5 Best Adirondack Chairs (2024)

By Sabrina Lopez | February 14, 2023

Two Adirondack chairs sitting on a dock - Muskoka, Ontario, Canada.

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In theory, looking for a new Adirondack chair shouldn’t be that complicated. But there are several things to consider before making your final purchase, such as comfort, portability, and material. To help you choose, we compiled data on several Adirondack chairs, evaluating ratings, customer reviews, and brand reputation. Here are our picks for the five best Adirondack chairs available right now.



Top 5 Adirondack Chairs



Most Adjustable


Highwood Hamilton Adirondack Chair

$499.99 $294.49

This adjustable Adirondack lounge chair is crafted in a coastal modern style and comes in 11 colors to complement any outdoor furniture theme or home decor. Its grade 304 stainless-steel hardware provides durability plus easy assembly and storage.

$294.49 On Amazon

Highwood Hamilton Adirondack Chair

Fast Facts:

What We Like: This outdoor Adirondack chair is weather-resistant, so you can keep it outside all year-round without risking water or sun damage. Its clean-up process requires only soap and water to remove any stains or spills. 

There are three reclining positions available for optimal comfort while sitting. Further, the entire chair folds flat to fit in narrow spaces such as sheds, garages, or cars. This is a great choice for a long-lasting plastic Adirondack chair with a straightforward initial setup, durability, and space-saving storage options. 

What Customers Are Saying

These are lighter than another brand I bought last year. Easier to carry, but it makes them feel less sturdy. The chairs went together well, and I could do it without a second pair of hands. The instructions could be a little clearer, but it was fine. The chairs are comfortable and look good. That’s the most important thing!”—Barbra via Amazon

Solid construction and material, great color, super comfortable, easy assembly. Although expensive, it is a great buy. The ‘like-new’ product or “shipping box damaged” versions are like new—can’t tell the difference.”—Peter via Amazon



Most Eco-Friendly

Courtesy Wayfair

POLYWOOD Modern Adirondack Chair

$410 $289

This modern Adirondack chair has a comfortable contoured seat with a waterfall front, plus a stylish back design to add class to your backyard or front porch. Manufactured in the United States, this highly durable chair is crafted with an eco-friendly Polywood material derived from tens of thousands of recycled milk jugs. If you value sustainability in your products, this might quickly become your go-to patio chair.

$289 On Wayfair

POLYWOOD Modern Adirondack Chair

Fast Facts:

What We Like: This item is available in 13 colors, providing many options if you want to match a particular shade to an existing patio furniture setup. This chair is especially compact compared to most other options and can be kept for years while maintaining its original quality.

What Customers Are Saying

We have eight of the Polywood Adirondack Chairs and end tables in the teak color. … They are made from the HDPE (high-density polyethylene) recycled plastic. The HDPE seems to be longer lasting, more durable, stronger, and less brittle than the less expensive plastic furniture that is made from polystyrene.”—Ella via Amazon

This chair is sturdy and so perfect for outside on the patio.”—Eileen via Amazon



Most Rustic

Courtesy Amazon

Plant Theatre Wooden Adirondack Chair


This folding Adirondack chair is made of acacia wood, making for a tasteful addition to your fire pit or outdoor space. It comes in standard and rocking chair varieties, boasting a one-hour-or-less setup and a foldable portability design.

$149.99 On Amazon

Plant Theatre Wooden Adirondack Chair

Fast Facts:

What We Like: This Adirondack chair’s acacia material is sustainable and durable. The chair has a pre-stained and oiled exterior to protect against wind, rain, snow, dust, and heat. The stain is also designed to help prevent splinters, a common issue with wooden chairs. The chair’s construction incorporates a sloped seating pattern with a slatted back, designed with total comfort in mind.

Whether you’re searching for a rustic decor piece or additional seating in your backyard, this wooden Adirondack chair has the functionality and style to match what you want. 

What Customers Are Saying

The quality of these chairs is excellent. The instructions are clear enough, and the actual assembly is easy, around 20 minutes per chair. Usually washers are tricky on hardwood furniture, but in this case there is a recess to sit the washer in so it is not at all fiddly. They look great on our new patio.”—Mike via Amazon

I bought two of these chairs and am very pleased with the look, comfort, and sturdiness for the price! Would purchase again.”—Dee via Amazon



Best for Drinks

Courtesy Amazon

Outer Banks Deluxe Oversized Poly Lumber Folding Adirondack Chair


This eco-friendly, oversized Adirondack chair is constructed from 95% recycled materials, making it a great option for poolside lounging and the environment. It features easy assembly that can be completed in a few simple steps, with a foldable design for all of your future travel and storage needs. 

$269.99 On Amazon

Outer Banks Deluxe Oversized Poly Lumber Folding Adirondack Chair

Fast Facts:

What We Like: This chair comes in 25 color options, from Aruba blue to birchwood, with a weatherproof exterior coating that resists damage from UV rays, insects, and other potentially harmful outdoor elements. The sturdy frame is fully supported with stainless-steel hardware. It also has a fold-out cup holder and cell phone holder on either side for ultimate luxury.

What Customers Are Saying

They look fantastic, and the sturdiness is top quality. Yellow is sunny and bright just like I wanted.”—Annette via Amazon

I bought two of these a couple years ago and loved them then, needed to add to the patio and these were my number-one choice. And I’m reminded why: so simple to assemble, great features like the wine glass and pop can holder and cell phone holder, well-made and don’t sit too low. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!”—Amazon user “thostifer” via Amazon



Best with Ottoman

Courtesy Amazon

Outdoor Interiors CD3111 Eucalyptus Adirondack Chair

$371.99 $254.99

This Adirondack chair is a sleek and ultra-comfortable outdoor seating option, designed with a reclining feature for convenient lounging. The large seat slats are made with eucalyptus, a natural wood that matches teak almost exactly in appearance and performance. Eucalyptus is not only visually pleasing but also one of the strongest alternatives to classic wood and is most desired for its natural weather resistance and durability.

$254.99 On Amazon

Outdoor Interiors CD3111 Eucalyptus Adirondack Chair

Fast Facts:

What We Like: The Outdoor Interiors Adirondack chair includes a foldable ottoman, which conveniently fits beneath the seat when not used. The split back, wide armrests, and head support of this chair are just a few of the ergonomic design features that make it comfortable to sit in for hours. This visually pleasing furniture piece will save you tons of space in your yard and can last for years with proper use and care.

What Customers Are Saying

Great design with the horn footrest. They do need to be oiled well and regularly, but mine are holding up well after the first summer. They are very comfortable, and you can’t beat the look of a real wood Adirondack chair! Highly recommend (and I’m very picky)!”—Kurt via Amazon

We bought two of these chairs and received them just last week. So far we are really impressed with their quality, looks, and comfort. They were also really easy for my husband to assemble. We especially love the built-in ottoman that easily pulls out from under the chair when we want to use them. We like how the ottoman has two options for use. I prefer to use mine without the added legs, but my husband prefers the legs up. We’d definitely purchase again!”—Anneb via Amazon



What to Look For in an Adirondack Chair

The best Adirondack chair for your needs might vary depending on your specific desires as a homeowner. You should look for the following characteristics when comparing options. 


When buying patio furniture, you usually have two options for materials: natural wood and multiple types of reinforced plastic. Natural wood in teak and cedar are great for outdoor entertaining, as they include insect-repelling properties, but they are more costly. Plastic chairs are available in a range of candy colors but are less durable and need more care to be kept out of the elements. 


Classic Adirondack chairs feature deep, comfortable seats that are easy to sink into but more difficult to make your way out of. If you have difficulty standing (or want an easier way to get in and out of your chair), choose a chair with more shallow seat angles. You can also select a chair with a curved front, which is easier to get into and out of, especially for children.


While Adirondack chairs tend to be on the heavier end of the outdoor furniture spectrum, there are still several lightweight options for portable entertainment seating. If you know that you’ll be moving your chairs regularly (for example, if they’re part of a camper or a set for commercial space), you might want to choose a plastic variety. These chairs tend to be more lightweight than their wooden counterparts.



Our Recommendation

When choosing an Adirondack chair, consider your home’s design scheme. If your home has a more rustic look, wooden Adirondack chairs can make the perfect addition to your space. If you prefer a more modern feel, Polywood or plastic chairs come in a rainbow of colors. You should also consider weight, comfort level, and added features when choosing.



Adirondack Chair FAQ

What is the best material for Adirondack chairs?

The best material for Adirondack chairs is wood, specifically in the teak or cedar variety. This is thanks to the natural weather and insect-resistant properties that these woods possess. Alternative wood materials, such as acacia and eucalyptus, offer a similar performance to teak with enough durability to withstand weather damage, insects, rotting, and color changes.

Can you leave Adirondack chairs outside in winter?

You can leave Adirondack chairs outside in the winter if the chosen material is weather-resistant. Many patio furniture pieces, including most Adirondack chairs, are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and can be exposed to the elements year-round without sustaining any damage. Chairs that are made of wood, plastic, Polywood, or any similar material are durable enough to be left unattended in cold weather but should not be exposed year-round.

What is the difference between an Adirondack chair and a Muskoka chair?

The difference between an Adirondack chair and a Muskoka chair lies in size and seat design. A traditional Adirondack chair is two inches higher and wider than a Muskoka chair. While the two look very similar, there are many small design differences, including a flat yoke construction on the back of an Adirondack chair that is not present in Muskoka chairs.



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