5 Best Electric Stoves (2024 Guide)

By Sabrina Lopez | August 30, 2023

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Unlike their gas counterparts, electric stoves don’t operate over an open flame, instead relying on electric currents that flow from a metal coil to heat and cook your food. Electric stoves are becoming more popular because they’re easy to use and less bulky than gas models.

We reviewed the best electric stove models available to help you narrow down your choices and upgrade your kitchen. Here are our top picks.

Top 5 Electric Stoves


Modern electric stove with utensils in the kitchen


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Best Electric Stove Overall: GE Profile Freestanding True Convection Range


This freestanding electric stove from GE has a sleek black design that will stand out in any kitchen. It has a double oven that’s perfect for cooking multiple dishes at once and comes with several useful features such as no-preheat air frying and a hidden baking element.

$1,934.99 on Best Buy

Fast Facts

What we like: This stove has three different heating oven racks and can be controlled via a smartphone for maximum convenience. It also has a fingerprint-resistant stainless-steel design that ensures it maintains its elegant appearance for years to come. 

What Customers Are Saying

Reviewers like this stove’s list of impressive features and numerous cooking options. Others are pleased with its quick-heating ability. However, some find that the clock is tough to set up. 

The dual oven with convection in the bottom is an excellent feature … The added Wi-Fi feature allows remote function for the oven. So you can, for example, preheat an oven using your phone while away. It sends alerts to your phone so you know the status of your range. Standard size that fits well in the kitchen with an over range microwave. —RobertC via Best Buy

We’ve had this oven for a couple weeks now, and so far no gripes. I tend to use the top oven most of the time so far, and it works beautifully whether baking cookies or pan-roasted green beans, and it heats up fast. Not sure about the other comments about a lack of preheating; mine dings as soon as the temp gets up to what I set it to. Also, it DOES have two timers, and I’ve used them simultaneously. And they aren’t limited to just the oven, but for timing anything you need to clock. —Macc via Best Buy

It takes getting used to—so many buttons! But I’ve got it now. I had trouble with setting the clock. —Sues via Best Buy



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Best Induction Stove: KitchenAid Slide-In Electric Induction Range


With more than 7 cubic feet of oven capacity, this electric stove has enough space to fit entire birds, such as a turkey or chicken, and still leave room for side dishes. It also heats at an impressive 3,600 watts, needing less cooking time than other models.

$3,239.99 on Best Buy

Fast Facts

What we like: This stove has four different induction heating elements that circulate throughout the oven and give you the flexibility to adjust to various dishes. It also has self-cleaning technology that eliminates spills without scrubbing and comes with a large storage drawer for cooking accessories. 

What Customers Are Saying

Overall, customers like that this stove has innovative temperature control, a snappy design, and a large capacity. Some feel it takes overly long to preheat

We love it. It boils water so fast and cooks evenly. Great and easy clean up.” —Ginger10 via Best Buy

After looking into different types of induction stove, KitchenAid is really top of the line. For the first time no more overcooking or mess, and best of all is the convection oven. The price is high, but I had a good discount at Best Buy. Also, I had to redo the kitchen walls and a new hood range. —JoJo via Best Buy

Looks great! The induction cooktop is super fast. Oven takes a while to preheat, but seems to bake evenly. Not sure if we will ever use the small lower oven, but it’s an option if we need it. —MrsTimmy via Best Buy



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Best Smart Electric Stove: Samsung Smart Electric Range


This stylish electric stove offers more than 6 cubic feet of heating space and a 3,300-watt rapid burner that can heat food quickly when you’re in a pinch. It also includes a five-burner cooktop with adjustable temperature control to quickly alter heating levels.

$1,099.00 on Samsung

Fast Facts

What we like: This smart electric stove comes with Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to preheat, adjust timing, and change the temperature right from your smartphone. Additionally, it has both self-cleaning and steam-cleaning features.  

What Customers Are Saying

This electric stove earns rave customer reviews for its variety of useful features, easy-to-see LED screen, and straightforward installation. However, some feel the glass cooktop is difficult to maintain. 

We received this range two weeks ago. The features are wonderful. The first thing we did was use the air fry feature to fix french fries. They were great. Made pasta the next night just to see if the range really did bring water to a boil quickly. Boy, did it ever. I checked the oven temp with an oven thermometer, and it was spot on. I really appreciated that after years of using an oven that never was [the right temperature]. These will be what we use most often, but I am looking forward to trying out other features, especially the dehydrator.—AmateurChef via Samsung

After having our new range for one week, we are in love. The keypad makes seeing the temperature and timers so easy and pain free. It definitely beats having to press an up/down button only to overshoot the target. The bread proof function has provided an even temperature without a draft for our home fresh breads. And the rapid boil feature blew my teens’ minds!—Saeyah1 via Samsung

Compared to other brands’ range at similar price ranges, it offers many extra functionalities such as bread proof, air fry, etc. However, the glass top is less easy to [keep] clean compared to my previous LG glass top. Also, while baking, the oven fan would start intermittently despite not being in ‘air-fry’ mode, which results in drier bread.” —Sanjuro via Samsung



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Best Double Oven Electric Range: Café Slide-In Double Oven


This stove is highly functional, has a sleek design, and comes in several premium finishes to match your kitchen aesthetic. It also includes a temperature probe that allows you to monitor your food’s doneness without opening the oven door.

$3,059.99 on Best Buy

Fast Facts

What we like: This stove is highly functional, has a sleek design, and comes in several premium finishes to match your kitchen aesthetic. It also includes a temperature probe that allows you to monitor your food’s doneness without opening the oven door. 

What Customers Are Saying

Reviewers are particularly impressed with this stove’s smart features, air-frying capabilities, and stylish design. However, one customer feels the stove is missing a low-simmer setting on the burners

Although it came with a few dings on the side, everything else is top notch. The air fryer feature is nice, and the smart features work well. Heats evenly and looks great. —Coolers via Best Buy

The stove is absolutely beautiful.  I love the double stove, saving so much time and energy, using the top smaller stove for most of our meals. —John via Best Buy

Great range. The only thing missing is a low simmer on the burners. —Nette via Best Buy



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Best Small Electric Stove: Haier Electric Freestanding Convection Range


This electric stove is tall and skinny, making it ideal for tight spaces or smaller kitchens. It uses convection cooking to ensure even heating and includes an accessories drawer to help you save even more space.

$1,529.99 on Best Buy

Fast Facts

What we like: This stove has a versatile design, allowing you to either keep its traditional look or flip it down to create a slide-in appearance. It has a smooth top and a sleek stainless-steel design that matches any kitchen appliance

What Customers Are Saying

Customers like that this stove is easy to clean and has a sleek design. They also enjoy that the stovetop elements heat quickly. Others say the drawer isn’t sturdy and are disappointed it’s not resistant to fingerprints. 

This is my first glass-top stove, and it’s taken a little bit to understand how to use it. I replaced most of my ancient cookware since their bottoms were no longer flat. I clean the top after every use with vinegar and use lower temps when I start cooking building to higher temps. So far so good. I’m pleased with this purchase. —Vinni via Best Buy

This stove was everything that I expected and more.” —Stove via Best Buy

There are not many choices if you can only fit a 24-inch range in your kitchen … even fewer if you must use electricity. This was one of only approximately three models that I could select from, and I feel it’s the best one overall … As others mentioned, the bottom drawer isn’t nearly as sturdy as it could be in this price range, but it should suffice if I’m careful and don’t overload it. Lastly, the stainless steel quality isn’t the same quality is the matching Haier refrigerator, as fingerprints and marks show up much more easily than the fantastic type covering the fridge. (I have both appliances.) —Pens66 via Best Buy



What to Look For in an Electric Stove

Depending on the brand and model, electric stoves have various features that will influence your purchasing decision. Here are some top factors to consider before choosing the best electric range for you. 



Our Recommendation

We recommend the GE Profile Freestanding Electric True Convection Range for its double oven and stylish design. We also recommend the KitchenAid Slide-In Electric Induction Convection Range for its large capacity and powerful cooking elements. The Samsung Smart Freestanding Electric Range is a solid choice if you’re looking for a more middle-of-the-road, standard model.



Electric Stove FAQ

What’s the difference between a gas stove and an electric stove?

There are several differences between gas and electric stoves, but the primary one is how they’re connected. Gas ranges require a gas line or propane hookup, while electric stoves plug into a specially designed outlet. Another major difference is the stove’s temperature control. Gas stoves typically respond quicker to different temperature changes, thus heating food quicker. However, gas stoves present more of a safety hazard than electric stoves because they operate over an open flame.

What’s the difference between a stove and a range?

Electric stoves and electric ranges typically refer to the same thing and are often used interchangeably. Some brands refer to their products as ranges to avoid confusion with wood-burning stoves. 

How do you clean an electric stove?

Electric stoves can be cleaned with an oven cleaning solution and should be thoroughly cleaned every few months. However, many ovens come with self-cleaning options, allowing the machine to clean itself and saving you the hassle. Stovetops should be wiped down regularly with an electric cooktop cleaning solution (or water and soap if you don’t have one) and a sponge.

What brands make the best electric stoves?

Several brands make reliable electric stoves, but here are some of the most popular: AmanaBosch CafeFrigidaire GEHaierKitchenAidLGSamsungThermador



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