5 Best Garage Refrigerators (2024 Guide)

By Sabrina Lopez | August 3, 2023

Large stainless steel refrigerator on a wall in a garage.

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What sets a garage refrigerator apart from a standard fridge is its ability to perform well in extreme heat and cold. The best garage refrigerators will keep your food and drinks cool and fresh even in the harshest conditions.

Our team has spent hours looking into expert research, verified buyer feedback, and industry literature to find the latest top-rated garage refrigerators. In this review, you’ll find our recommendations for various households, budgets, and tastes, as well as a comprehensive buying guide and answers to common garage fridge questions.



Top 5 Garage Refrigerators



Best Overall Garage Freezer

Insignia Garage Ready Convertible Upright Freezer- Best Overall Garage Freezer. White Insignia refrigerator isolated on white background.
Courtesy Best Buy

Insignia Garage Ready Convertible Upright Freezer

$899.99 $849.99 Prices taken at the time of publishing

Insignia’s 21-cubic-foot convertible upright freezer/fridge is versatile and spacious. Thanks to its garage-ready design, it can withstand harsh ambient temperatures, making it perfect for use in garages, porches, and other non-climate-controlled areas. It’s also available in 19- and 17-cubic-foot designs for smaller spaces.

$849.99 on Best Buy

Fast Facts

What we like: Our team chose this Insignia unit as the best refrigerator for garages for several reasons. First, its cutting-edge, insulative technology performs reliably even in extreme temperatures. Second, its generous 21-cubic-foot capacity provides ample storage space. Last, its convertible feature allows you to switch between freezer and refrigerator modes via an in-door control panel.

What Customers Are Saying

According to our research, customers mostly praise the Insignia upright freezer/fridge for its extra space, flexible temperature control, and garage-ready engineering. On the other hand, we learned that some customers are concerned about the fridge’s shelves, which tend to bow under heavy loads.

My wife absolutely loves this freezer. It’s garage ready, which means it won’t shut off when the temperature outside gets below freezing. Very important feature if you live in the Carolinas. It’s a great deal, and there’s plenty of room in it for anything. Highly recommend it.” —Herb via Best Buy, 2024

This freezer is spacious and extremely well-made. I like that it’s bright inside since I keep it in my garage. It holds a nice steady temperature. I especially like the temperature controls on the front of the door. It has sturdy adjustable glass shelves and two roomy drawers on the bottom. —MimiS via Best Buy, 2022

The only critique I have is that the glass shelves are a little thin. Given the size of the refrigerator (and that of the shelves), the glass bends a little when using standard load. —Felipe via Best Buy, 2022



Best Top-Freezer Garage Refrigerator

GE Garage-Ready Top Freezer Refrigerator- Best Top Freezer Garage Fridge. Stainless steel GE refrigerator isolated on white background.
Courtesy Best Buy

GE Garage-Ready Top Freezer Refrigerator

$1,079.99 $849.99 Prices taken at the time of publishing

This top-freezer refrigerator is specifically engineered for garage and warehouse installations. At 21.9 cubic feet, it’s a great option for those who need a lot of storage space. It’s also ENERGY STAR certified.

$849.99 on Best Buy

Fast Facts

What we like: The GE Garage-Ready Top-Freezer Refrigerator offers optimal performance in non-climate-controlled settings. We like the unit’s adjustable shelves and bins that allow for flexible organization. Another standout feature is the model’s intuitive control panel and an easy-to-read display.

What Customers Are Saying

We found dozens of customer reviews that praise this unit for its sizable storage capacity, garage-ready operation, and modern aesthetic. Critical reviews we came across indicate that the fridge’s noise level is a little higher than some buyers expected.

This refrigerator is perfect for our garage. It’s just the right size and shelf storage. We like the vegetable and meat keeper. Being garage-ready is a plus. We added the optional ice marker.  Overall, we’re very pleased with this refrigerator. —DougJ via Best Buy, 2024

Reading the reviews I was concerned that this refrigerator would be loud. I was happy to find that the opposite is true. It runs quiet! … I have it out in our garage in cold weather, which has been below freezing. I checked the temperatures, and the refrigerator and freezer are cooling well.” —RJHall via Best Buy, 2022

Decent fridge/freezer. Freezer seems to be ‘on’ more often than expected and a little bit louder than our previous model, but otherwise, it works well. —boxermansr via Best Buy, 2022



Best Garage Refrigerator for Outdoor Use

Gladiator Upright Rolling Garage Refrigerator- Black Gladiator refrigerator isolated on white background.
Courtest Best Buy

Gladiator Upright Rolling Garage Refrigerator

$1,619.99 Prices taken at the time of publishing

The Gladiator refrigerator is specifically designed for garage and outdoor use. Its locking caster wheels, durable steel exterior, and adjustable shelving make it ideal for mobile vendors, reunions, temporary job sites, and medium-size garages.

$1,619.99 on Best Buy

Fast Facts

What we like: This rolling garage-ready unit offers impressive features for those seeking a durable and functional appliance. Its 17.8 cubic feet of interior space and adjustable shelving enable users to create a layout specific to their needs. It pairs an understated aesthetic with a rugged construction that’s fit for a range of environments.

What Customers Are Saying

Our team’s evaluation of customer feedback shows that buyers like the Gladiator rolling fridge for its capacity, movable shelving, and sturdy construction. However, one critical reviewer indicated that they received a faulty unit and that the exchange process was arduous.

Perfect dimensions to get through narrow doorways; narrow width is compensated with more height. Large industrial size locking wheels make for easy movement. Two pull-out wire baskets for easy storage; sturdy tempered glass and metal shelving with extra shelf supports for changing shelf levels or optional purchase of more shelves; very sturdy door bucket shelves will hold more items. Best feature: front foot pedal for hands-free door opening. —Satisfiedcustomer via Best Buy, 2024

No extra luxuries—just solid design and make-up for a really great outdoor refrigerator. —Banky via Best Buy, 2020

I bought both the freezer and fridge. Freezer is awesome, but my fridge was faulty out of the box. Can’t get it to cool down lower than 50 degrees. Fridge has been on for two days. Now have to wait 3 more weeks for an exchange from BestBuy. … —SUtah via Best Buy, 2019



Best Under-Counter Garage Refrigerator

Summit ADA-Compliant Drawer Refrigerator- Best Under Counter Fridge for Garage use. Stainless steel Summit refrigerator isolated on white background.
Courtesy Amazon

Summit ADA-Compliant Drawer Refrigerator

$1,998.56 Prices taken at the time of publishing

The Summit ADRD24 under-counter refrigerator offers 4.8 cubic feet of space with adjustable dividers in its two drawers. It features alarms for open drawers or low temperatures, a digital thermostat (34-43 degrees Fahrenheit), and eco-friendly R600A refrigerant.

$1,998.56 on Amazon

Fast Facts

What we like: We especially like this double-drawer fridge for its ENERGY STAR Certification, ADA-compliant height, and self-contained design. Plus, its stainless steel finish and generous LED lighting ensure durability and ease of use.

What Customers Are Saying

Our verified buyer research shows that most customers praise this unit for its cooling performance, optional built-in or freestanding installation, and internal lighting. Critical buyers indicate that the fridge’s external components, such as its adjustable legs and handles, feel less sturdy than expected.

The LED lighting is the best … the cooling is A +, and the doors are easy to close and open.” —Marylynn via Summit Appliance, 2021

I am glad I did thorough research before purchasing this Summit refrigerator. It has all of the features I was looking for, and the Freestanding or Built In Drawer design fits nearly seamlessly into my kitchen.” —Thunt1942 via Summit Appliance, 2020

The unit keeps perfect temperature in my outside application… One improvement would be stronger adjustable legs. —HDCustomer via Amazon, 2020



Best Garage Mini Fridge

EUHOMY Mini Fridge with Freezer- Best Minifridge for Garage use. Stainless steel EUHOMY refrigerator isolated on white background.
Courtesy Amazon

EUHOMY Mini Fridge with Freezer

$289.99 $174.99 Prices taken at the time of publishing

This two-door mini fridge includes adjustable fridge and freezer temperature controls, door shelves, and flexible shelving. Its heavy-duty insulation and separate fridge and freezer compartments protect its contents from harsh external conditions.

$174.99 on Amazon

Fast Facts

What we like: The EUHOMY mini fridge made our list for its efficient cooling and high-performing insulation. Its adjustable temperature range control allows for easy-to-alter fridge and freezer regulation. The compact refrigerator has generous interior capacity but a small footprint and low energy consumption, making it a versatile and practical choice.

What Customers Are Saying

We encountered hundreds of positive customer reviews, many praising this mini fridge for its separatable fridge and freezer doors, ample interior space, low energy consumption, and high performance. However, a few critical reviews state that frost forms on the fridge ceiling when the freezer temperature is at its coldest setting.

I bought this compact refrigerator to save my perishables during our frequent power outages. I can run this fridge at about 36kwh on my lithium portable power station for days as compared to just hours with my full-size refrigerator. I power it up and get it cold when I anticipate another power outage with an oncoming storm, and then I just transfer items into it once the electricity does goes out and run it on the battery. We lost electricity for two weeks recently, and this was a lifesaver!” —Mtnwoman via Amazon, 2024

This fridge and freezer is well-made. The fridge portion is spacious, chills up nicely, and holds the chill. The moveable shelves and crisper are a bonus. You can add items to the door also— lots of space there too. … As for the freezer, it is BIG, and forget the mini ice cube tray that is included—you can use several regular size trays easily. And it freezes the cubes quickly.” —KayDee via Amazon, 2024

The freezer is definitely spacious, which is nice. Some ice, however, does get build up on the ceiling and wall in the top part of the fridge (not freezer, but right under it), so it sometimes needs to be defrosted. But it’s not something that is a major problem. —AC via Amazon, 2021



What to Look for in a Garage-Ready Refrigerator

When choosing a garage refrigerator, our team recommends keeping the following features in mind.



Our Recommendation

We chose the Insignia Garage-Ready Convertible Fridge as our top recommendation for its precision-engineered insulation technology, which provides extra protection from extreme temperatures. We also like this unit’s size: at 21 cubic feet, it’s one of the largest garage-specific refrigerators on the market. Last but not least, this fridge converts to freezer mode at the flick of a switch, making it a highly versatile option.



Garage Refrigerator FAQ

What is the best type of garage refrigerator?

The best garage refrigerators include models that stay cool in extreme temperatures, have a high energy-efficiency rating, and offer ample storage space. Choosing a model that meets your needs and budget is important, as is opting for one from a reputable manufacturer.

How much does a garage refrigerator cost?

The cost of a garage refrigerator will vary depending on the size, features, and brand. Most mini fridges and beverage coolers cost between $100 and $300. Standard-capacity garage fridges tend to run between $700 and $1,200. Luxury and specialty garage-ready fridges can cost upwards of $2,000.

How much energy does a garage refrigerator use?

Garage refrigerators are typically more energy-efficient than standard refrigerators. You can expect to save money on your energy bills by using a model capable of operating in harsh temperatures. However, adding a second fridge (or any major appliance) to your household will increase overall energy costs.

How practical is a garage refrigerator?

Whether a garage fridge is practical for you depends on several factors. Benefits include increased storage space and convenience, and drawbacks include increased energy usage and potential temperature fluctuations.

What is the recommended refrigerator capacity for my household?

To estimate the right refrigerator capacity for your garage, consider whether you’ll use it for overflow from your primary fridge, as a snack, beverage, or wine refrigerator, or to preserve oversized perishables or bulk goods that won’t fit in your main refrigerator.For snack and drink storage, mini-fridges and beverage fridges with capacities of less than 6 cubic feet should suffice. If you use it for overflow from your primary fridge or intend to install it in a workplace, a small-to-medium capacity of 15 to 19 cubic feet is reasonable. For bulk produce and meat storage, we recommend a garage-ready fridge that’s about the same size as a standard-to-large kitchen fridge, which is between 22 and 28 cubic feet.



How We Chose the Top Garage Refrigerators

Over the years, our team has vetted thousands of products to help you select the top fridge for your garage. We update our data points and review content regularly to account for shifts in customer consensus, product availability, new releases, and overall quality.

To steer the product selection process, our reviewers conduct detailed research that focuses on several key factors: