5 Best 4-Slice Toasters (2024 Guide)

By Sabrina Lopez | February 28, 2024

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If you often need to make toast for three or more people simultaneously, a 4-slice toaster will speed up the process. While best for bread, you can also use 4-slice toasters to heat bagels, English muffins, frozen waffles, and more. We reviewed the best 4-slice toasters on the market to help you choose the best one for your home. Read on for our top picks.

Top 4-Slice Toasters

4-Slice Toaster with the Best Features

Zwilling Enfinigy Cool Touch Toaster 4 Slice- Best Features. Black 4 slice toaster isolated on white background.
Courtesy Amazon

Zwilling Enfinigy Cool Touch Toaster 4 Slice

$179.99 Prices taken at the time of publishing

This unique toaster has various features, such as a custom bagel setting, a built-in slot lift, automatic shutoff, and extra wide slots. It also has a removable crumb tray that makes cleanup easy.

$179.99 on Amazon

Fast Facts

What we like: We like that this toaster comes with eight different heating elements to ensure a balanced heat distribution that fully heats bread when toasting is complete. It also has a cool-touch feature that prevents it from overheating and an elegant black design that will look great in any kitchen. Additionally, this toaster includes specific defrost and bagel functions for more customization.

What Customers Are Saying

Customers who are impressed with this toaster say it’s easy to clean and has a sleek, stylish design. However, some customers say this product doesn’t always toast evenly, and others claim it’s difficult to use the controls.

This is definitely worth the money! We love the long two slots that fit 4 slices or our homemade longer slices of bread. Bagels and frozen waffles also fit great! It’s easy to use, and for the first time we are actually using the different modes (defrost, warm, bagel). Eggo waffles are a staple in our house, and this toasts them perfectly—with our old toaster we always had to toast twice. The toaster looks beautiful; it’s a black metal exterior that will get pretty warm (just like any toaster), and it works well in our modern, simple kitchen.” —Laura via Amazon

I was very apprehensive about paying this much for a toaster. I could have bought three of my usual ones for about the same price, but I’m glad I pulled the trigger on this one. Finally, I get consistently evenly toasted bread and bagels. We’ll see how long it lasts, but the build quality feels great, and it’s very sturdy and easy to operate.” —Mr Objective via Amazon

This definitely works better than our old toaster, however, the timing of either side seems slightly off. When started at the same time and using the same setting, the right side pops up much too soon. We’ve become accustomed to having a lighter setting side and a darker setting side. For the price, though, this shouldn’t be an issue.” —Sara M. via Amazon

Best 4-Slice Toaster for Large Bread

Hamilton Beach Extra Wide Slot Toaster- Best for Large Bread. Stainless steel toaster with bagels cooking inside isolated on white background.
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Hamilton Beach Extra Wide Slot Toaster

$44.99 Prices taken at the time of publishing

This toaster has extra-wide slots that are perfect for toasting thicker artisan breads. It includes two drop-down crumb trays that help keep your countertops clean and also comes with an automatic shutoff function that shuts the toaster off at the end of the toasting cycle.

$44.99 on Amazon

Fast Facts

What we like: We like that this toaster has a toast-boost function, which helps remove smaller breads, ensuring they won’t get stuck. This toaster has seven toast settings and can be purchased as a 2-slice model if you want to save counter space. Additionally, this toaster includes bagel and defrost functions for toasting specific items.

What Customers Are Saying

Our research shows that customers who like this product are impressed with its shade settings and temperature control, its extra-wide slots, and the fact that it doesn’t take up too much counter space. On the other hand, some customers say this toaster has uneven heating elements, and others say it’s not as durable as expected.

I was looking for a simple toaster that didn’t take up too much counter space. I find the crumb tray useful along with the lever that pops your toast up high so it doesn’t get stuck.” —Christina Aragon via Amazon

I have used toasters in the past that didn’t toast evenly. This will toast evenly, and as a result there are no unwanted dark spots, or burn marks. It’s a good toaster.” —Amazon Customer via Amazon

Love the toaster. Has a defrost, bagel mode if needed, and, of course, it toasts normally but … the bottom tray for crumbs does not stay closed. It sometimes opens at the bottom by just sliding the toaster over the counter. Love the defrost mode the best. Company needs to fix the crumb latch. I love the toaster!” —Deborah via Amazon

Best 4-Slice Toaster for Small Spaces

Cuisinart Compact Plastic Toaster- Best for Small Spaces. Plastic silver toaster isolated on white background.
Courtesy Amazon

Cuisinart Compact Plastic Toaster

$48.99 Prices taken at the time of publishing

This is the perfect product if you’re looking for a compact 4-slice toaster that won’t take up a lot of counter space. Despite its smaller size, it still includes seven settings to adjust the bread’s doneness, plus reheat, defrost, and bagel heating settings.

$48.99 on Amazon

Fast Facts

What we like: We like that this compact toaster has a sleek black design and features 1.5-inch toasting slots. In addition to its seven shade settings, this toaster has a slide-out crumb tray for easy cleaning. Another excellent feature is the toaster’s high-lift carriage, which works regardless of whether the toaster is sideways or facing forward.

What Customers Are Saying

Customers who left positive reviews for this toaster like that it is easy to clean, compact, and lightweight. Others are pleased with the number of toast settings for its size. However, we noted that some customers feel this toaster burns toast too easily, and others think the settings aren’t always accurate. 

Our previous toaster looked super nice but couldn’t be relied on for even toasting. It was hopeless at bagels and just didn’t do the job. We decided to replace it, and I did a LOT of research as style and color was important, but, of course, more important was performance and price! This Cuisinart toaster checked all the boxes. It toasts perfectly, and you can really rely on the number dial. Bagels are properly toasted, and the defrost feature works very well. I love that this is a known brand name too!! Five stars” —Toffee Knows via Amazon

We bought one of these and liked it so much that we recommended it to my mom, who is a senior. She found it very easy to use, and once you get a feel for what darkness each setting will bring about, it gives you a wide range of toasting options. It looks good too. It’s going strong after more than a year. If you’re confused by the many models of toasters out there, this is a great choice” —Nick via Amazon 

We have yet to find a setting that does not burn portions of the toast. It looks great in a white kitchen and is easy to clean, but the toaster doesn’t toast evenly. Parts of the toast are always burned, especially the bottom edges. Would not purchase again.” —John Noll via Amazon

Best Designed 4-Slice Toaster

Smeg 50s Retro Style Aesthetic 4-Slice Toaster- Best Design. Black retro toaster isolated on white background.
Courtesy Amazon

Smeg 50s Retro Style Aesthetic 4-Slice Toaster

$249.95 Prices taken at the time of publishing

If style is your top priority when buying a new toaster, this model from Smeg is a great option. It features a retro design available in various colors including pink, red, pastel blue, chrome, and more.

$249.95 on Amazon

Fast Facts

What we like: Besides its 1950s-inspired design, this toaster has special settings for defrosting bread and heating a bagel. It lets you easily customize your shade setting with a straightforward dial on the front of the device, and it’s built with durable powder-coated steel. Regardless of the color you choose, this toaster will make a bold statement in your kitchen.

What Customers Are Saying

Customers are particularly impressed with this toaster’s unique, stylish design, heavy-duty build, and consistent results. However, others think it’s too bulky, and several say that the toast flies out of the toaster when it’s done, which could sometimes cause it to fall on the counter or floor.

The toaster is heavy duty and holds larger pieces of bread. There is no need to cut slices in half or toast one side and then another. Pushing down the lever to start the toaster is a solid feeling, and the dial for choosing toast darkness is exact in its feel and clicks through numbers of darkness. It’s an expensive toaster, but the superior quality shows it will last forever, like toasters used to be built when I was a kid.” —Bulldog via Amazon

My wife loves this toaster! The retro look and slim profile are perfect. The color is fun and fits with our decor.” —Alex Garcia via Amazon

This unit doesn’t work any better than less expensive options. Uniformity of toastiness is a problem—the top toasts much darker than the bottom, and one side toasts less slowly than the other. The unit looks good, but it ejects completed toast onto the floor half of the time and takes an eternity to reach a nice, dark level of toastiness.” —Rob R via Amazon

Best 4-Slice Toaster for Bagels

KitchenAid Pro Line Series 4-Slice Automatic Toaster- Best for Bagels. Stainless steel toaster isolated on white background.
Courtesy Amazon

KitchenAid Pro Line Series 4-Slice Automatic Toaster

$499.87 Prices taken at the time of publishing

This heavyweight, high-quality toaster is perfect for heating bagels. It has a button specifically for cooking bagels and a convenient “little longer” button for when they need extra toasting. Also, it automatically adjusts the heating element and evenly toasts the inside of bagels without over-browning the crust. Lastly, its extra-wide slots can fit bagels of any size.

$499.87 on Amazon

Fast Facts

What we like: This 4-slice toaster features eight different shade settings, including one for “light” and “dark” toast, and buttons for toasting bagels and frozen bread. This toaster has self-centering interior racks that allow for the even toasting of any bread type or size. It includes a handy “keep warm” function that helps ensure your food remains at the optimal temperature, even if you don’t immediately remove it from the toaster.

What Customers Are Saying

Customers who give this product positive reviews like that it toasts bread evenly and has extra-wide slots for fitting various types of bread. Other reviewers commented on how this toaster is highly durable and well-designed. Alternatively, some customers think this toaster takes a long time to heat fully, and others feel that it doesn’t toast bread to desirable levels, even when set on dark shade settings.

I love my new toaster! In the past I have always put my toasters in our pantry, but this toaster stays out on my counter! It toasts perfectly. It is pricey, but when I count the money I have spent on previous toasters only to throw them away after a year or two, it’s worth it.” —Capochu via Amazon

I LOVE this toaster. Seriously, it’s the absolute best toast I have ever had. It is sleek. It operates like a dream and toasts everything evenly and perfectly!” —R. Chinery via Amazon

I originally put up a glowing review, but after about a week of use it is having troubles. Let’s state the obvious: It looks amazing. But it is a TOASTER and should toast. This thing will not toast evenly. I wish this was not the case due to how great it looks with our other KA appliances. I will give it a few more attempts, but I’m 90% sure I am sending it back.” —Amazon Customer via Amazon

What to Look For in a 4-Slice Toaster

There are several important factors to consider before choosing a 4-slice toaster, including ease of use, shade settings, slot size, and safety features. Here are the most important factors to think about when choosing the best toaster oven for you:

Benefits and Drawbacks of a 4-Slice Toaster

Unsure if a 4-slice toaster is better for you than a 2-slice toaster? Four-slice toasters present numerous advantages, such as their versatility and efficiency. However, there are some downsides to 4-slice toasters as well. Here are some important things to consider before making a purchasing decision:



Our Recommendation

We recommend the ZWILLING Enfinigy Cool Touch Toaster 4 Slice, which impressed our team with its sleek design, eight separate heating elements, and extra wide slots. We also recommend the Hamilton Beach Extra Wide Slot Toaster for more basic toasting needs and the Cuisinart Compact Plastic Toaster if you have limited counter space.

4-Slice Toaster FAQ

What can you not put in a toaster oven?

Although you can use tinfoil in an oven, you shouldn’t use it in a toaster oven because there isn’t enough space to avoid touching the device’s heating elements. Other items you should avoid include paper, wood, plastic materials, and glass or ceramic bakeware. Parchment paper, ovenproof glass, and metal bakeware are typically OK to use in a toaster oven.

What do numbers on a toaster mean?

Most often, numbers on a toaster oven refer to the shade or browning settings for the bread. However, they can sometimes refer to how many minutes you want the bread to toast. Check your toaster’s manual to be sure.

Do you need to unplug a toaster before cleaning it?

Yes, you should unplug your toaster before cleaning for safety purposes. It’s also important to ensure the toaster is completely cooled down to avoid any risk of burning.

How long do toasters last?

The quality of your toaster and how well you maintain it will determine how long it lasts. However, most toasters typically last at least five years with daily use and longer if you use them less frequently. Older toasters may last longer than modern models, as they were typically built with a nickel alloy in the heating coils, which has greater corrosion resistance than the aluminum used in newer models.

How We Chose the Top 4-Slice Toasters

Over the years, our team has vetted thousands of products to help you select the top 4-slice toasters for your home. We update our data points and review content regularly to account for shifts in customer consensus, product availability, new releases, and overall quality.

To steer the product selection process, our reviewers conduct detailed research that focuses on several key factors: