Guide to Typical French Door Sizes

By Amanda Lutz Updated April 17, 2024

French doors are an elegant addition to any home but take up more space than conventional doors. Because of this, you must be especially diligent about taking correct measurements. The most common French door dimensions are 80 inches tall by 36 inches wide, but homeowners can also order custom-made doors for a perfect fit.

Read about different French door types in our guide, which breaks down interior and exterior French door sizes and provides tips for taking accurate measurements.

Interior French Door Sizes

Interior French doors give your home’s layout a more open feel and allow fresh air and natural light to enter your space. The two doors swing outward from the center, creating a much wider opening than typical doors.

Contemporary door stores and door manufacturers have created multiple “standard” interior French door sizes because homes come in a wide array of sizes and layouts. Consider the options below while planning out your home improvement project:

Exterior French Door Sizes

External French doors typically include glass door panels and are almost always wider than internal door models. Consider these common configurations for exterior French door sizes while planning out your project:

Homeowners often replace sliding doors or front doors that include glass panels with French doors. If you want to create an additional doorway to a backyard space with your new door, consider converting a series of large windows into French doors. This minimizes disruption to your home’s exterior walls and facade.

Wide French doors allow more sunlight in, offer greater access to your backyard, and create a grander interior design or exterior aesthetic. They also make excellent patio doors since they let in copious amounts of sunlight.

French doors can also make outdoor spaces feel like natural extensions of your home’s layout. They allow you to carry oversized items more easily into your backyard or entertain many guests without having to travel back and forth through a narrow doorway.

Standard Double French Door Sizes

Standard double French door sizes are 80-by-72 inches for the total width across both doors. Standard sizes offer you the advantages listed below.

While French doors come with many upsides, they may be less energy-efficient than your home’s existing door. Newer designs have considerably reduced this issue, however.

Custom-Size French Doors

Some homeowners can’t install standard French door sizes because their doorway openings are too small, and there are no practical ways to expand them. Other openings may run into support beams or various wall fixtures.

In these cases, consider ordering custom French doors that match your home’s exact needs. Custom doors include unique fixtures, styles, and design elements which will enable French doors to fit your home.

How to Measure for French Doors

Measuring for French doors is an extremely important part of your installation project. Make sure to consider the size of the doors, their frames, and the height and width of any openings. Assess the surrounding area too, and make sure both doors have enough room to swing open.

Follow the steps below to properly measure for French doors:

1. Gather the Materials

Gather a tape measure with sturdy, rigid tape, a stepladder, a pen, and paper. You can also use the notes app on your phone to record measurements.

2. Measure the Available Opening’s Width

Measure at the top, middle (where the door jamb is), and bottom of the door. Record the shortest and longest measurements of the opening, from the interior edge of the trim to the other interior edge of the doorframe.

If you notice a lot of variation between measurements, your existing door might not be aligned. Use the widest measurement you record when buying a new set of doors.

3. Measure the Available Opening’s Height

Measure the height of the door at the left corner, the middle, and the right corner. Choose the largest measurement and round up to the nearest inch.

4. Select Doors That Match the Measurements

If you’re shopping in person, measure doors in the store to make sure they align with your own measurements.

Once you select the right French doors, have a professional door installation service install them. Experienced do-it-yourself (DIY) homeowners may be able to comfortably install interior models, but exterior French doors require more sealing and exact hanging. We recommend hiring professionals for any French door installation so the doors are straight and snug.

Professional installation is even more important if you must change the door opening’s dimensions. Contractors can remove portions of the wall, readjust the flooring, and give the area a much more polished appearance.

Largest French Doors Available

The largest French doors available without custom construction are 96 inches across. This is typically the widest that each French door can be without putting too much stress on the hinges.

French doors that are especially large should be built out of metal. Aluminum offers a much greater strength-to-weight ratio than wood.

Our Recommendation

Replacing your home’s entryway or interior doors with French doors can brighten up your home and make its living area feel spacious. We recommend carefully measuring your doorways or having a professional do so before purchasing French doors. Try to use standard door sizes unless a custom French door size is your only option.

French Door Size FAQ

What is the standard French door size?

The standard French door size is 80 inches tall but comes in three standard widths: 36, 48, and 60 inches. These can fit within the opening of a standard double door.

What is the size of a standard double door?

The size of a standard double door is 80 inches tall and 72 inches wide, or double the size of a standard 36-inch exterior door.

How big of an opening do you need for French doors?

The size of an opening needed for French doors depends on their design. Multiply the width of a single door by two, then add 2 inches to get the required width for an opening. The height of the opening must be equal to the standard height of the door, plus approximately 2 1/2 inches.

What size can you get French doors in?

You can get French doors in a wide range of sizes. Standard door heights are approximately 80 inches and door widths can vary from 36 to 96 inches.

What are the largest French doors available?

The largest available French doors are 80 inches high and 96 inches across. You can have larger French doors custom-constructed too, but remember that larger doors are heavier and more cumbersome.