Best Washer and Dryer Sets (2024 Guide)

By Sabrina Lopez Reviewed by ENERGY STAR August 9, 2023

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With so many washer and dryer sets on the market, choosing the perfect laundry room appliance can be difficult. Should you buy a top-load washing machine or a front-load washing machine? These days, high-efficiency machines are also important considerations; they can decrease your utility bills and ensure that your home lowers its environmental impact. 

Washer-dryer combos are perfect for saving space and eliminating the need for two separate machines. After reviewing hundreds of popular options, we compiled a list of the best washer-dryer combos to help kick off the search for your new appliance.



Top 6 Washer and Dryer Sets




Best Washer and Dryer Set Overall

Best washer and dryer set overall and best stacked washer dryer set - LG Stacked washer dryer set
Courtesy LG

LG Front Load Washer and Dryer

$2,400 Prices taken at time of publishing.

This 4.5-cubic-foot washer/dryer combo offers the convenience of front-loading and the ability to see the progress of your load. It helps you save space with its single-unit WashTower design, and it also uses AI technology to select the best wash and dry motions for your clothes.

$2,400 On LG $2,400 On Best Buy

Fast Facts:

What We Like: If you need a washing machine and dryer combo that’s large enough to wash for a family, we recommend the LG Front Load washtower. This stacked washer-dryer unit has a 4.5-cubic-foot washer drum and a 7.4-cubic-foot dryer drum. Additionally, we liked this washer-dryer set’s mart capabilities that allow you to remotely adjust the settings, plus it’s ENERGY STAR certified to help you reduce energy usage. 

What Customers Are Saying

We found during our research that customers praise this washer-dryer set for its convenient design, large capacity, and powerful cleaning performance. However, we noticed that some buyers feel this device’s operating volume is loud, and others have indicated that the dryer doesn’t always dry clothes all the way through.

“Love my new stackable washer/dryer. What a space saver in my laundry room. It’s perfect! I’m very short, and having the controls in the center is so very convenient. The versatile cycle options are right on for every need.” —JanieB via Best Buy

“I was looking for an easy solution to the little space that I have and this works perfectly in that space. I love that it’s Wi-Fi controlled, and it is very quiet when it is running.” —Crystal via Best Buy

“Everything is great about the product except for the dryer ending the cycle early when some contents are still damp. The dryer is ‘smart device’ that adjusts the cycle time while it is running. More often than not, the cycle ends too early, with some contents being damper than others. Removing the dried items and rerunning the cycle does not work because the “smart device” reads the contents as dry already (when they are not) and ends the cycle after 1–2 min. It is a great product in all other aspects.” —AnthonhyL via Best Buy



Best High-Capacity Washer and Dryer

Best Capacity Washer Dryer Set - Samsung Bespoke Washer Dryer Set
Courtesy Samsung

Samsung Bespoke Ultra Capacity Front Load Washer and Electric Dryer

$2,296 Prices taken at time of publishing.

The washer in this set from Samsung has a large capacity of 5.3 cubic feet, ideal for families that need to wash large loads frequently. Its dryer also has a large capacity of 7.3 cubic feet. This product also features AI smart dial and wi-fi connectivity, giving you the ability to adjust your laundry remotely.

$2,296 On Samsung $2,700 on Best Buy

Fast Facts:

What We Like: Perhaps this Samsung laundry center’s most notable performance feature we determined in our research is the washer’s 28-minute super speed wash cycle and steam clean setting, which targets heavy-duty stains. This feature makes this product a great choice for those who need to get laundry done quickly, such as families with young children. This set’s flexible configuration is another attractive aspect—save floor space and accommodates tight quarters by stacking the dryer on top of the washer. For households where accessibility is important and for homes with more spacious laundry rooms, arrange the pair side-by-side.

What Customers Are Saying

We determined that those who liked this washer-dryer set tend to mention its sleek and stylish design and its AI and Wi-Fi options, which provide a highly convenient washing experience. However, we also learned that some buyers have found the control panels difficult to use, and some describe the installation process as being difficult.

“I have waited a couple weeks to do this review as I wanted to see just how well the washer performed. It is amazing!… Clothes come out very clean. It is so quiet we kept checking on it for about the first week to make sure it was running. So glad we chose this over the others we looked at.” —Jennifer via Samsung

Washer works great with very little noise. Having the pedestals helps a lot with ergonomics.” —Greyrock via Samsung

“You cannot see the controls! Almost impossible to find, almost invisible until you hit the power button. On the dryer, they don’t light up at all, not a defect that’s a confirmed design feature….Our last generation, Samsung washer and dryer is great, big logical controls, angled up at the user, and everything lights up.” —ENTPNR via Samsung



Best Top-Load Washer Design

Best top load washer dryer set - LG Smart Top Load Washer with Smart Electric Dryer
Courtesy Best Buy

LG Smart Top Load Washer with Smart Electric Dryer

$2,299.98 $1,699.98 Prices taken at time of publishing.

If you prefer the style and convenience of a top-load washer-dryer set, this product has a lot to offer. It features an extra-large capacity of 5.5 cubic feet with TurboWash technology that enhances washing performance. Additionally, it has a never-rust stainless steel tub that ensures longevity, and it is ENERGY STAR certified to help you use less water.

$1,699.98 On Best Buy

Fast Facts:

What We Like: We like that this washer-dryer set features a top-load washer and a front-load electric dryer. Both machines boast a shatter-proof glass door to make monitoring your laundry simple. The top-load washing machine combines up to six different wash motions per cycle to provide a deeply thorough cleaning. For quick loads, we recommend this washer’s 15-minute speed wash cycle.

What Customers Are Saying

After reading through hundreds of reviews, we found that those who left positive feedback like this washer-dryer set for its wide and large capacity drums, ease of use, and quiet operation. However, a handful of Best Buy customers seem to feel that it lacks cleaning power, and some have indicated that the tub is too deep, which makes the bottom difficult to reach.

“So far my wife and I love this washing machine! It’s got a deep bin suffice enough for comforters and bedding. Like the fact that you could view its progress through the app.” —MichiganRich via Best Buy

“I love it so far, can fit a lot of clothes! Also love that it sense[s] your load before washing” —FattyPatty via Best Buy

“Not overly impressed with this machine for two reasons, (1) the tub is way too deep so I have to stand on a step stool to reach the bottom, and (2) I can’t figure out how to control the water level.” —Lindama77 via Best Buy



Best Washer Dryer Combo

Best value washer dryer - Equator combined washer dryer, Equator hybrid washer dryer
Courtesy Amazon

Equator 24-Inch Combo Washer Dryer

$959 Prices taken at time of publishing.

The Equator 24-Inch Combo Washer Dryer wins for style and ease of use. It has easy-to-read buttons and controls and meets all your laundry room needs with a single appliance installation. You even have the option to winterize this washer-dryer, which is necessary if you’re using it inside an RV where temperatures drop to freezing and below. 

$959 On Amazon

Fast Facts:

What We Like: The Equator Combo Washer Dryer comes in five colors, ranging from subtle champagne to candy-colored millennial pink. We like that it has a detergent dispenser right next to the buttons and display screen, so everything you need is easily visible. As far as home appliances go, you don’t need a matching dryer—this stylish little combo machine does it all, including venting and condensing drying options.

What Customers Are Saying

We saw that those who are happy with this product liked it for its minimal energy usage, straightforward installation, and impressive washing power for its size. However, when reading through negative reviews, we saw that some buyers feel it is overly heavy and difficult to move, while others have indicated that a full wash cycle takes a longer time than expected.

Love it! Space saver but washes a good amount. Washes great and clothes come out dry. I wanted a machine that I could vent outside but decided to just use it without venting, and it works great. … The clothes come out smelling great, and I love the fact that I just set once and the clothes come out dry.” —Honest via Amazon

I don’t have a ton of space in my apartment, so this works well. The rear vent dries the clothes better. This will definitely be coming with me when I eventually get a camper if it doesn’t come with one already.” —Daniel via Amazon

“This works well but washes small loads. It boosts 13lbs of clothing at time, but that is [not] possible. Clothes will not wash [well] if overloaded and come out very wrinkled after cycle.” —Thom via Amazon



Best Portable Washer and Dryer

Best portable washer dryer combo - Costway Portable Washer-Dryer Combo
Courtesy Amazon

Costway Portable Washer-Dryer Combo

$219.99 $159.99 Prices taken at time of publishing.

This model from Costway is a high-efficiency rated compact washer-dryer combination.  This portable washer-dryer combo is perfect for college dorms, camping, long trips, or any other situation when you need to wash your clothes but have limited room.

$159.99 On Amazon

Fast Facts:

What We Like: We are impressed that the Costway Portable Washer and Dryer combination requires minimal assembly and hook-up time. It includes a power cord and a drainage hose and is exceptionally easy to use. Simply plug the device, place the drainage hose in an area where it can dispose of runoff water, and load your laundry. 

What Customers Are Saying

In the course of our buyer research, we found that customers who are impressed with this product like that it has a lightweight design, that it is easy to maneuver, and its low operating volume. However, some dissatisfied buyers claim that it is prone to leaking, and others have experienced issues with the agitator.

“This product is amazing and fit[s] almost anywhere! Great for small spaces and the little dryer does a pretty good job removing as much water as possible!” Carolina via Amazon

“Noise level is actually pretty quiet…Handy for not having a washer. Wrings out pretty dry but still need to hang or use dryer for totally dry” —Barabra Dunn via Amazon

“I bought this machine last August in 2022. And the agitator just stopped working. It’s definitely made my life a lot easier as far as laundry goes living in a 3rd-floor apartment, but I wish it kept working! Even if it did only work for 7 months, I think it’s still worth buying.” —Armal via Amazon



Best Compact Washer and Dryer

Best washer dryer combo For Small Spaces - TOREAD portable washer dryer
Courtesy Amazon

TOREAD Portable Small Washing Machine

$169.99 Prices taken at time of publishing.

This model can be the perfect washer-dryer set for small spaces, such as studio apartments, RVs, campsites, lofts, and college dorm rooms. It’s less than 2 feet tall and weighs only 22 pounds, so it’s extremely portable. Because it’s a spin dryer rather than one that uses heat, it’s very energy-efficient, eco-friendly, compact, and convenient.

$169.99 On Amazon

Fast Facts:

What We Like: The TOREAD Portable Compact Washer-Dryer allows you to perform washing cycles and drying cycles at the same time. However, we did find that if you fill the washing tub to capacity, it will take two spin cycles to get the clothing completely dry. Luckily, the mini compact washer-dryer can do a quick wash in 15 minutes or less, and the spin-drying time is only 5 minutes.

What Customers Are Saying

When combing through customer reviews, we found that this product is popular on Amazon because of its maneuverability, low noise level, and small size. However, some buyers feel that the instructions are difficult to understand, and some have found that it is not as durable as they expected.

This little washer is just amazing!!! I have not gone to a laundromat in over a month, and my clothes are clean and smell amazing. I highly recommend this to everyone! It’s small and fits perfect in my apartment.” —Bickley via Amazon

Before I received the washing machine, I was worried that it would take up too much space. After I received it, I was satisfied that it would not take up space. … The sound of washing clothes is small, and the clothes dry quickly. I like it very much.” —Jason via Amazon

“Description stated different level of washing on middle dial (norm, gentle & spin). Machine only has one speed and spin. It works okay.” —Nickie via Amazon



What To Look For in a Washer and Dryer

The best washer and dryer combo for your family will vary depending on your needs. Our research showed that the following factors are most critical to helping you find the best new washer-dryer set for your needs.  


Portable washer-dryers work well for singles or couples that deal with smaller loads of laundry. If you have more than two people in your household, you may want a larger, heavier machine that can handle larger load sizes. If you do laundry more frequently, we recommend a more compact machine that takes up less space. 


There are several ways that you can cut costs when buying a new washer and dryer set.

Energy-efficient models

If you’re looking for long-term savings, electric dryers are the most energy-efficient option. The Department of Energy (DOE) standard for an electric dryer is 3.73, which is more efficient than the DOE’s 3.30 standard for gas dryers.

Likewise, ENERGY STAR specifications list electric dryers as more efficient at 3.93 and gas dryers as less efficient at 3.48. Currently, the most efficient dryers on the market are heat pump models (more found here), according to our expert reviewers at ENERGY STAR.

Price matching

Whirlpool and Maytag offer price-matching policies to help you find your unit’s best price. 

Compact and portable units

Compact washer-dryers typically go for significantly less, with most models costing between $50–300. 

You can also save money by purchasing one of the portable combos listed above, which can work well for singles, couples, and RVs or camper vans.

Stackable laundry centers

Stackable washer-dryer sets typically between $1,000–$2,000 for a high-quality pair, with the price varying based on the capacity, brand, and extra features.


When purchasing a new washer and dryer, you need to decide if you’d prefer two machines (if you have the space), a combination machine, or a stackable combo. Our research shows that a stackable combo will take up about half the floor space of two separate appliances.

Before shopping for a washer and dryer, decide where you would like to place the appliances. Measure the space, and let this measurement guide your choice. 


There are multiple styles of washers and dryers, each of which can add a different look to your laundry room. You can opt for a deep-fill machine if you purchase a top-load washer, and the best top-loading washers have a self-cleaning setting for when there’s lime buildup or mildew on the sides of the basket. You can also choose fun colors for your washer-dryer if you select an option like the Equator Combo. 

If you prefer a front loader over a top loader, you can choose from the best front-load washer by discussing your options with your local appliance retailer (Best Buy, The Home Depot, etc.) or by going online to check out customer reviews.


Just like when you search for a new refrigerator, dishwasher, or any other major home appliance, you need to determine what kind of warranty you want for your washer and dryer.

Note that attempting to take apart, make repairs, or even transport the machine yourself will void the warranty.

We strongly recommend reading the warranty terms and conditions carefully before purchasing a washer-dryer set. When comparing washer and dryer warranties, pay particular attention to the length, coverage (free repairs, parts, relocation, etc.), and extended or add-on coverage options available.



Special Washer and Dryer Features

In addition to the unit’s style, capacity, price, and warranty, certain washer-dryer units stand out because of the extra features they offer.

Here are some of the most common special features we noticed to look for in modern washer-dryer units.

Smart Features

Many modern washers and dryers include Wi-Fi connectivity, which allows you to control your appliances and receive notifications via smartphone. Smart features allow you to control the status of your wash remotely or even adjust settings like the timer, wash settings, temperature, and more. Many smart washers and dryers can also connect to smart home assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Sensor Washing and Drying

Units that include sensor washing and drying automatically adjust the timing of your load as it goes, so you’ll never have to worry about your clothes not fully washing or drying.

ENERGY STAR Certification

Laundry machines that are ENERGY STAR certified will use less water and electricity, making them better for the environment and reducing the cost of your utility bill.

Steam and Sanitize Cycles

Some washer-dryers include steaming or sanitizing functions ideal for heavily soiled garments and difficult stain removal jobs. We find that these particular cycles can also help to eliminate stubborn allergens and pet dander.

Automatic Temperature Control

Models equipped with automatic temperature control can adjust the temperature of the load while it’s in operation, ensuring you are using the correct setting and helping you reduce energy usage.

Internal Lighting

Many washers and dryers come with internal lighting features so you can monitor your load as it washes. We noticed that internal lights also make it easier to ensure you don’t miss any clothing items when emptying the device.



Tips for Shopping for Washer-Dryer Sets

To ensure you’re finding the best possible washer-dryer set for your home, here are some essential tips to remember when deciding on a product.

Keep the Shopping Calendar in Mind

When deciding on the best time to buy appliances, it’s critical to remember the best times of the year to shop for appliances like washer-dryers. For example, retailers typically have steep discounts on holiday weekends such as the Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Presidents Day. Additionally, we recommend shopping around retail holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Do Your Research

Buying a major appliance like a washer-dryer is a major commitment. To ensure you’re purchasing a product you’ll be satisfied with, take time to do your research by testing it out in person (if possible) in a store or thoroughly reading professional and customer reviews. Additionally, consider factors such as size, weight, and capacity to ensure it matches your needs.

Determine Where To Buy

Buying an appliance from a reliable name-brand store such as Best Buy, The Home Depot, Lowe’s, Sears, Target, or Walmart is a good way to ensure quality. Online retailers like Amazon, AJ Madison, and Wayfair also have an extensive washer-dryer selection.

However, you may be able to get a better deal at your local appliance store (though they may also have fewer options). You can also choose to buy directly from a retailer’s website, (such as Samsung), which allows you to easily compare and contrast the different models they have for sale.

Go With a Trusted Major Appliance Brand

We recommend buying from a brand that’s known to make high-quality products. Shopping from a trusted brand is an excellent way to give you peace of mind when making a significant purchase. Some of the top washer-dryer brands include Asko, Electrolux, GE., Insignia, LG, Maytag, Samsung, Speed Queen, and Whirlpool.

Other brands like COMFEE’ and Costway are well-recognized for building high-quality portable washer-dryer sets.



Our Recommendation

Washer and dryer combinations can save you space, money, and energy usage, especially if they have a smaller capacity. Choose the perfect washer-dryer combo for you by looking over our top picks to see which laundry machine best fits your lifestyle, budget, and aesthetic.

Overall, we recommend the LG Front Load Washer and Dryer for the best combination of style, convenience, capacity, and features.



Washer and Dryer Frequently Asked Questions

Are top-load washers or front-load washers better?

The answer to this question will vary depending on your personal preferences. Top loaders tend to have larger capacities than front loaders, but if you have back problems, wish to stack your machines, or want the most energy-efficient machines, front loaders are the way to go. Empirically, front-loading machines tend to offer a more thorough wash and gentle overall handling than top loaders.

What are the different types of washers?

The different types of washers are top-load agitators (which are relatively quiet), front-load washers, and top-load impellers. An impeller increases the speed and pressure of the fluid flow. 

Can you install a washer-dryer on your own?

Non-portable washer-dryers can be installed by experienced DIYers who are comfortable operating materials like bronze splitters and braided hoses. However, if you don’t have experience installing this type of appliance, it’s best to call in a professional to install it for you.

How long do washer-dryers last?

The longevity of a washer-dryer depends on the quality of the model, as well as how well it is taken care of. However, you can typically expect most washer-dryer units to last for a least a decade before it will need a replacement.



How We Chose the Top Washers and Dryer Sets

To help you select the top appliances for your home, we’ve vetted hundreds of products. 

Before recommending any washer and dryer combos, we analyzed and reviewed the options based on the following factors:

Our data points and review content are regularly updated to account for shifts in customer consensus, product availability, and overall quality.



How We Rated Washers and Dryers

Our 100-point rating system for washers and dryers accounts for seven key factors. We scored the washers and dryers featured in this article in the following way: