The Best Time to Buy Appliances (2024 Guide)

By Sabrina Lopez | April 6, 2023

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A new appliance is a major purchase. Knowing the best time of year to buy appliances can help you find deals without sacrificing quality. Below, we’ve gathered some shopping tips to help you maximize your investment.



Shop on Holidays and Retail Holidays

The best time to find deals on appliances is on major holidays, such as the following: 

Retailers put out their best deals around holidays to keep pace with their competitors. However, you’ll need to make sure you do your homework ahead of time and are ready to act quickly, as holiday deals typically sell out right away.

If you’re interested in looking at the appliances in person, it’s best to go before the sale. Ask an employee which models will be on sale to get an idea of your options and compare. That way, you’ll be ready to strike when the price is slashed. 

Retail holidays such as Cyber Monday and Amazon Prime Day are also great times to look for sales if you’re willing to shop for appliances online. Review features and product specifications carefully, and read customer reviews if you plan on buying an appliance online without seeing it in-store.



Wait for New Models

Besides holidays, the best time to buy appliances is when new models come out. At these times, manufacturers will reduce the price of previous models to clear out inventory for the new products. As long as you’re willing to get a slightly outdated model, you could save big bucks.

Some manufacturers begin sales a month or two before the new models are available. For example, Maytag offers robust rebates on refrigerators during “May is Maytag Month.” You can use this rebate finder to find rebates on Energy Star-certified appliances.



Track Prices

You never know when a flash sale might pop up. For example, some manufacturers have deals at the end of the month as they try to hit specific sales quotas. If you’re willing to wait—and potentially miss out on the product if it goes out of stock—try tracking prices and acting when the cost goes down. Make sure to look at multiple retailers to see if they put the product you’re looking for on sale.



Ask About Floor Models

One easy way to save money on appliances is to ask the sales representative to sell you a floor or open-box model. While these items technically come with a “used” tag, they’re often heavily discounted, even for the most up-to-date models. Buying a floor model can save you as much as 15%, and the product won’t have any significant drawbacks other than fingerprints and a few potential scratches.



Other Tips for Shopping for Appliances

Here are some other ways to save in addition to the tips above.

Compare Various Retailers

It’s always wise to look up multiple retailers and compare prices. Even if you’ve seen a model in person and feel ready to buy, check online first to see if it’s being sold for less elsewhere. If you see the model you’re looking for listed for a cheaper price, you can attempt to negotiate with the salesperson to match it.

Shop in the Off-Season

If you know when the busy season is for your appliances, you can save by shopping at the opposite time, as prices are likely to go down when demand is lower. For instance, a new air conditioner may cost less in winter than summer, whereas a heater will be less expensive in summer than winter. 

Check for Back-to-School Deals

The back-to-school season may seem like a strange time to look for appliances, but with new students moving into dorm rooms and apartments, retailers often have sales on items such as refrigerators and washer-dryer sets in August and September. Back-to-school is a particularly great time to look for small appliances such as minifridges, small microwaves, and portable washers

Research Credit Card Benefits

Some credit cards provide benefits for buying from certain retailers or brands. Alternatively, some cards may offer cashback or other reward points that could save you money, even if not directly on the appliance. 



Where to Shop for Appliances

Here are some of top retailers to look at when buying appliances:

You can also buy the appliance directly from the retailer. For example, Samsung’s online store has its entire collection of appliances available to ship. You can also look for appliances at your local appliance store, which may be more willing to cut a deal than a big-box store



Buying Appliances FAQ

What month is best to buy appliances?

In addition to holiday weekends, fall and early winter (from September through December) are typically the best times of year to buy appliances. This is when new models begin to roll out before the holiday season.

Is there a time of day that’s best to buy large appliances?

Yes, there is a time of day and week when it’s best to buy appliances. Buying later in the day, such as after 3 p.m., is more likely to lead to a sale than in the morning. Additionally, shopping on a Wednesday or Thursday before the weekend rush when there are fewer crowds will maximize your chances of getting face time with a representative and being able to negotiate a deal. The store may also be looking to clear out inventory before rolling in new models for the weekend. 

Is there a place to look for deals online?

Checking multiple retailers manually is the best way to find a great deal, but online resources can help streamline the process. One effective tool is Google Shopping, which tells you when thereu0026#8217;s been a recent price drop or current deals on appliances, electronics, home decor, and more.



The Best Appliances to Buy

Using the methods listed above, you’re all but guaranteed to find a great deal on home appliances. However, you still need to ensure you’re buying a high-quality product. Use the buying guides below to find the best products.



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