7 Best Walk-In Tubs (2024 Guide)

By Ross Bentley Updated February 22, 2024

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Your bathroom should be a safe haven in your home. Whether you’re planning a bathroom remodel or simply want to upgrade your bathing experience, you may want to consider installing a walk-in bathtub. These are designed for you to walk into rather than stepping over the side, eliminating the hazards of slipping and falling. Walk-in tubs are also frequently fitted with built-in luxury features, providing enhanced wellness.

This guide recommends the best walk-in tub models based on design, comfort and safety levels, add-on features, and more. It also goes over other information you should know before buying.



Top Walk-In Tub Brands




Benefits and Drawbacks of Boca

What We LikeWhat We Don’t Like

Features a stylish, frameless structure

Only provides cost information via quote

Offers unique luxury add-ons, such as a sound system

Doesn’t offer customer support on weekends

Includes a limited lifetime warranty

What we like: Boca is ideal for those who want a hands-free, fully customized approach to walk-in tub installation. The company creates unique, luxurious walk-in tubs. Each model is made from a marine-grade gelcoat with fiberglass and a bacteria-, mold-, and mildew-resistant finish. Every tub also has a low 2-inch entry threshold and nonslip flooring. 

Boca has a white-glove service model that lets you upgrade your tub with a large selection of therapeutic and luxury features, such as additional jets and heated seats, a backrest, an aromatherapy system, a chromotherapy (light therapy) system, and even a sound system. 

Walk-In Tub Features:



Ella’s Bubbles

Benefits and Drawbacks of Ella’s Bubbles

What We LikeWhat We Don’t Like

Offers a huge selection of 20-plus tub models

May need to upgrade your water heater to accommodate certain features

Provides various jetting systems to let you create the perfect in-home spa

May need to purchase some standard features, such as the faucet, separately when buying through a retailer

Includes a limited lifetime warranty on all its tubs

What we like: Though Ella’s Bubbles doesn’t provide a customized experience like Boca, it offers a massive selection of walk-in tub models that fulfill various needs. The company has more than 20 walk-in tub models, including soaking, two-person, bariatric, and wheelchair-accessible tubs. It also has many comfort and luxury options, such as handheld showerheads, heated backrests, 360-degree swivel trays, ergonomic controls, and aromatherapy and chromatherapy add-ons

Its Royal Acrylic Walk-In Tub comes in a beautiful modern design with a white, glossy acrylic shell and a stainless steel and frosted tempered glass inward-swing door. You can upgrade the model to feel like an in-home spa by adding luxury features, such as Ella’s air and hydro massage jets

Walk-In Tub Features:

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Hydro Dimensions

Benefits and Drawbacks of Hydro Dimensions

What We LikeWhat We Don’t Like

Provides custom, built-to-order models

Must work through a third party due to dealership network

Offers premium limestone models

Limits availability of some models and features depending on location

Includes a limited lifetime warranty with purchase

Has long fill and drain times unless you add a secondary drain

What we like: Hydro Dimensions has more than 25 years of experience in the walk-in tub industry. Its models are built-to-order and highly customizable. The company offers 12 gelcoat fiberglass and limestone tub models, plus seven massage therapy systems you can add. Massage therapies can benefit people with disabilities or those who need extra relaxation. Jet placement can also be customized for more targeted relief.

Walk-In Tub Features:




Benefits and Drawbacks of LuxuryBath

What We LikeWhat We Don’t Like

Infuses high-quality acrylic with Microban, a mold- and mildew-resistant finish

Requires an estimate for price information

Offers a large selection of laser-etched patterns and deco trim styles

Has limited walk-in tub options, since the company is focused on general bathroom remodels

Has flexible financing

What we like: LuxuryBath starts all of its walk-in tub installations with a free, in-home design estimate. A representative will help you choose the perfect colors, styles, accessories, and features for your dream walk-in tub. The company has a huge selection of patterns and trim, such as subway tile, plus 22 base colors, including unique natural stone options such as Canyon Rock and Arctic Ice. 

LuxuryBath’s walk-in tubs infuse high-quality acrylic with an additive called Microban, which keeps mold, mildew, and other unhealthy microbes at bay. The company has many different bathroom remodeling products and services, so its walk-in tub options can be limited compared to other brands. However, it’s a great choice if you’re completing a full bathroom remodel. Its online design center will walk you through the entire project, and the company claims its installers can complete a remodel in one day. 

Walk-In Tub Features:




Benefits and Drawbacks of Kohler

What We LikeWhat We Don’t Like

Offers luxury design and bath wall options

Doesn’t offer a wheelchair-accessible tub

Has multiple finish options for bath fixtures

Requires a quote for accurate cost information

Uses a customized approach to create a spa tailored to your health needs and wants

Doesn’t have any easy cleaning methods

What we like: Kohler offers one basic soaker tub with safety features such as a low step-in, ergonomic control panel, extra-wide entry door, handrails, and a multifunctional handheld showerhead. You can upgrade this model with luxurious comfort features, such as more depth, hydrotherapy whirlpool jets, BubbleMassage-brand air jets, or a Bask heated backrest

Though it only offers one standard model, Kohler’s tubs are more customizable than other companies. You can pick from wall finishings in eight color varieties, brush nickel or chrome faucet fixtures, and two classic bath colors of white or biscuit. You can also transform your Kohler bath into a shower combo with modern, contemporary, or traditional showerheads.

Walk-In Tub Features:

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Total Care in Bathing

Benefits and Drawbacks of Total Care in Bathing

What We LikeWhat We Don’t Like

Features custom-built tubs based on your needs and remodel project

May have to incorporate the blueprint of your desired tub model into your remodeling project

Offers ozone sanitation and UV sterilization

Requires a consultation for accurate pricing

Includes a lifetime guarantee on its watertight door

What we like: Total Care in Bathing offers a simple, streamlined process for walk-in tub installation with eight customizable base models, including bariatric and wheelchair-accessible tubs. Upgrade options include an aromatherapy kit, a 20-color LED chromatherapy kit, an ozone sanitation device, and an ultraviolet (UV) light sterilizer. An ozone generator uses ozone-infused water to clean the tub naturally, and a UV sterilizer uses UV rays to kill bacteria, viruses, algae, molds, yeasts, and disease-causing microorganisms. These features help make Total Care’s walk-in tubs easy to use and clean. 

The company’s Model 2852 FL “Fully Loaded” Walk-In Tub holds up to 60 gallons of water. All of Total Care’s luxury features are built-in, and it has ADA-compliant handrails and seating. You can find this model and other options from Total Care at popular retailers, such as Lowe’s. 

Walk-In Tub Features:




Benefits and Drawbacks of Ariel

What We LikeWhat We Don’t Like

Found at popular retailers, such as The Home Depot

Has limited walk-in tub options since the company’s main focus is on full bathroom remodels

Has a high-gloss, easy-to-clean finish

Only offers walk-in tubs in white

Works for multiple remodeling styles

What we like: Ariel manufactures cost-effective bathroom products, including a line of 20 walk-in bathtubs. You can find its tubs at major retailers such as The Home Depot, making it convenient if you’re buying a lot of products for a bathroom remodel. 

Ariel’s tubs have ADA-compliant features, but they’re fairly standard and lack the luxury features other brands on this list offer. This brand is best for those who want a simple, well-crafted, accessible bathtub and don’t mind sacrificing features such as hydrotherapy

Walk-In Tub Features:



What Are Walk-In Tubs?

A walk-in tub has a watertight door and seat that allows the bather to step into the tub over a low threshold. The accessible design makes entering and exiting the tub easier and more secure, helping people of all ages and mobility levels enjoy a safe, comfortable bathing experience while remaining independent at home.

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Types of Walk-In Tubs

Walk-in tubs come in various models and types. Each type provides a different bathing experience and benefits.

Bariatric Tubs

Bariatric walk-in tubs are wider and feature sturdier seat designs to improve comfort and safety for larger people. Whereas standard walk-in tubs can accommodate up to 300 pounds, bariatric tubs can hold up to 600.

Hydrotherapy Tubs

Hydrotherapy involves using water to relieve discomfort and promote physical well-being. Typically, hydrotherapy tubs use powerful jets of warm water and air to massage the neck, shoulders, lumbar, legs, and feet. You should consult your doctor before using a hydrotherapy tub if you experience hypertension or other cardiovascular conditions.

Soaking Tubs

Soaker tubs, also called soaking tubs, are the most basic type. They’re deep enough to submerge your entire torso and lower body while you relax on an ergonomic built-in seat or bench. Soaker tubs don’t include water or air jets, offering a calm, still bathing experience rather than a massaging one. 

Wheelchair-Accessible Tubs

Wheelchair-accessible tubs allow people in wheelchairs to transfer safely from their chairs into the tub. These tubs have a wider door, lower threshold, and adjustable chair height so the bather can transfer onto the seat easily. A wheelchair-accessible bathtub also minimizes the risk of falling.

Two-Person Tubs

Many two-person tubs are designed as walk-in tubs. These allow two bathers to face each other and assist one another if needed. They can also make your bathroom more spa-like, including options for LED lighting, hydrotherapy whirlpool jets, and built-in aromatic features.



What Is ADA Compliance?

An ADA-compliant tub meets or exceeds standards set by Section 4.20 of The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility guidelines. ADA tubs are designed to make bathing safer and more comfortable for people with disabilities. In short, a tub that’s ADA-compliant has superb safety features and a quality build.



Walk-In Tub Features to Consider

Walk-in tubs have both safety and luxury features that work together to create an elevated spa experience at home. Below is a breakdown of some of the key walk-in tub features to consider when deciding which tub is best for you.


Aromatherapy is a holistic healing treatment that uses natural plant extracts to promote health and overall well-being. Most walk-in tubs with an aromatherapy system use a canister in a four-part plumbing assembly. You can insert and replace individual scents or essential oils to personalize the experience.


Color can deeply impact how we think and feel, and certain colors can improve our mental and physical health. For example, blue is thought to be calming and helps to decrease blood pressure, while yellow can help to increase neuromuscular tone. Chromatherapy, or color therapy, plays into this theory by using colored lights to create a therapeutic bathing experience. Combining chromatherapy with hydrotherapy can help to enhance your mood and overall well-being.

Handrails (Grab Bars)

Most walk-in tubs come with grab bars and handrails for improved safety. The optimal placement of these bars depends on your strength, range of motion, balance, and coordination. We recommend checking with your contractor or the tub manufacturer to see if the grab bars on a model you’re interested in can be customized to meet your specific mobility needs.

Handheld Showerhead

A handheld showerhead makes bathing more convenient, especially for people with mobility challenges.

Headrests and Pillows

You can add ergonomic pillows and headrests to your walk-in tub for increased comfort. Some headrests even include a heating feature.

Nonslip Surface

Most walk-in tubs have nonslip surfaces, which are textured rather than smooth to increase grip. You can also add a bath mat or traction stickers for increased safety. 

Ozone Generator

Ozone generator systems sanitize walk-in tub equipment without exposing the bather to irritating chemical residues. The ozone generator will sanitize the bathtub system after every use. This system is recommended for tubs with hydrotherapy jets.

Quick Drainage System

You have to sit inside a walk-in tub as it fills and drains, so you may get cold. How long this process takes depends on your water heater’s flow rate, and drainage time varies among tub models. We recommend finding a tub with a quick-drain system. These systems drain the tub in four minutes or less, while conventional-drain tubs take anywhere from six to 15 minutes.

Spa Features

Some walk-in tub manufacturers offer additional spa features, such as built-in sound systems. You may also be able to add storage and shelving around the tub to place an accent plant, candle, or diffuser.

UV Sterilizers

UV sterilizers are another self-cleaning feature. These devices use ultraviolet light to eliminate water-borne pathogens, lower chemical levels, and eliminate chlorine byproducts. The result is a safe walk-in tub with a clean water and air jet system.

In-Line Heating

Walk-in tubs use large quantities of water, especially those with hydrotherapy jets, so a technician might recommend an in-line or tankless heater to keep up with the demand. An in-line heater provides a consistent hot water supply and doesn’t require filling up a larger reservoir with hot water.



Benefits and Drawbacks of Walk-In Tubs


Creates a luxury spa experience in your home

Is more challenging to control the bath’s temperature

Doesn’t increase your energy bills despite being larger than a standard tub

Has a long fill time and drain time if you don’t add a quick-drain system

Makes bathing more accessible and relaxing for those with disabilities

Is more expensive and complicated to install than a standard tub

Are Walk-In Tubs Worth It?

Walk-in tubs definitely can be worth it if you need a safer, more therapeutic way to bathe or simply want a high-end spa experience in your home. However, it’s a costly investment that won’t necessarily increase your home value, so weigh the pros and cons carefully.

We recommend consulting your doctor to understand the benefits you might get from a walk-in tub. You can also consult an occupational therapist, who is a medical professional trained to help with home and lifestyle modifications that seniors or people with mobility issues may need to make. Contact the American Occupational Therapy Association or your state’s occupational therapy association.



How Much Do Walk-In Tubs Cost?

The average cost of a walk-in tub is $4,000 to $15,000. That’s $2,000 to $5,000 for the tub itself plus another $2,000 to $10,000 for professional installation. In general, bathroom remodels provide a high return on investment (ROI), and walk-in tubs can be a part of that. 

A walk-in tub’s ROI depends on a few variables. For example, your home value will increase if you live in an area where homebuyers are more likely to be elderly or experience mobility issues, such as a retirement community. Luxury add-ons, such as massage jets and other spa features, may also increase your home value.



How to Reduce Costs On Your Walk-In Tub Project

Though walk-in tubs come with a high up-front price tag, you can reduce costs by following these tips.



Our Recommendation

The best walk-in tub depends on your mobility needs and preferences. We recommend Boca for homeowners who want the most luxurious walk-in tub available. The company has a large selection of therapeutic and luxury features to maximize comfort.

Ella’s Bubbles is a close runner-up with a broad catalog of walk-in tub models that fulfill various needs and wants. Hydro Dimension is also a good option if you want a customized approach to manufacturing and installation, though it has fewer options than Boca. 

We suggest requesting at least three quotes to compare and find the right walk-in tub for your home.

Walk-In Tubs FAQ

What is considered to be the best walk-in tub?

We consider Boca to be one of the best walk-in tub brands. The company provides many safety and luxury features to fully customize your walk-in tub.

What is the average price of a walk-in tub?

The average price of a walk-in tub is $2,000 to $5,000 for the tub alone. Professional installation increases this price to $4,000 to $15,000.

What is the best walk-in tub for people with limited mobility?

Many walk-in tubs are suited for people with limited mobility, but we recommend looking for wheelchair-accessible walk-in tubs for maximum safety. These tubs have more handrails and support features, plus wider entrances and secure thresholds. 

What is the difference between a walk-in tub and a bathtub?

There are a few differences between a walk-in tub and a standard bathtub. A walk-in tub has a lower threshold and higher walls, plus a built-in seat and a door that allows the bather to walk inside rather than stepping over a tall ledge. 

How is a walk-in tub installed?

Most walk-in tub installations follow the simple process of removing your existing tub and placing the new walk-in tub in the same cutout, then hooking up the plumbing. Depending on your home’s layout and structure, you may also require the following: Rerouting plumbingNew drain locationsNew flooring and tilingRemoving other bathroom fixturesUnexpected repairs

Are all walk-in tubs ADA-compliant?

No. Only some walk-in tubs are ADA-compliant. Check with the manufacturer to ensure the tub you’re interested in meets the ADA’s standards.

How We Chose the Top Walk-In Tub Brands

We researched and analyzed dozens of walk-in tub brands. Then, we created a rating system based on each brand’s tub designs, safety features, and luxury options. We also analyzed each brand’s warranty options to ensure they offered comprehensive limited lifetime warranties on more than just a few parts. 

We visited each company’s website and spoke directly to representatives to learn if the brand provides fully customizable walk-in tubs and how the installation process works. We then closely compared each provider’s offerings to see which brand offers the most customizable and comprehensive walk-in tub selection with an eye toward luxury.