5 Best Bottom-Freezer Refrigerators (2024 Guide)

By Sabrina Lopez | February 28, 2024

Modern kitchen interior with pendant lighting over a kitchen island. Black and light wood accents.

An alternative to top-freezer refrigerators, bottom-freezer refrigerators keep your refrigerated food at eye level and your frozen goods accessible by a pull-out drawer underneath. These fridges are popular for their organizational possibilities and ease of access. We created this guide to the best bottom-freezer fridges available to help you choose a model that suits your needs. Here are our top picks.

Top 5 Bottom-Freezer Refrigerators

Best Four-Door Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator

Samsung Bespoke Counter Depth 4-Door Flex Refrigerator- Best Four Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator. Black four door refrigerator isolated on white background.
Courtesy Samsung

Samsung Bespoke Counter Depth 4-Door Flex Refrigerator

$4,199 $2,699 Prices taken at the time of publishing

This unique four-door bottom-freezer refrigerator from Samsung features fully customizable door panels to match your kitchen’s color and design scheme. It features 23 cubic feet of capacity and a built-in deodorizer to keep it smelling fresh.

$2,699 on Samsung $2,298.99 on Best Buy

Fast Facts

What we like: In addition to its range of design options, we like that this fridge comes with two types of filtered water and two ice modes. Further, you can customize the lower-right storage space to be either a refrigerator or freezer panel, depending on your needs.

What Customers Are Saying

Overall, customers who give this product positive reviews like its sleek, customizable design. Many customers are particularly impressed with its double ice feature; others are pleased with its ample storage space. Some customers, however, feel this fridge dents easily.

We’ve had this refrigerator for a little over two months, and it has been fantastic. The glass cleans up exceptionally well, the double ice feature is a very nice touch. I’ve been happy with it.” —John F. via Samsung

We have loved the look and design of this fridge. The best part has been the water dispenser options. We use the autofill pitcher way more than we thought we would, and not having the glass filler on the front has made it so much easier to clean. Our only issue so far has been the door signaling that it’s not fully closed unless we apply heavy pressure after closing it. ” —SamsungOwner via Amazon

A beautiful, stylish, and very effective appliance! We absolutely love the layout, functions, performance and especially the dual ice maker. Really, I cannot praise this machine enough, except for the skin—‘skin’ being the operative word here. It was delivered with a small dent but not wanting to be nitpicky, and cringing about the thought of emptying and exchanging it, we decided to live with it. As time goes by, this thing seemingly accumulates dents by you looking at it …  The undeserved ‘battle scars’ irk me beyond belief!!” —Chuck McB via Samsung

Best French Door Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator

Samsung 3-Door French Door Refrigerator with Family Hub- Best French Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator. Stainless steel refrigerator with smart panel isolated on white background.
Courtesy Samsung

Samsung 3-Door French Door Refrigerator with Family Hub

$2,999 Prices taken at the time of publishing

This French door model from Samsung has 28 cubic feet of capacity, perfect for large families and those who need extra food storage space. It features all-around cooling to ensure each food item remains properly chilled regardless of the section in which it is stored.

$2,999 on Samsung

Fast Facts

What we like: This stylish refrigerator has a fingerprint-resistant finish and comes with a large-capacity ice maker that can store up to 5.5 cubic feet of ice. This fridge is also Wi-Fi enabled, allowing you to display photos, play music, and even mirror your television directly from the Samsung hub.

What Customers Are Saying

Overall, we find that customers who give this refrigerator a positive review like its numerous smart features, extra-large capacity, and its handy ice maker. On the other hand, some customers feel this fridge’s touchscreen doesn’t always work properly, and several others have issues with the ice maker getting clogged or stuck.

We bought this fridge a couple months ago when the old one went out. We love the standard features, the large space, and the design. The screen on the front is silly fun! The kids use it to draw pictures, my wife listens to music, and I check the weather on my way out the door. Great product! —RRoney via Samsung

My wife and I are not the techiest of people—just into our 70s, but fairly intelligent. This Samsung refrigerator is so much more than just a refrigerator. It is our personal chef, meal planner, recipe finder, dietician, information and entertainment center. It’s obvious that the designers at Samsung put a great deal of thought into how well this refrigerator should work and the ease of using it. This particular model has huge storage capacity both in the refrigerator and freezer compartments. It is one of the best kitchen purchases we ever made —BobbyV via Samsung

I love the unit, but it dumps ice in the tray even when its full, it is very hard to get to items that fall under the freezer drawer. The interaction has no direction of how to maximize its use or how to connect other apps or smart items. I love the cameras, recipes, shopping list and the bright lighting. I do wish it was Google or Android user friendly and not just Amazon so it can connect to other units in my home that are not Amazon without going through my phone. —Cephas via Samsung

Best Basic Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator

Whirlpool Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator- Best Basic Model. Stainless steel refrigerator with bottom freezer drawer isolated on white background.
Courtesy Best Buy

Whirlpool Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator

$1,799.99 $1,399.99 Prices taken at the time of publishing

If you’re looking for a well-built bottom-freezer refrigerator without all the bells and whistles, this model from Whirlpool is an excellent option. It includes nearly 22 cubic feet of capacity—plenty for most families—and features smart sensors that consistently keep food at an optimal temperature. It also has two humidity-controlled crisper drawers with a produce preserver filter that helps your fruits and veggies last longer.

$1,399.99 on Best Buy

Fast Facts

What we like: This fridge’s five shelves include SpillGuard technology that helps contain small spills and keep your fridge clean. Further, it has four adjustable half-width door bins that you can customize to create more space for larger items. We also like that this fridge comes with an automatic ice maker.

What Customers Are Saying

Our team finds that customers who leave positive reviews for this product like that it has a fingerprint-resistant design, comes in multiple finish options, and includes adjustable shelves. On the other hand, a few customers feel the pull-out drawer is not high quality, and others say the door is heavy and difficult to close.

The fridge is amazing for what I need. It’s spacious, and I like the fact that I can adjust the shelves for what I want, as well as the many options for the shelves on the door. The ice maker is an added benefit, as we tend to go through a lot of ice in our house. —Tessa via Best Buy

Best value in a sleek fridge! I wanted a bottom freezer and no junk built into the door. This fridge is perfect, and it works great. A storm knocked out the power the week after we got it, and our ice cubes in our unopened freezer were still solid after 17 hours!!! That is a quality freezer! —CAS20 via Best Buy

I got this as a floor model, and it was a good deal. However, the door is heavier than the fridge, and it never shuts the first time. I have minimal items on the door, and it still does not close the first time. —MiltonS via Best Buy

Best Counter Depth Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator

GE ENERGY STAR Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator- Best Counter Depth. Light stainless steel refrigerator with freezer drawer isolated on white background.
Courtesy Best Buy

GE ENERGY STAR Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator

$1,619.99 Prices taken at the time of publishing

Counter-depth refrigerators don’t extend far beyond your kitchen countertops, creating a more streamlined look. This sleek counter-depth model from GE has several useful features, such as three freezer storage drawers, a temperature-controlled drawer, edge-to-edge glass shelves, and a fingerprint-resistant finish.

$1,619.99 on Best Buy

Fast Facts

What we like: This freezer’s capacity is on the smaller end at 17.7 cubic feet, but it’s a great option for customers who are less concerned about maximizing fridge space and more about appearance. Plus, it allows for extra temperature customization with its turbo-cool setting, multiple air zone towers, and internal digital temperature control.

What Customers Are Saying

Several customers who are impressed with this refrigerator say that it has a sleek, minimalist design that fits well in their kitchens. Others are impressed with the freezer’s spaciousness. However, some customers have issues with their freezer doors not closing fully, and others say that reversing the door is unnecessarily difficult.

Love the new GE fridge! Fits like a glove in our space. Sleek design and very spacious! Love the three drawers in the freezer. —KellyC via Best Buy

Perfect for our office kitchen! We have a tight spot and most fridges wouldn’t work for us; this one did the trick!” —andie via Best Buy

This fridge comes with a long wait, but it was worth it because it fits perfectly in our space. It looks nice and works well. It has plenty of shelves and drawers for our needs. One thing to note: I did end up reversing the door swing, and it wasn’t quite as simple as the directions suggested. You will definitely need a second person if you decide to change it. —JSmith via Best Buy

Best High-Capacity Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator

LG Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator with Ice Maker- Best High Capacity. Light gray stainless steel refrigerator isolated on white background.
Courtesy Best Buy

LG Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator with Ice Maker

$1,799.99 $1,599.99 Prices taken at the time of publishing

With 25.5 cubic feet of space, this large bottom-freezer refrigerator is an excellent choice for those with sizable food storage needs. This model includes a multiflow air system that keeps food fresh and a smart cooling system that regulates its temperature.

$1,599.99 on Best Buy

Fast Facts

What we like: This 25.5-cubic-foot bottom-freezer refrigerator from LG comes in multiple fingerprint- and smudge-resistant finish options. It includes premium LED lighting that makes viewing your food easy and has a built-in ice maker in the freezer.

What Customers Are Saying

We note that customers who are impressed with this product like that it makes all items easily accessible. Others are pleased it has ample door space and a sleek, elegant design. However, some customers have issues with the ice maker, noting that it takes a long time to make ice and that it sometimes produces an odd smell.

I was debating if we should get a side-by-side, a traditional fridge, or this model. I really didn’t want to bend over to look at everything in the fridge as I am a very visual person, and I use the fridge more frequently than I use my freezer. I am so glad I went with this fridge. It’s perfect for a growing family that loves to host—so much easier to see all the leftovers at a glance and great for meal prepping. I highly recommend it! —ElisabethM via Best Buy

I had a double-door fridge before this one and was scared that this would fit less stuff, but it actually fits the same amount of groceries. The lighting is perfect, and the shelves on the door flip up and down when not in use. The ice maker is fantastic and fills the bucket that came with the fridge with ice cubes.” —JuanM via Best Buy

It’s a nice refrigerator; it gets the job done. The reason for the three stars is because it takes forever to make ice. I had an older, smaller fridge that made it quickly. This new fridge might have newer cooling technology, but it’s not as fast as the old one.” —CarbonFlow via Best Buy

What to Look for in a Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator

Here are some of the most important factors to consider when shopping for a bottom-freezer refrigerator.

Extra Features to Look for in a Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator

Some bottom-freezer refrigerators have special features that help them stand out from the rest. If you can’t decide among multiple models, consider which of the following is the most important to you.

Our Recommendation

We recommend the Samsung Bespoke Counter Depth 4-Door Flex Refrigerator for most consumers due to its large capacity and numerous customization options. The Whirlpool Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator is also a great option for those seeking a more straightforward model with fewer added perks, while the Samsung 3-Door French Door Refrigerator with Family Hub is our top pick for those seeking a French door model.

Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator FAQ

How long do bottom-freezer refrigerators last?

With proper maintenance, bottom-freezer refrigerators should last for at least 10 years and can sometimes last for up to 15 years or more. To ensure your bottom-freezer refrigerator lasts as long as possible, clean it regularly, wipe the door seals, and monitor the drain pan.

Are bottom-freezer refrigerators more efficient than top-freezer refrigerators?

Bottom-freezer refrigerators are typically less efficient than top-freezer models due to their design. With the machine’s compressor being closer to the bottom of the unit, it’s more difficult to keep heat out of a bottom-freezer fridge. However, u003ca rel=u0022noreferrer noopeneru0022 href=u0022https://www.architecturaldigest.com/reviews/home-products/best-side-by-side-refrigeratoru0022 target=u0022_blanku0022u003eside-by-side refrigeratorsu003c/au003e typically take up more energy than bottom-freezer models.

What temperature should you leave your bottom-freezer refrigerator at?

Check the instructions that come with your model to ensure you set your fridge to its most optimal temperature, as it could vary among brands. However, most refrigerators should be set between 36 and 38 degrees Fahrenheit, while the freezer should be set to 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

What’s the best way to organize a bottom freezer?

When organizing your freezer, try using bins or baskets to keep similar items together. For further organization, put labels on each bin. Be sure to keep your most-used items at the top, such as frozen fruits and veggies, ice cream, or meats. Some bottom-freezer refrigerators come with drawers already built in for added convenience.

How We Chose the Top Bottom-Freezer Refrigerators

Over the years, our team has vetted thousands of products to help you select the top bottom-freezer refrigerators for your home. We update our data points and review content regularly to account for shifts in customer consensus, product availability, new releases, and overall quality.

To steer the product selection process, our reviewers conduct detailed research that focuses on several key factors: