All American Gutter Protection Review (2024)

By Shane Sentelle Updated December 19, 2023

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Rain gutters, when working correctly, are an afterthought for most homeowners, but they can crack, chip, or sag if not maintained regularly. When that happens, they won’t just look disheveled—the dysfunctional gutters can cause major water damage to your basement, foundation, or roof.

All American Gutter Protection claims to help homeowners skip the headache of gutter cleaning with professionally installed gutter guards. After performing an in-depth analysis of top brands and reading thousands of customer reviews, we named its product one of the best gutter guards on the market. Read our comprehensive review to find out how the provider works and whether it’s the right option for your home.



Fast Facts About All American Gutter Guards



Benefits and Drawbacks of All American Gutter Protection

Here are some significant pros and cons of All American Gutter Protection:


Features gutter covers with a 100% aluminum body

Requires a home visit for a quote

Provides a lifetime performance guarantee

Offers limited warranty information on its website

Offers gutter services and replacement



All American Gutter Protection Gutter Guard System

All American Gutter Protection is a full-service provider that can take care of all your gutter needs at once. This includes replacing rotten or deteriorated fascia and repairing or installing new gutters and downspouts. When your gutters are in excellent condition, All American can install high-quality micro-mesh gutter guards to help them stay that way for longer between cleanings.

Like most full-service gutter guard providers, All American does not provide pricing information online. Because its gutter covers must be professionally installed, the cost of the job depends on variables such as the condition of your gutters, your roof’s shape, and how many stories your home has.

For accurate pricing, we recommend reaching out to All American Gutter Protection for a free home estimate. A sales representative will come to your property, assess the scope of the work, and provide you with a quote that will remain valid for a year.

Product Specs

All American’s stainless steel micro-mesh gutter guards feature small holes that, according to the provider, can stop pine needles, maple spinners, seedlings, shingle grit, and other debris from passing through. The mesh layer is reinforced by a 100% aluminum body, which is more durable than plastic or vinyl alternatives that can warp, crack, and bend under harsh weather conditions.

Installation Process

All American offers a comprehensive installation procedure that gives your new gutter guards the best chance at working flawlessly for the life of your home. After agreeing to a price during your on-site evaluation, you can schedule a time for installation.

All American stands out because it installs its gutter guard systems using its own installers, rather than hiring local contractors to do the work. This gives All American more control over the quality of workmanship and provides more peace of mind that any defects or mistakes will be corrected.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Your All American guard should drastically reduce the amount of gutter cleaning required to keep your gutters working. However, it won’t completely eliminate the need for cleaning. You will occasionally have to brush off debris that remains on top of the guard after heavy downpours or hire someone to do so.

In some cases, product or installation defects can occur. If you experience issues with the product or installation, they will likely be covered under All American’s lifetime warranty.



All American Gutter Protection Warranty

All American Gutter Protection has a lifetime performance warranty that promises to keep your gutters free from leaves and clogs for the life of your home. It offers to fix any issues that cause the product to fall short of your expectations.

We reached out to the company to find out more information on practical scenarios in which the warranty would kick in, but it declined to supply the terms and conditions of its warranty without an on-site estimate.



All American Gutter Protection Reviews

We analyzed 100 Google Reviews across All American Gutter Protection branches in Atlanta; Nashville; Philadelphia; Cary, North Carolina; and Ann Arbor, Michigan. Across these locations, All American had highly positive responses. Many customers acclaimed the company for its informative sales pitch and quality product.

However, not every review was glowing. Multiple customers had difficulty resolving issues that arose with installation scheduling or workmanship. It’s worth noting that customers’ experiences with installation may not translate to your local area.

“Best decision I made. I really enjoyed how [All American] demonstrated how the other products work and how their gutter protection works. You know what you’re getting before the rain comes. They were on time and very communicative throughout the progress. The installer even let me know that my outdoor faucet was leaking.” —Christina Borrego via Google Reviews

“Had All American Gutter Guards installed on my gutters. They cleaned everything out, fixed areas where the gutter was sagging, and installed the leaf guards. They were installed in late fall. So far this has helped freeing up any potential clogs from leaf debris.” —Stacy Salles via Google Reviews

“I had gutter guards installed in February. I was told that they would come clean them off without a charge; I just needed to call. I have had a lot of debris that has been sitting on top of and in the corners of my gutters that is causing waterfalls off of the corners of my house. So I called to have them come out. The first call was in May. I have gotten nothing but the runaround about getting someone out to clean them. Every time I call they say the same thing: They are going to email the manager, and they will get back to me within 48 hours. I’ve had the manager call me back twice and ask me about my gutters and then say that he will call me back. Then he never does.” —Megan Petrovich via Google Reviews

“The actual product is quality; however, the service is atrocious. I was rescheduled and canceled seven times. When they finally did show up, they were late and did not install the gutters on my garage. That led to multiple more stories and cancellations. Finally, it did get completed, and it’s ok. The frustration and hassle were completely not worth it. I should have called someone else.” —A. Shala via Google Reviews



Our Recommendation

With seven years in business, All American Gutter Protection is a relatively newer option for top-notch micro-mesh gutter guards. It holds an A+ rating and accreditation with the Better Business Bureau and favorable star ratings from review aggregators such as Google and Trustpilot.

All American stands out from other micro-mesh gutter guards on the market. It features durable build quality and a comprehensive installation procedure that provides many homeowners with the peace of mind that its guards will work properly and last for the lives of their homes. 

Each home is different, and there is no single best gutter guard for every scenario. We recommend researching your options and generating quotes from at least three providers before making your decision. 

Start with an on-site inspection from All American Gutter Protection.

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All American Gutter Protection FAQ

Why are clean gutters important?

Clean gutters are important because your gutters’ job is to divert rainwater away from your home and its foundation. If they become clogged with leaves, pollen, pests, and other debris, then they can’t accomplish this function. Standing water in a clogged gutter can spawn mold and mildew, rot fascia boards, or damage your roof. If rain flows freely off your roof to the ground around your home, it can cause costly damage to your basement, crawl space, or foundation.

What is the highest-rated gutter guard system?

After conducting in-depth research on top gutter guard systems, we named LeafFilter our best overall pick. That said, different guards have different properties that could be better suited for the types of debris and weather intensity in your area. We recommend looking into at least three providers before selecting the right gutter guard for your home.

What are the disadvantages of gutter guards?

Gutter guards reduce the time and effort you spend cleaning your gutters, but there are some minor disadvantages. For example, some products may be too restrictive in heavy rain, while other gutters may not effectively filter the debris you encounter. The key is to find the right product for your home and environment.Another disadvantage is the need for occasional cleaning. Some gutter guard providers claim their products completely eliminate gutter maintenance. This isn’t the case. While gutter guards drastically reduce the need for cleaning, you’ll still want to brush away debris that builds up so the guards don’t clog or sag under the weight.



How We Chose the Top Gutter Guard Providers

We researched and analyzed dozens of gutter guards and gutter guard companies to create an in-depth review methodology. We formulated a rating system based on the factors homeowners find most important. We evaluated each provider’s gutter guard design and aesthetics, service offerings, customer service and communication, quote process, warranties, and financing options. 

We created a separate rating system for DIY-installed gutter guards sold on retailer sites. We evaluated these guards based on their quality of materials, aesthetics, communication, warranty, customer reviews, and cost.

We evaluated each provider’s reputation using independent, third-party sites such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Google My Business pages. For products, we analyzed the customer reviews on whichever online retailer primarily hosts the product.