Bath Fitter Review (2024 Guide)

By Tamara Jude Updated January 29, 2024

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Bath Fitter helps homeowners achieve a renovated bathroom design at a lower cost. Its acrylic bathtub, shower, and wall liners fit over your existing installations and eliminate the need for demolitions. Bath Fitter also provides customized upgrades that help reduce your bathroom remodeling costs while adding a new style and appeal to your home. Our team researched Bath Fitter’s products, installation services, and reputation to help you decide if it’s the right choice for your next bathroom remodeling project.

Fast Facts About Bath Fitter

Here’s a general overview of Bath Fitter:

Bath Fitter Reviews

Our team analyzed 100 reviews from current and former Bath Fitter customers on several review sites, including Google Reviews and Best Company. These reviews reflected various experiences from Bath Fitter locations throughout the United States. Overall, homeowners were impressed with the installation speed and project simplicity. Some homeowners expressed concern for their installation quality and mentioned leaks and unattractive finished products.

What Homeowners Say About Bath Fitter

Here’s a sample of Bath Fitter customer reviews:

“After we contacted Bath Fitter for a quote, they came into our home and reviewed what we wanted. I really did not know what to expect but was very impressed with the professionalism and amount of detail put into our bath remodel. I left for work one day, and when I returned later in the day the work was done. Beautiful job. Very impressive work. It is sometimes difficult to find good contractors for small jobs, but I would highly recommend Bath Fitter.” —Laura S. via Best Company

“The fact that Bath Fitter can come and install our new shower assembly and pretty much have a brand new bathroom update in one day is awesome. It comes together in one piece so the clean up and mess are not even a problem.” —Tara G. via Best Company

“I’m so disappointed in this new tub and shower. Tacky trim placed around shower walls. No where did I see that in any of their pictures, nor was that described to me in sales consultation. I wish I had [gone] with another company. I will even have to touch up the paint on my walls and repair some minor damage.” —Kim W. via Best Company

“Nice install. But found out it has been [slowly] leaking for more than a year. Bath Fitter’s lifetime warranty is just for the tub and enclosure, not the plumbing, which was done incorrectly. And they say they will not cover the repairs and new drywall that needs to be replaced. Very disappointed in that the leak did start within their one year warranty period but was not discovered until after that period, so they will not cover cost to repair. A bit disappointed in Bath Fitter of Utah!” —Richard G. via Best Company

Benefits and Drawbacks of Bath Fitter

Bath Fitter can do most installations in one day, but how well its team does installations varies across locations. Here are Bath Fitter’s main benefits and drawbacks:

➕ Installations completed in one day on average
➕ Lifetime warranty coverage on its customized products
➕ Over 30 years of bathroom installation experience

➖ Bathtub and shower remodeling only
➖ Installation quality varies by location, per customer reviews
➖ Limited product customization options

Bath Fitter State Availability

Bath Fitter has its Canadian headquarters in Quebec, and its United States headquarters in Springfield, Tennessee. Bath Fitter maintains retail offices throughout Canada and the United States. Currently, the company services 45 states. It’s not available in Alaska, Hawaii, Montana, North Dakota, or Wyoming.

Bath Fitter Services

Bath Fitter offers custom bathtub, shower, and wall liners as a low-cost alternative to a full bathroom renovation. Below is an outline of the company’s products and services.


Bath Fitter provides several accessories to pair with your new acrylic tub or walk-in shower. Customizations include showerheads, faucets, and shower doors in several styles. You can add grab bars and shower seats for additional safety and comfort. Additional accessories include soap dishes, corner shelves, and shower rods.


Bath Fitter offers a selection of acrylic tub liners that fit over your existing tub. The company boasts 12 unique high-gloss designs that offer a refreshed tub style without the added removal or demolition costs. Bath Fitter tubs come in four colors and are custom-made for a secure, watertight fit over our old tub. These acrylic tubs are low maintenance and easy to clean.

Bathroom Wall and Wainscoting

You can add a new bathroom wall or wainscoting as part of your bathroom remodel. These one-piece acrylic walls cover your existing walls and offer an updated look to your bathroom. These upgrades eliminate bathroom retiling costs, helping you upgrade your shower for less.

Since these walls don’t use grout, they’re easier to maintain and require little upkeep. You can choose from several shower wall and wainscoting designs available in four colors: ivory marble, pearl, white, and white marble.

Design Your Own Bathroom Interactive Tool

The company offers a digital tool that allows customers to begin planning their bathroom remodel online. You can select a bathtub or shower to begin the process. We could customize the shower style, wall designs, and materials when we tested the tool. The company sells an array of faucets from leading manufacturers, including Moen and Delta. Additional customization includes grab bars, shelves, and glass doors.


The company provides several shower installation options for your bathroom remodeling project. Homeowners can select a custom-built acrylic shower liner to cover the old shower. You could opt for a tub to shower conversion, adding more versatility to your bathroom. Bath Fitter also installs ADA-compliant showers with added safety features.

Bath Fitter Installation

Bath Fitter completes every installation with its in-house staff. Each project includes a five-step process that covers design, customizations, and installation. Here’s an overview of the installation process:

  1. Consultation and design: You meet with a Bath Fitter salesperson in-home or virtually to discuss your project. You’ll review design options, project scope, and available customizations.
  2. Measurements: After the consultation, the representative takes measurements of your bathtub or shower. The consultant will then create a quote detailing your project’s costs and installation plans.
  3. Custom manufacturing: The Bath Fitter team will custom-design your new bathtub or shower liners using the bathroom’s current measurements.
  4. Bathroom preparation: A Bath Fitter installer will clean your bathroom and make any necessary repairs on the day of your installation. This preparation helps ensure an efficient and watertight installation.
  5. Installation: Bath Fitter promises a one-day installation for most projects. The company will install your new liner over your existing shower or tub. No additional removals or demolitions are required. You must wait 24 hours after installation before you can use your remodeled bathroom.

Each Bath Fitter installation includes a lifetime warranty for its acrylic products. You receive coverage for any manufacturing defects or workmanship issues after installation. Any additional Bath Fitter products, such as tub or shower doors, include a limited warranty.

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Bath Fitter Cost

Since Bath Fitter offers custom installations for each project, the company doesn’t list pricing on its website. When we reached out to customer support, they advised us to sign up for a free consultation to receive an accurate quote. You can start the quote process with a phone call or online form.

The company does provide several guidelines on factors that could impact your Bath Fitter project costs, such as:

We recommend contacting Bath Fitter to schedule a free consultation for a personalized quote.

Our Recommendation

We recommend Bath Fitter for anyone who’s content with their bathroom layout but wants a new look for their tub or shower. Bath Fitter offers homeowners several options for cost-effective bathroom renovations. The company provides simplified bathtub and shower conversions without the higher costs of a full remodel. Its one-day turnaround and lifetime warranty ensure your project is completed quickly and stays protected well into the future.

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Bath Fitter FAQ

What material is used in Bath Fitter products?

Bath Fitter products use high-gloss acrylic that offers both durability and style. These products require little to no maintenance and make it easier to keep your bathroom clean. The company also provides a list of u003ca href=u0022 target=u0022_blanku0022 rel=u0022noreferrer noopeneru0022u003erecommended cleaning productsu003c/au003e to help maintain and protect your investment.

What is the cost of a Bath Fitter installation?

The cost of a Bath Fitter installation varies between each project. Since each installation is customized, costs will depend on several factors, including project size, Bath Fitter products, and any repairs needed for preinstallation. We recommend contacting Bath Fitter for a free consultation and project quote.

Does Bath Fitter offer a lifetime warranty?

Yes, Bath Fitter offers a lifetime warranty on its acrylic liners. You receive protection against issues caused by manufacturing defects or a prior installation. Non-acrylic products and accessories receive a limited warranty.

How We Chose the Top Remodeling Companies

We researched dozens of remodeling companies. Then, we created a rating system based on several factors to score them. We evaluated each company’s offered services and state availability. We also assessed their product catalogs, taking note of their energy efficiency options, new or replacement product installations, and customization options.

We reviewed each company’s licenses, certifications, and liability insurance coverage. We spoke with company representatives to learn how the installation process works and determine how each contractor customizes projects for each home. We also read each company’s warranties to learn about product coverage and transferability. 

Finally, we reviewed the company’s years of experience and customer reputation on the Better Business Bureau (BBB). We also analyzed the 100 most recent reviews on various sites, including Best Company, Google Reviews, and Trustpilot, across various locations and branches.