3 Best Fire Pit Tables (2023)

By Amanda Lutz

Feb 14, 2022
Outdoor Fire Pit and Landscaping

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If you’re looking to spend more time in the chilly outdoors this fall season, cozy outdoor furniture such as fire pit tables can be excellent additions to your home. From wood-burning and propane choices to gas fire pits, homeowners now have more options than ever when choosing a fire pit table

If you’re considering adding this warm centerpiece to your outdoor space, check out a few of our top picks in the guide below.



Top 3 Fire Pit Tables


Best for Large Yards

Courtesy Amazon

Outland Living Series 403-Espresso Brown Fire Table

$729.99 $696.20

Not only is the Outland Living Series 403-Espresso Brown Fire Table classy and suitable for any style, but this rectangular fire pit is also excellent for large yards because of its size and impressive heat output. This stylish brown fire table comes with a set of glass rocks to place into the aluminum fire pit to give the flames a more natural look. This outdoor fire table also features electronic ignition at the push of a button.

$696.20 On Amazon

Outland Living Series 403-Espresso Brown Fire Table

Fast Facts:

What We Like: This fire pit model comes with a black tabletop cover, so you can utilize it as an attractive outdoor piece, which works well for people with limited outdoor space. The burners are approved for use by the CSA Group, which independently tests and verifies fire product safety. This means you can rest assured that the table can withstand many long nights of burning without any issues.

What Customers Are Saying

We absolutely love this fire table! … It’s the perfect height for outside dining, and the width is greater than most other fire tables, which is beneficial. … The burner has an automatic starter, no batteries needed.” —Richard via Amazon 

I bought this for my husband for his birthday. He absolutely loves it. Easy to assemble. And gives off great heat. Very good quality. Highly recommend! —Jamie via Amazon



Best for Small Yards

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Best Choice Products Fire Pit Table

$299.99 $229.99

The Best Choice Products Fire Pit Table is excellent for small yards because of its compact size and amazing heat output. You can enjoy the power of the Best Choice Products Fire Pit Table without squeezing a giant fire pit table into your small space. 

$229.99 On Amazon

Best Choice Products Fire Pit Table

Fast Facts:

What We Like: This square fire pit can add the perfect ambiance to any outdoor gathering—it even comes with a removable stainless-steel bowl filled with glass beads to enhance its look. Not only is this a lovely aesthetic feature, but the glass beads also help disperse the heat more evenly and prevent corrosion over time. This steel fire pit can be used as a simple side table when it’s not ignited. It also has its own tank storage for propane.

What Customers Are Saying

It was well packed and extremely easy to put together using just the included allen wrench. It looks just like the product photos. The flames can be any size you like, and it can give off a lot of heat. The construction is sturdy.” —Amazon user “hammerman6505” via Amazon 

Very sturdy. Easy to assemble. Fits my patio decor perfectly. Beautiful fire with decent heat. Really happy with my purchase.” —Anonymous via Amazon



Best for Decks

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Outland Living Series Fire Pit Table


This gas fire pit table is a stunner and is our top pick for decks. From beach houses to log cabins, this model will suit any type of home’s deck on a chilly autumn evening. The Outland Living Series Fire Pit Table is available in black and espresso color options. It also includes two Tonga torches, each producing 7,000 BTUs of heat and standing at 70 inches tall. 

$979 On Amazon

Outland Living Series Fire Pit Table

Fast Facts:

What We Like: Place the torches alongside your fire pit table or elsewhere in your backyard to enhance the radiance of the heat and the cohesion of your outdoor decor scheme. Take the fire pit table’s functionality and aesthetics to the next level by purchasing accessories such as a glass wind guard to encase the flames and provide an extra level of class to the table. 

What Customers Are Saying

It is by far one of the best build products I’ve ever owned. Craftsmanship is beyond superior. Assembly was a breeze. I would highly suggest buying the accessory kit as it complements the table well. I purchased it before a party, and almost everyone commented on how beautiful this table was.” —Ayman via Amazon

Pretty easy to assemble alone, although it says to use two people. Easy to move around and connect a full size tank. We love the look and design.” —Elizabeth via Amazon



What to Look For in a Fire Pit Table


Fire pit tables and other patio furniture are not worth your money if they are made from a material that will disintegrate quickly. It’s best to see what other customers say about any furniture you plan on placing in your outdoor great room, lounge, or dining area. 

Check the warranty on your purchase before you buy. While many fire pit manufacturers offer a one-year warranty, you might want to look for brands that include longer guarantees on products. Choose materials that can handle sun exposure and temperature swings. Aluminum frames and UV-resistant materials (such as acrylic and polycarbonate) are also great component inclusions.

Heating Capability

All our favorite fire pits above give off 45,000 to 50,000 BTUs of heat, which is plenty for a small to medium group of people. Fire glass and lava rocks help disperse heat to everyone around the table, so choosing a model that includes these features can be beneficial if you do lots of entertaining. Remember, the BTU value is the maximum the table can produce; you don’t have to use its full heat output each time you light up the heaters.

Fuel Source

You have four options for a fuel type for your fire pit table: wood, propane, ethanol, and natural gas. All of our recommended options run on natural gas or propane, which we selected because they are smokeless and allow you to control the heat level better when compared to wood and ethanol models. Propane fire pits are the easiest to refill and control, hence the most convenient. 

However, small wood-burning pits are available and can be ideal for smaller groups looking for a campfire experience. The best fuel source will vary depending on what you’re looking for in your fire pit experience.


Size and shape are important considerations when choosing your fire pit table because you need to consider how it will fit into your space. Are you building a new property and incorporating a specific table into that plan? Or are you purchasing a fire pit table for a space in which you already have other pieces of furniture? Will the fire pit be the focus of the space, or will it be part of a sectional furniture arrangement? These questions will help you determine the right fire pit table size for you.


There are several ways to light fire pit tables. Obviously, wood-burning pits need to be lit with matches or a lighter and perhaps a bit of lighter fluid. However, many new models have push-button ignition for their propane-fueled heating structures. This ignition method is safer than hand-lighting and is recommended by the CSA Group. You can also light a fire pit table by switching on the pilot light of the gas tank and then igniting it with a lighter.



Our Recommendation

When choosing a fire pit table for your outdoor space, it’s important to consider its heat output, size, and convenience of use. You also need to be mindful of the type of fuel you prefer to use. If you like smokeless fires, propane or natural gas are your best choices. We like the Elementi Metropolis Cast Concrete Fire Pit for its off-center fire bowl, sleek and simple style, and durability.



Fire Pit Table FAQ

Are tabletop fire pits worth it?

A tabletop fire pit could be the perfect addition to your yard or deck if you spend much of your time outside, especially in cooler weather. You can use it as a dining area and mosquito repellant in the summer. However, whether this purchase is worth it will depend on your unique wants and needs as a homeowner. It may not be a practical purchase if you rarely entertain or tend to stay indoors.

Can you put a fire pit table under a covered patio?

You can put a fire pit table under a covered patio if it’s gas-powered. The CSA insists that the requirement for ceiling height from appliances is 80 inches, which you should treat as a minimum. If your covered patio is lower than this, do not use your fire pit table.

Does a fire pit table keep you warm?

Both wood-burning and gas fire pit tables produce extraordinary amounts of heat, with propane options producing more evenly distributed heat that is easier to control. Either fire pit type will have no trouble keeping you warm throughout the fall and winter seasons.



How We Chose the Top Fire Pit Tables

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