Gutter Guard Review Methodology

By Sam Wasson | September 7, 2023

Close up on rain gutter system with downspout pipeline and metal roofing.

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We strive to provide accurate, unbiased, and transparent information to homeowners interested in purchasing gutter guards. We conducted in-depth research into the top gutter guard providers and products available. We then compared them against our review standards and rating scale to score each one on the most pertinent factors.



How We Research Gutter Guard Providers and Products

We researched dozens of the nation’s top gutter guard providers and independently sold gutter guard products. We analyzed providers based on gutter guard design, aesthetics, functionality, and service offerings. We looked into each company’s history, checked for major complaints or litigations against them, and read hundreds of customer reviews.

To find the most accurate and unbiased information possible, we sourced reviews from independent, third-party sites, including the following:

Stand-alone gutter guard products require DIY installation and are not handled by a company, so we developed separate criteria to provide a more accurate and fair assessment of product quality. We analyzed each product’s design, aesthetics, and material quality. We researched the products’ manufacturers, ensuring they were authentic and lacked any major complaints or other legal issues. We read customer reviews for each product on major retailer sites.



Key Factors We Considered to Review Companies

We evaluate gutter guard providers based on five major factors. These factors are assigned a point value based on their importance to homeowners, adding up to a total of 100. We divide the total points by 20 to determine each company’s final 5-star rating. The factors we use to compare gutter guard companies are as follows:

Design and Aesthetics (30 Points)

Gutter guards keep debris out of your gutter system, help your gutters flow more efficiently, and reduce maintenance and upkeep. They can also impact your home’s curb appeal.

We analyzed the quality of the gutter guard products offered by each company. Companies with longer-lasting, sturdier, and more efficient gutter guards earned more points. Gutter guards that were more aesthetically pleasing with lower profiles and more color options earned additional points.

Communication and Customer Service (25 Points)

Good communication and customer service contribute to the quality of the gutter installation service provided. Companies that offer multiple means of communication, including email, an active phone number, and online chat features, earned more points in this factor. We also awarded points to companies with consistently high customer review scores.

Quote Process and Warranty (20 Points)

Lifetime warranties, complimentary inspections, and a transparent quote process are signals of reliability and quality in the home service industry. Companies earned points in this category by having long-lasting, high-quality warranties. We also awarded points to companies that offer the following:

Service Offerings (15 Points)

While gutter installations are their primary service offering, gutter companies may offer other valuable services. The more services offered by a gutter installation company, the more options and convenience they provide to customers. We awarded more points to companies that offer a wide range of services. Specifically, companies earned points by providing the following:

Financing Options (10 Points)

We find companies with transparent pricing and financing options to be more reliable and trustworthy. Companies that offer flexible and custom financing earned the most points in this category. Companies that offer online payments received partial points, and those that take up-front cash payments received the least.



Methodology Adjustments for DIY Gutter Guards

Independently produced gutters, such as those sold on Amazon, require a different ranking system than those installed by professionals. Categories such as quote process and warranty don’t apply to these products. We created a rating system for gutter products by using separate rating criteria and factors and re-weighting existing factors to better reflect their relevance for DIY products. Here are the factors for stand-alone gutter guards and their point values:

Review Category Percent of Score

Design and aesthetics


Communication and warranty


Customer reviews (Amazon or similar)


Cost range (for 200 linear ft.)




Final Thoughts

This methodology reflects how we rate gutter guard installation companies and DIY-installed gutter guards. We use the factors that homeowners find most important to assess the reliability, trustworthiness, and effectiveness of the gutter guards we recommend. We thoroughly research products, services, customer service, and business history to compare provider quality against our rating system.

We recommend requesting free quotes from at least three companies before choosing a gutter guard installation provider. Read our guide to the best gutter guards to learn more about our top picks.