Raptor Gutter Guard Review (2024)

By Sam Wasson Updated February 6, 2024

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The Raptor Gutter Guard is a stainless steel micro-mesh gutter-and-downspout protector sold exclusively through Amazon. Gutterglove produces Raptor Gutter Guards as an easy-to-install alternative to its professional installation services. For this Raptor Gutter Guard review, we analyzed more than 100 customer reviews, secret-shopped the best gutter guards on the market, and researched Raptor’s materials, performance, and warranty. Overall, we found Raptor Gutter Guards to be the best option for DIY installations.



Fast Facts About Raptor Gutter Guards



Benefits and Drawbacks of Raptor Gutter Guards

Here is a quick table breaking down the major benefits and drawbacks of Raptor Gutter Guards:


Comes in convenient sizing options

Doesn’t provide a lifetime warranty

Includes a helpful installation guide

Doesn’t offer professional installation services

Provides easy cleaning with its sleek, efficient design



Raptor Gutter Guard System

Raptor guards are an easy-to-install DIY gutter protection system, designed and manufactured by Gutterglove. Raptor is a stainless steel micro-mesh gutter guard with a screen that has 900 holes per square inch fitted within an aluminum frame. Raptor’s screens have a series of rigid V-shaped indents, a system Gutterglove calls “V Bend Technology,” which helps improve water flow while increasing impact and corrosion resistance. Unlike other polyvinyl chloride (PVC) DIY gutter guards, Raptor’s heavy-duty screen and frame can withstand more extreme weather and impacts.

Raptor also has a line of all-aluminum gutter guards. These guards are a single, solid sheet of perforated aluminum with hidden hangers that screw directly onto the inside of the gutter. The holes on these guards are wider and only keep out large debris such as leaves, roof shingles, pine needles, and major pests. Raptor’s aluminum guards are a newer product with fewer reviews and less information available. We read existing responses on Amazon, and early opinions appear promising. Many customers note the product’s sleek look and easy installation.

Raptor’s stainless steel gutter guards are only available through Amazon and aren’t sold at home improvement retailers. They come in two bundles: a “standard pack” with 12 pieces measuring 5.5 inches by 47.5 inches, and a “super pack” measuring 7.5 inches by 47.5 inches. The standard pack costs $124.99, and the super pack costs $149.99. Both packs include a set of self-tapping screws and a 1/4-inch driver. Each pack has 12 pieces of 4-foot-long gutter guards, meaning there are only 48 linear feet per pack. Since most homes have between 100 to 200 linear feet of gutters, you’ll likely need to purchase between three and four packs.

Installation Process

Raptor Gutter Guards are DIY only, so you’ll be responsible for attaching them to your gutters. Raptor Gutter Guards’ design makes them easy to install on most existing gutter systems.

The installation method will depend on your type of gutters and roof, but in most cases, you simply screw these gutter guards directly onto your gutter sections. Some Raptor Gutter Guard installations require you to cut them down to size, bend them, fit them under your shingles, or screw them into your fascia board.

Gutterglove includes a comprehensive installation guide with each pack, detailing everything you need to know about installing Raptor Gutter Guards. Additionally, its website contains guides on installations for different rain gutter systems and roof types.

Maintenance and Cleaning

While some gutter guard advertisements claim you never need to clean them, this isn’t true. However, Raptor’s sleek design and efficient filtration reduces clutter buildup, decreasing the need for gutter cleaning. With these gutter guards, you’ll need to sweep off small debris and materials about once per year.

If you live in a colder climate, watch for ice dams and frozen-over gutters. This issue isn’t inherent to just Raptor—most gutter guards can increase the possibility of ice accumulation. However, properly installed gutters, a well-ventilated attic, and warming strips can help prevent ice dams and gutter freezing.



Raptor Gutter Guard Warranty

Raptor has a 25-year warranty on all parts of the gutter guard system. This warranty only extends to five years for homeowners who live in coastal areas—Gutterglove defines this as any home within 10 miles of a coastline.

Like most DIY gutter guard warranties, it excludes any damages from improper installation, damage to building structures, and problems resulting from catastrophic weather. Raptor’s warranty only covers damage or problems to the gutter guards, not your home’s gutter system.



Raptor Gutter Guard Reviews

While researching Raptor Gutter Guards, we combed through customer reviews on multiple sites, including those for its parent company, Gutterglove. Overall, both Raptor Gutter Guards and Gutterglove have positive reviews. Most customers find Raptor Gutter Guards easy to install and effective at keeping most debris out of their gutters.

Negative reviews mention issues such as overflows in heavy rainfall and difficulty shaping the guards to fit onto gutter systems. Below, we list both positive and critical reviews to give you an overview of Raptor Gutter Guard’s performance.

We bought these at the recommendation of our pest control guy. We had been resisting getting gutter guards of any kind due to the pine trees in our neighbor’s yard. (We didn’t want to have needles slipping through and clogging up the gutters where we wouldn’t be able to easily clean them out.) After showing us how insects were nesting in our gutters, we finally conceded to the pest guy that gutter guards are necessary and made the purchase.The fine mesh doesn’t allow anything but rain (and a little fine sediment) to get through. My husband installed these with a fair amount of ease. They’re doing the job!” —Jennifer D’Andrea via Amazon reviews on June 15, 2024

I am 66 years young and Installed 100 feet in less than 10 hours. I recommend watching DIY videos in addition to Gutterglove’s. My gutters extend well beyond the edge of the roof, and Gutterglove only shows flush installation. I had two nontradition pieces that took one hour each to install, or else I would have completed the job in only 8 hours. I used paint stirrers to lift under the roof. I recommend also using a hacksaw to cut rather than snips. Very pleased.” —Robert Packer via Trustpilot on September 9, 2020

I installed this on a barn and our home, about 420 feet. There was a learning curve to bending the guard and lifting the first row roofing shingles. I used a ladder to do the house and rented a lift to do the barn. I wish I had rented the lift for the house too. Overlapping pieces moving counter clockwise worked best. Cutting edges with tin snips was doable but hard; a better tool may have helped. I installed gaurd in July 2022, and we have been in a drought with little rain. In October we had our first heavy rain, and our pine needles covered the roof. The pine needles and cones are now stuck in the gutter gaurd. I will now be cleaning the whole length of my gutter but not the down spouts and drain pipes. Not sure which is better!” —David Ashlock via Amazon reviews on October 24, 2022

I ordered the sample pack thinking it would be at least one full piece. It was two six-inch pieces and not enough for me to test the performance. I don’t want to order an expensive bundle of this product just to test it on my house and find I am not satisfied with the performance. Because of this I will go with a competitors product that did provide me with a useful sample size of their version of a gutter guard.” —Wilton A. Little via Amazon Reviews on July 19, 2022



Our Recommendation

Raptor Gutter Guards are made from strong materials, are easy to install, and reduce the frequency and difficulty of gutter cleaning. Raptor is a great choice for homeowners looking to install their own gutter guards. If you’re interested in trying them on your home, you can order a sample pack on Amazon.

Raptor offers a 25-year product warranty rather than a lifetime warranty, and it’s a DIY-only product. Homeowners who are uncomfortable working on ladders may prefer a professional installation. We recommend getting a quote from at least three providers to find the best option for professional installation. If you want to begin searching for gutter guard installers, you can request quotes from our top picks below.

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Raptor Gutter Guard FAQ

Is Raptor gutter guard the same as Gutterglove?

The Raptor gutter guard is designed and manufactured by Gutterglove Inc. but is not the same as the product called Gutterglove. Gutterglove (the product) is installed by Gutterglove Inc. Raptor is Gutterglove’s DIY alternative to its professionally installed products.

What are the benefits of gutter guards?

The main benefit of gutter guards is that they prevent clogged gutters. They do this by keeping debris out, which makes cleaning, maintenance, and upkeep much easier. Additionally, some types of gutter guards, such as reverse-curve guards or gutter covers, can add structural stability to gutter systems or provide additional protection against damage.

What is the best gutter guard for gutters?

There is not one best gutter guard for all types of gutter systems. Different types of roofs, climates, and gutters will benefit from different kinds of gutter guards. However, we recommend LeafFilter as the best choice for professionally installed gutter guards and Raptor as the best DIY gutter guard. 

What size is the Raptor gutter guard?

Raptor Gutter Guards come in packs of 12 with two options for sizes: a standard 47.5-by-5.5-inch set and a 47.5-by-7.5-inch super set.



How We Chose the Top Gutter Guard Providers

We researched and analyzed dozens of gutter guards and gutter guard companies to create an in-depth review methodology. We formulated a rating system based on the factors homeowners find most important. We evaluated each provider’s gutter guard design and aesthetics, service offerings, customer service and communication, quote process, warranties, and financing options. 

We created a separate rating system for DIY-installed gutter guards sold on retailer sites. We evaluated these guards based on their quality of materials, aesthetics, communication, warranty, customer reviews, and cost.

We evaluated each provider’s reputation using independent, third-party sites such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Google My Business pages. For products, we analyzed the customer reviews on whichever online retailer primarily hosts the product.