Which States Have the Most Luxury Tiny Homes?

By Amanda Lutz Updated February 20, 2024

Luxury tiny homes are perfect if you’re looking for a snug space to enjoy nature without sacrificing on style. While they aren’t extraordinarily common, certain states have significantly more luxury tiny homes on the market than others.

To find luxury tiny homes for sale in the U.S., we analyzed data from Tiny Home Builders and Tiny House Listings. We defined luxury tiny homes as freestanding dwellings for sale at $75,000 or more on these sites. Our team also gathered data to pinpoint the ideal states for tiny home investments. You can read our methodology below to learn more about our research process.

Key Findings

States With the Most Luxury Tiny Homes for Sale

We focused on the geographical distribution of small abodes across the U.S. to determine the most sought-after locales for luxury tiny living. The states with the largest inventories of luxury tiny homes for sale were California with 135, Texas with 81, and Oregon with 74.

Hover over a state to see its tiny home availability, typical tiny home square footage, and average number of bedrooms and bathrooms per unit.

The states with the most nonluxury tiny homes were California (318), Texas (252), and Florida (130). The tiny home markets in these states cater to various lifestyles and budgets—especially in California and Texas, which topped both luxury and nonluxury lists. The chart below includes the total number of luxury tiny homes for sale per state.

The size of luxury tiny homes varies nationwide, with Alabama having the largest average size at 404 square feet. North Dakota sat on the other end of the spectrum at only 172 square feet.

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Tiny Home Return on Investment

Regardless of how luxurious they are, tiny homes are more cost-effective in some states than in others. When buying one of these small homes, consider whether it’s a worthwhile investment. We researched return on investment (ROI) for tiny homes to shed light on how much money you could make from one of these purchases.

To find out which states give the best ROI, we compared how much you can earn from renting out a tiny home to how much they cost. If the typical rental income is far higher than the average cost of the state’s tiny homes, they’re considered good investments.

According to our analysis, New York has the highest ROI for tiny homes followed by Hawaii, California, Florida, and Iowa. This means you could potentially make your money back quicker when renting out a tiny home in these states.

North Dakota had the lowest ROI for tiny homes, followed by neighboring Montana and South Dakota. This suggests that while tiny homes can be an affordable entry point into homeownership, their investment potential varies significantly by location.

The ROI disparity between states also highlights the importance of considering geographical and market factors when evaluating tiny home investment opportunities.

Most Expensive Luxury Tiny Homes for Sale

Our exploration of the luxury tiny home market in the U.S. extended to which properties have the highest price points. We found the nation’s most expensive tiny home currently on the market in South Carolina. Priced at $827,000, it spans 399 square feet and is said to blend high-end finishes with an innovative design.

Oregon has the second priciest luxury tiny home at $695,000. It features 397 square feet of carefully designed space on 80 acres of land. Texas, California, and Washington also made the top five list with homes priced at around $400,000. Despite their compact sizes, each of these homes offers a unique blend of luxury, efficiency, and innovation.

Final Thoughts

From high style in South Carolina to innovative designs in Oregon, the tiny home movement has started to blend luxury, creativity, and sustainability. Whether you’re curious about luxury tiny homes or are thinking about downsizing into one, there are many opulent options on the market.


For this study, we collected data from two widely recognized online marketplaces, Tiny House Listings and Tiny Home Builders, to determine which states have the most luxury tiny homes. A luxury tiny home was defined as a freestanding home with a for-sale price of $75,000 or more listed on either of these sites. The data was pulled in late January of 2024.

We also used data from these sites to estimate the average rent per square foot for homes in each state. We determined the ROI ranking of tiny homes by estimating their rent-to-price ratios, which were found by dividing the estimated annual rent by the average sale price of tiny homes. For the estimated annual rent, we accounted for the median rent in each state, the average home size, and the average for-sale tiny home size.

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