Everest double glazing windows review (2024)

Interested in installing new windows? This Everest double glazing review highlights the pros and cons of choosing this company and will help you decide if it’s the right fit for you and your home.

By Architectural Digest UK Reviews Team

October 19, 2023
Everest double glazing window casement window in wood finish with Georgian bars

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Everest is a market leader in the double glazing windows industry, operating across the UK with the exception of Northern Ireland. Founded in 1965, Everest’s contributions to window technologies from introducing secondary glazing to UK homeowners to its latest A++ energy-rated triple-glazed unit, have made it a widely recognised brand.

Everest offers a variety of double glazing options and can also manufacture bespoke windows based on your unique specifications. Here is a breakdown of Everest’s product offerings:

CasementSliding sashTilt & turn Secondary Glazing


uPVC, wood, aluminium

uPVC and wood


Frame colour options

27 colours with dual colour option Wood grain finish available

17 colours with dual colour option Wood grain finish available

Five colours with dual options

Energy rating

A+ (double) A++ (triple)


B double-glazed A triple-glazed

Suitable for

Highest sound and energy insulation

Retaining classic window style of period properties

Secure ventilation (tilt opening) and easier cleaning (turn opening)

Optional glass types

Obscure, decorative, noise reducing, toughened, security laminated, leaded, Georgian bars

Obscure, decorative, toughened, security laminated, leaded, Georgian bars

Obscure, decorative, noise reducing, toughened, security laminated, leaded, Georgian bars

Everest also offers solutions for bay and bow windows, with each of the styles—casement, sliding sash, and tilt and turn—available for installation.

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Fast facts about Everest double glazing windows

Key features

Upsides and downsides of Everest double glazing windows

Review highlights of why Everest may or may not be the right choice for your home:


Up to A+ energy-efficiency rating means greater savings on energy bills

Installation can be expensive compared to competitors

High noise reduction

The cost of additional options and extras can add up quickly

Industry-leading guarantee periods

Limited financing options

Added security with the GrabLock feature

How do Everest double glazing windows work?

Everest white uPVC windows
Everest white uPVC windows (Image Credit: Everest)

Everest’s quotation process is relatively streamlined, but certain customers have criticised the sales team for being pushy and trying to upsell expensive solutions. However, there are some steps you can take to get a good quote:

Window typeHow long they lastEverest guarantee

uPVC windows

20-25 years

10 years (or 20 years on uPVC Exclusives range)

Aluminium windows

45 years

10 years for fog and condensation 25 years for the profile

Timber windows

50 years

10 years for fog and condensation 30 years against rot of the profile 5 years for paint and stain finish

Everest double glazing windows versus competitors

We compared Everest with a number of its well-known competitors, and found that while its prices were considerably higher, it performed well in terms of customer satisfaction, guarantee period, and energy ratings.

CompanyPriceGuaranteeEnergy ratingTrustpilot score


From £500 to £2,460 per window

10-year guarantee on all window products, except for condensation/fog and discoloration on Exclusive uPVC Casement and Tilt & Turn, which benefit from 20 years. A lifetime guarantee is available at an extra charge.

A+ double-glazed A++ triple-glazed


Anglian Home Improvements

From £250 to £910 per window

10-year guarantee on parts and labour, 15-year guarantee on gas-filled units

A++ on uPVC windows



From £250 to £1,050 per window

10-year standard guarantee (excluding handles)




From £160 to £1,050 per window

10-year transferable guarantee

A+ double-glazed A++ triple-glazed


How much do Everest double glazing windows cost?

Everest double glazing window black uPVC casement window.
Everest’s prices are not as low as some of its competitors, but its industry-leading guarantees could make the extra cost worth it. (Image credit: Everest)

Everest’s double glazing windows aren’t priced as low as its competitors, but where it stands out is its guarantees. Here are the estimated average costs based on style, colour, and frame material.

Window styleAverage price per window


£500 to £1,230

Sliding sash

£750 to £1,845

Tilt and turn

£625 to £1,450


£1,000 to £2,460

Be aware that frame materials and colours can also impact the price. For example, for standard casement windows, grey uPVC costs 10% more than white uPVC, while wood grain uPVC costs 20% more. In addition, aluminium frames will be approximately 25% more expensive than uPVC frames, and wood frames 50% more expensive.

The total price of your new windows with Everest will vary based on:

Everest has partnered with Kandoo, a regulated credit broker and comparison service, to offer personal loans and secured lending options ranging from £1,000 to £250,000, with flexible lending periods of up to 25 years.

Maintaining Everest double glazing windows

Everest boasts that its windows require minimal care. Still, maintenance will vary based on the window type. For all double-glazed windows, the company recommends cleaning at least twice a year to prevent them from being tarnished by pollution and the weather.

With uPVC and aluminium windows, you can simply use a soft cloth, warm water, and washing up liquid. Timber windows can be cleaned in the same way, but they do require more maintenance. You should check wooden frames annually for scratches or chips, and if necessary, recoat them with microporous stain or paint. Be sure to consult Everest before doing any repair work, as it may affect your guarantee.

Condensation is a significant concern for homeowners, but keeping your home well ventilated and using extractor fans or dehumidifiers can resolve most cases. Contact Everest if the problem persists, as your window’s seal could be blown. In most cases, Everest will accommodate repairs or replacement if the product is under guarantee.

What the experts say

Everest double glazing windows white uPVC inside a stylish bedroom.
Everest has been praised by professionals and customers alike for its quality double glazing windows. (Image credit: Everest)

Here’s what the professionals say about Everest:

“Everest is the best option for cautious buyers that prioritise quality and peace of mind over everything else (including price).”Federation of Master Builders

“Everest is one of the best double glazing installers in the UK—it was one of the first double glazing companies in the UK and the first mass-market seller of triple glazing. If you’re considering double glazing, they are probably one of your top installer options.”Expertsure.com

“Everest is a well-known nationwide installer that has a decent reputation. We recommend getting a quote from them to compare against other installers. While Everest is unlikely to be the cheapest option, the quality of their products and installation means they offer good value for money.”The Eco Experts

Customer reviews

With a score of 4.3/5 on Trustpilot (based on 12,048 reviews) and 2.5/5 on Review Centre (based on 1,123 reviews), Everest has received mixed responses, with many customers praising the quality of the unit but also facing issues with the sales and installation teams and after-sales services.

“ The whole process was superb, from the salesperson visiting, advice, quotations, amendments made right through to survey, installation and quality of product. This company has restored my faith in customer service. Well done Everest !
PS: Anglian Windows were awful and I took them no further than quotation; dreadful experience with them.”
—J Walker via Trustpilot

“The windows are okay—the after-sales service [is] not so good. Sales, survey, and installation in late 2021 went well. Pleasant, helpful fitter. Windows are okay to look at, but one of the locking handles does not work and the window is not openable. Not a great after sales service. I have more windows to replace but will use a different firm next time.”—Lorna Lumsden via Trustpilot

“Make sure you check and double check everything. After paying this company approximately £20,000 for new doors and windows, I discovered I was three restrictors short. I now feel that I was just the payee with no say in my windows and was given what the surveyor thought, which was not what I wanted. In my opinion, save your money and go elsewhere.”—Ellez372 via Review Centre

Our recommendation

Everest offers top-of-the-line, highly accredited windows, although these come at a premium. Don’t hesitate to try to negotiate a lower quote with the sales team, though, in which case Everest is an excellent choice.

Don’t forget to review the work of the local installation team, and you may even want to inspect a few of their recently completed projects before signing up.

How we chose the top double glazing window providers in the UK

We conducted thorough research and compared some of the top-rated windows providers in the UK to help us offer an honest and informative Everest double glazing windows review. We also analysed hundreds of Trustpilot reviews, looked at costs, product efficiency, quality, warranty terms, and expert opinions. This helped us to develop our own opinion of Everest windows.

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