How Much Does Bathroom Vanity Replacement Cost? (2023)

By Tamara Jude

Oct 25, 2023
A cozy bathroom detail with a white oak vanity cabinet, white countertop, bronze faucets and lights and a white herringbone tile backsplash.

The average cost to replace a bathroom vanity is $300 to $3,800, allowing homeowners to benefit from a refreshed look and style without paying for a full bathroom remodel. New bathroom vanities provide extra storage and countertop space, improving your bathroom’s functionality. Our guide covers typical bathroom vanity replacement costs and the factors that impact your project budget. 

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Bathroom Vanity Replacement Major Cost Factors

The average price of bathroom vanity replacement is around $1,500 but varies based on several cost factors, including bathroom vanity type, size, countertop material, and labor costs. We’ve expanded on these factors below. 

Cost by Type

Homeowners can choose from prefabricated vanities or something custom-built. Home improvement stores, such as The Home Depot and Lowe’s, sell premade bathroom vanities in various styles. They cost less than custom vanities but allow for fewer alterations. Some premade options don’t include a countertop, so you must purchase a prefabricated option or have one specially built.  

Premade vanities typically cost $100 to $2,600 (varying by size, materials, and additional features). Custom vanities have a higher price point, falling between $500 and $2,800 for the build and up to $1,000 for installation. 

Cost by Vanity Size

The number of sinks on a vanity impacts the overall size. Single-sink vanities work well in small bathrooms. Double-sink vanities require more room and have higher costs. Additional features such as cabinetry offer more storage space but may impact overall size. 

Cost by Size

Vanity SizeSink DesignAverage Cost

2.5 feet

Single-sink with countertop

$100 to $500

4 feet

Single-sink with countertop

$400 to $700

5 feet

Single-sink with countertop

$500 to $1,800

4 feet

Double-sink with countertop

$550 to $1,900

6 feet

Single-sink with countertop

$800 to $2,100

6 feet

Double-sink with countertop

$600 to $2,200

Cost by Vanity Countertop Material

Vanity top materials vary in durability, appearance, and total cost. Natural stone countertops have higher price tags than artificial materials. For example, you’ll pay more for a concrete vanity top than an acrylic option. Below is a breakdown of countertop costs based on material.

Cost by Material

Vanity Countertop MaterialAverage Cost per Square Foot


$5 to $100

Porcelain or ceramic tile

$7 to $20


$10 to $40


$13 to $30


$20 to $75

Cultured marble

$30 to $100


$50 to $200


$65 to $135


$75 to $120


Bathroom vanity installation costs range from $200 to $1,000. Prefab vanities fall on the lower end, and custom vanities fall on the higher end. You may also need plumbing connections for the sink and faucets. Plumbers charge between $45 and $200 per hour, so account for that in your budget.

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Professional vs. DIY Bathroom Vanity Replacement

There are several factors to consider when deciding between a professional installation or a do-it-yourself (DIY) project. We’ll compare the two installation processes below.

Professional Installation 

A professional installation ensures an efficient and quality job. Contractors often back their work with warranties and guarantees. We recommend hiring a licensed plumber if your vanity unit needs new plumbing or water line relocation. 

Most vanity installations involve the following steps:

Professional installations have higher expenses but come with high-quality work and additional project protections. 

DIY Installation

You should only complete a DIY vanity installation if you have years of home improvement expertise. You would need a prefabricated vanity to make this task easier. The casual DIYer may not have enough bathroom remodeling knowledge to complete the task successfully. You’ll need expensive knowledge of furniture assembly and countertop materials, plus expertise in taking accurate measurements. Depending on your vanity unit size and materials, you’ll need help lifting the heavier items during the installation.

Homeowners should not attempt to complete a customized vanity installation or installation of larger units. Performing a poor installation could lead to water damage, property damage, or causes of personal injury. We recommend hiring a professional contractor or installer for your vanity installation.

Additional Factors Affecting Bathroom Vanity Replacement Cost

Additional cost considerations, including customizations and fixtures, will impact your project budget. Consider these factors as your plan for your vanity replacement.

Backsplash Installation

Adding a backsplash to your bathroom vanity helps protect your walls from water damage. You could replace your existing backsplash or install a new one to coordinate with your custom bathroom vanity. Depending on the chosen material, you’ll pay around $2 to $30 per square foot.

Customizations and Modifications

Custom vanities include pricing for the individual parts and additions. Cabinetry, fixtures, hardware, paint, and other customized work increase your estimated investment.

You’ll have separate vanity construction, installation, and materials costs. Other bathroom modifications, including wall removal, flooring updates, and trim, will add to your expenses.

Fixtures and Sink 

Adding new lighting and electrical fixtures increases your costs. Adding a bathroom sink may also increase costs. Certain premade vanities don’t include sinks to allow for more customization. Sinks can add between $300 to $4,000 in additional bathroom remodel costs. You may also need a faucet set for your vanity, which could add $250 to $1,400, depending on the style and material.


Any plumbing work, including adding a new sink or faucet, will require a licensed plumber. New plumbing line installation costs between $325 to $4,000, depending on the work’s extent. If you need to move any existing plumbing, your costs will increase.

Vanity Removal and Disposal 

You’ll pay additional labor costs to properly remove and dispose of your old vanity. Your costs will increase for larger vanities or ones that use heavier materials, such as concrete or stone slab.

How to Reduce Bathroom Vanity Replacement Costs

Here are some ways to make your bathroom vanity project more cost-effective: 

How to Hire a Professional

Homeowners should properly vet contractors or installers to ensure a quality installation. We’ve provided the following tips to help you shop for a professional.

Our Recommendation

Replacing a bathroom vanity adds more functionality, style, and comfort to your bathroom. Weigh your options for material, size, and customizable options to best match your remodeling goal to your budget. We recommend working with a professional contractor or installer to plan your project. Request quotes from multiple companies and compare vanity options and pricing.

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Bathroom Vanity Replacement FAQ

Can you replace a bathroom vanity without a plumber?

Yes, you can replace a vanity without a plumber if you don’t need new water lines installed or plumbing upgrades. Most general contractors can complete these installations on their own. 

How long does a bathroom vanity replacement take?

Bathroom vanity replacements take about six to eight hours on average. If you need additional plumbing or fixture installations, your project will take longer. Larger vanities with two sinks or heavier countertop materials will extend your installation time.

Where can I find a budget-friendly bathroom vanity?

Consider buying budget-friendly bathroom vanity options at retail hardware stores such as The Home Depot or Lowe’s. These retailers carry prefabricated bathroom vanities in various designs and styles. Consider purchasing a premade vanity with all hardware included for the most cost-effective options.