to discuss your requirements.

They will then measure your space if you want them to, and you can have a virtual meeting to discuss it further. You can also choose to get in-store design consultation and get a 3D design before finally getting a quote.

You can then take a careful look at your design and decide whether you want to go ahead. Once you approve the design, you can choose from several payment options. There are also different options for your kitchen, including ready-to-fit, which is the most affordable option, and factory assembled, which costs more.

Magnet offers an installation service. It also allows you to use your own contractor if you prefer, or it can help you to find a fitter on its website.

Magnet fitted kitchens versus competitors

One of the things that Magnet stands out for is its premium designs and service. It says it is not a budget kitchen provider and has very high standards. There are many designs to choose from, along with several colours and finishes. As such, costs are higher than many other kitchen providers. While an eight-unit kitchen at Magnet will cost just under £2,000 for its most affordable range, other providers offer lower costs.

In terms of other kitchen companies, Wickes provides an entire kitchen for less than £1,000. Another option is B&Q, which has competitive pricing and its most affordable fitted kitchen costs £1,053. Both providers have several attractive styles to choose from and great service but more competitive prices. B&Q has 12 kitchens in its range, while Wickes has 14 Bespoke ranges and five Lifestyle ranges, providing plenty of options should you want something different.

How much do Magnet fitted kitchens cost?

When it comes to the cost of a new kitchen, anyone choosing Magnet kitchens should expect to pay a premium. Its pricing is higher than many other kitchen suppliers, but it offers several financing options to help with the cost. Here are details of its most affordable and most expensive kitchen ranges:

RangeCost of eight unitsCost of 12 unitsCost of 16 units


From £1,879

From £2,656

From £3,463

Integra Nordic Nature

From £6,919

From £9,898

From £13,018

You will also have to pay the installation costs on top of these prices when you factor in the total cost of a new kitchen.

How to maintain your Magnet fitted kitchen

Magnet fitted kitchen in the Tatton range in midnight blue. A small galley kitchen with a high ceiling and a breakfast bar extending from the kitchen island.
A good cleaning routine can keep your Magnet kitchen in better condition for longer. (Image credit: Magnet)

Looking after your Magnet kitchen is important to keep it in good condition for longer. Fortunately, Magnet helps by providing aftercare and maintenance instructions, so you can follow the information to maintain your kitchen.

In general, you should keep your kitchen clean, look out for leaks, avoid placing hot items on surfaces, which can cause damage, and avoid slamming the cabinet doors and drawers. You should also get any issues fixed as soon as you notice them to prevent them from worsening.

It’s also a good idea to choose a suitable cleaner. Ask Magnet if it recommends a cleaning product and any special techniques you should be following to avoid using chemicals that could cause damage.

What the experts say

You may want to find out more about what the professionals are saying about Magnet kitchens. Here are a few reviews to give you a better idea.

“This British kitchen specialist has 100 years of experience and a wide range of choice. Its new ‘Magnet Create’ service gives you more colours to pick from, too.”Elle Decoration

“Magnet offers a free consultation and design service in its showrooms. The design offering includes 3D visuals and a detailed quotation. Detailed plans and elevations are not supplied as part of the free design package and are only released when a deposit is paid. There are a good number of options from Magnet, the range of lay-on doors comes in a good mix of modern and traditional styles. The colour choice is limited, but the number of options is far greater than the likes of Howdens, Benchmarx and the DIY stores.” Saffron Interiors

Customer reviews

It’s also essential to find out what other customers are saying about Magnet kitchens, so here are a few reviews you can take a look at.

“A chance conversation with a neighbour led me to the Magnet showroom when looking for my new kitchen. The service they provided is exceptional. Talking through my daily kitchen activities with the designer provided a working layout suitable for my needs, several tweaks to the design did not phase him, and he adapted our layout to meet everything I needed. From design to delivery everything went smoothly. The finished product is of high quality, aesthetically pleasing, and of a standard I would highly recommend to anybody wanting a new kitchen.” —Vivien via TrustPilot

“We have been very well supported in planning our kitchen from Magnet by kitchen design consultant Kate and her colleagues at the Hunslet (Leeds) Magnet branch. She was knowledgeable in helping us conceive the initial plan, and remained glad to accommodate our requests to update the design as our ideas developed during the 12 months during which our building work took place. We were particularly pleased with her initiative and flexibility in suggesting and facilitating ways in which we could design and construct bespoke solutions to our requirements (e.g. a non-standard configuration for a tall unit to contain a double oven and microwave, and a bookcase built under the end of our island breakfast bar.) Many thanks, and would highly recommend!” —Paul U via TrustPilot

“Pretty happy with how my kitchen turned out. Customer Service was very good. A few gripes but nothing major, considering I went with the flat pack option. Ordered through Orpington branch, but also used Sevenoaks to order additional handles.” —Jeffrey via TrustPilot

Our recommendation

Magnet fitted kitchen
Magnet kitchens are high-end and bespoke (Image Credit: Magnet)

If you are looking for a premium kitchen, Magnet kitchens is a good choice. It offers a wide range of beautiful kitchens, lots of colours and finishes, and several sizes, and it can help with the design as well as financing and installation. It also offers lots of finishing touches, including appliances and lighting options.

As well as providing stunning kitchens that will look beautiful in your home, Magnet provides good customer service, and it has a long history of excellence. The long warranties also provide peace of mind. The products and overall service are hard to beat, and for many, the cost will be a decisive factor. If you are budgeting for a high-end kitchen that you will enjoy using and showing off for many years to come, you may find that Magnet kitchens are ideal.

How we chose the top fitted kitchen companies

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