Have Water in Your Crawl Space? Here’s What You Need to Know

By Amanda Lutz | January 26, 2024

Rain water leaks on the crawl space wall causing water damage.

Water in your crawl space is one issue you don’t want to ignore. Standing water or moisture can lead to other problems, including mold and mildew growth, damage to your home’s major systems, rot, and foundation damage. A proper drainage system, vapor barriers, dehumidifiers, and regular maintenance are key to keeping water out.

You can attempt to remove water in your crawl space on your own, but we recommend hiring a professional. Read on for what you need to know if you find water in your crawl space.

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Common Causes

Water in crawl spaces is a relatively common problem, but it can quickly damage your home or lead to health issues. In most cases, a puddle of water isn’t what will wreak havoc. Instead, moisture can cause mold, rot, and energy loss, and it can attract pests.

Here are some of the most common causes of water in crawl spaces:

How to Detect Water in Your Crawl Space

Water can go undetected in your crawl space until it becomes a noticeable issue. Here are some signs that you may have water in your crawl space:

Homeowners should visually inspect their crawl space every two years. Look for standing water, signs of pest activity—especially after heavy rain or crawl space flooding—mold and moisture on the foundation walls, pipes, ducts, insulation, or ceiling.

Risks of Water in Your Crawl Space

Water in your crawl space can lead to costly repairs and potential health issues. If you don’t regularly check your crawl space, water and moisture can sit there for months or years.

The risks of water in crawl spaces include the following:

Solutions and Prevention

It’s possible to remove the water and moisture yourself, but some solutions may require the help of a specialist. Below are possible waterproofing solutions to help keep your crawl space dry.

Our Recommendation

The first step of fixing a wet crawl space is to find the cause before it leads to bigger issues, such as mold and mildew, structural damage, pest infestations, and higher energy bills. We recommend regularly checking your crawl space and contacting a professional if you suspect water in your crawl space.

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Water in Crawl Space FAQ

How serious is water in a crawl space?

Water in your crawl space is very serious. Excess moisture can cause mildew and mold growth and weaken the structural integrity of your home. If you don’t address the issue immediately, you may have to make expensive repairs to your home.

Is it normal to have some water in a crawl space?

No, it’s not normal to have water in a crawl space. If you notice water or moisture, you can remove it yourself or hire a professional crawl space company to install a vapor barrier or encapsulate your crawl space.

How can I tell if it is just condensation or if there is water?

Condensation is a sign that you have a high humidity level in your home. Check your crawl space for signs of moisture, such as condensation on pipes or ducts, musty odors, mold or mildew, or structural water damage.

What are the signs of water in a crawl space?

Common signs of water in a crawl space are musty odors, mold and mildew growth, wood rot and decay, condensation on plumbing or metal ducts, sagging floors, pests, and higher energy bills.