ARW Home Review (2024)

By Jesus Sanchez Garcia Updated August 9, 2023

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ARW Home is a nationwide home warranty company that offers seven home warranty coverage plans. Formerly known as American Residential Warranty, it provides homeowners with solid home protection via customizable coverage and unique offerings. Our team reviewed the provider’s coverage options, customer service, plan costs, and additional perks. We determined it ranks among the best home warranty companies in the country.



Overview of ARW Home

ARW Home features multiple coverage plans that cover your home’s essential appliances and systems. It also covers high-end appliances. However, it only offers one service call fee, and you can’t transfer your policy to a new home. Here are ARW Home’s benefits and drawbacks:


  • Comprehensive electronic coverage: The company offers an Ultimate Electronics Protection plan, which includes coverage for more than 10 electronic devices
  • Generous coverage limits: ARW Home provides a $7,000 aggregate limit for major appliances and a $5,000 aggregate limit for home systems.
  • Wide variety of coverage plans: ARW Home provides seven plans, ranging from standard appliance and system coverage to sewer and water line protection.


  • Excludes roof-leak coverage: ARW Home doesn’t offer roof-leak protection.
  • Limited add-on options: ARW Home provides four additional coverage options, which is fewer than most providers offer. It also only offers its pool coverage add-on in its most expensive plan.
  • Shorter workmanship guarantee: ARW Home limits its system and appliance repair guarantee to 30 days, while its electronics and sewer line guarantee is 90 and 60 days, respectively.

ARW Home Rating and Review

We scored ARW Home 4.2 out of 5 stars. The company offers coverage in all 50 states, has an electronics protection plan, and received a high rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). It also allows you to choose your service technician as long as they are a licensed contractor.

We spoke with an ARW representative who noted that the company houses all sales and customer service representatives in its Boca Raton, Florida, headquarters. The company has a few drawbacks, including its limited number of additional coverage options. You also can’t transfer an ARW policy from its original residence.

Here’s how we rated ARW Home on key metrics:

ARW Home Coverage Options

ARW Home offers standard coverage options for items such as air conditioners and clothes washers in three of its seven plans. The other two plans cover unique items such as home electronic devices and sewer lines. We read the company’s sample contract and found it pairs systems and appliances with a 30-day workmanship guarantee. However, it increases its workmanship guarantee to 90 days for electronic devices. It includes a 60-day workmanship guarantee for its Water and Sewer Line Protection Plan.

Here is a detailed overview of ARW’s coverage plans: 

Appliance Max

The Appliance Max plan covers 10 major appliances, such as built-in microwaves, cooktops, clothes washers and dryers, dishwashers, garbage disposals, kitchen exhaust fans, ovens, ranges and refrigerators.

Systems Max

The Systems Max plan covers seven major systems. They consist of central air conditioning and heating systems, ductwork, interior electrical systems, plumbing components, stoppages, and water heaters. 

Sewer Line Protection Plan

The Sewer Line Protection Plan covers your home’s sewer lines. Examples include leaks, pipe breakages, and private lateral sewer service lines within 100 feet of your home’s foundation.

Total Max

The Total Max plan covers all items listed in the Appliance and Systems Max plans, plus ceiling fans, garage-door openers, and humidifiers.

Ultimate Electronics Protection Plan

The Ultimate Electronics Plan covers common electronic devices such as DVD or Blu-Ray players, desktop and laptop computers, external hard drives, gaming consoles, home internet routers, home theater systems, printers, tablets, and televisions. This plan includes a lower $55 service call fee.

Water Line Protection Plan

The Water Line Protection Plan covers your home’s water supply line within 100 feet of its foundation. Coverage includes repairs and replacements for water lines caused by breakages or leaks.

Water and Sewer Line Protection Plan

The Water and Sewer Line Protection Plan, as the name suggests, covers your home’s sewer and water lines.

Optional Add-Ons

ARW Home provides a limited number of additional coverage options. They consist of the following:



ARW Home Pricing

We pulled a quote on ARW Home’s website for a 2,531-square-foot, single-family home in Winter Haven, Florida. We found the company charges between $45 and $85 for its three standard coverage plans. It charges $24.99 per month for its Ultimate Electronics Protection Plan and $17.99 per month for its Water and Sewer Line Protection Plan. The Sewer Line Protection Plan costs $7.99 monthly, and the Water Line Protection Plan costs $9.99 monthly.

We spoke with an ARW Home representative to verify its service call fee cost since it didn’t disclose it in our quote. The representative said it charges a $100 service call fee for its standard coverage plans and three water and sewer line plans. However, the representative added that the company pairs Ultimate Electronics Protection Plan with a $55 service call fee per claim.

ARW Home Coverage Caps

Our team called ARW Home to obtain its system and appliance coverage caps. We found the company provides various coverage limits based on the covered item. The table below displays a detailed breakdown of ARW Home’s coverage caps:

ItemCoverage Cap

Built-in systems

$2,500 per item, $5,000 aggregate limit

Water and sewer lines

$2,500 per item, $5,000 aggregate limit

Home appliances

$2,500 per item, $7,000 aggregate limit

Electronic devices

$5,000 per item

ARW Home Reviews

ARW Home holds solid customer reviews on third-party review sites such as Trustpilot, Best Company, and ConsumerAffairs. We read through dozens of customer reviews and found many appreciated ARW Home’s friendly customer service from the sales team. Our team member experienced similar attentiveness and professionalism from the sales representative he spoke with. However, some ARW Home customers were dissatisfied with the company’s claims process.

Here are a few positive customer reviews for ARW Home:

The customer rep I spoke with was very attentive and listened to my concerns. She then proceeded to understand my perspective and offered value to retain me as a valued customer.—Ron M. via Best Company in July 2024

Their customer service rep did an excellent job of taking my payment over the phone and sending us our policy documents. We have been with ARW for many years, and the service has more than paid for itself. They always fix our problems quickly and efficiently for a very low service fee. The peace of mind this provides is priceless. Would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a dependable home warranty.—Tim via Trustpilot in May 2024

I got American Residential’s service. I was very pleased with the quality of the workmanship as well as the technicians who came. … The contractor was very professional and thoroughly shared what he did to fix the issue. American Residential is very much well worth it. I like that I can pay into the program, and I don’t have to pay large bills on service and even if the unit goes out. —Dale via ConsumerAffairs in July 2024

Here are a few negative customer reviews we found:

I have been trying to have my refrigerator looked at since April of this year. I have not had anyone call me at this time. It is now July. I have called different phone numbers that they put up on their website, and nobody knows what they’re doing. They just keep putting you off. Very unprofessional. —Dan M. via BBB in July 2024

We had the worst experience with ARW. We wanted to get our refrigerator fixed. It was a simple fix, but that didn’t happen until a different technician was assigned. He actually came. The first technician never showed up at our house, and ARW took his word over ours. ARW even paid him for two trips (he never came to our home). After several calls to the company, we finally talked to someone who sympathized with our problem. However, because of the way we were treated, we will still be reporting the company to the Better Business Bureau. —Kevin via Best Company in July 2024

I filed a claim almost three months ago regarding my built-in microwave oven. Someone came out, but I have not received an update email, call, or anything regarding my appliance—nor have I received the cash out that I was supposed to receive. The microwave is built in with an oven and can not be separated, so neither works. Every time I call and get transferred and hung up on. —Jenny via ConsumerAffairs in July 2024



How ARW Home Compares to the Competition

The table below, listed from highest to lowest rating, displays how ARW Home compares to other top home warranty companies.

ProviderStar Rating (Out of 5)Monthly CostService Fee
AFC Home Club4.5$38–$63$75–$125
ARW Home4.2$7–$85$55–$100
First American Home Warranty4.3$47–$87$75–$125
Liberty Home Guard4.2$49–$60$65–$125
American Home Shield4.1$29–$90$100–$125
Select Home Warranty3.9$44–$48$60–$75



Our Recommendation

ARW Home is a solid home warranty provider that offers coverage for your home’s essential systems and appliances. It covers many items, such as plumbing systems and washing machines. In addition, it is one of the few providers that allows you to choose your service provider. Its limited add-on coverage, however, may discourage some homeowners who need unique coverage options.

Before signing up, we recommend requesting quotes from three different home warranty companies to compare coverage costs and options.




Is there a deductible for ARW Home?

While not technically a deductible, ARW Home does require you to pay a trade service fee each time you file a claim. A trade service fee is the amount you must pay ARW Home to find and send a licensed contractor to your home. The company discloses the amount once you sign up for a plan.

What is excluded from a home warranty?

Most home warranties exclude damage not caused by normal wear and tear. It also excludes improperly installed or maintained items, mold damage, preexisting conditions, and routine maintenance.

How long does an ARW Home plan last?

An ARW Home coverage plan lasts a minimum of 12 months. You have the option to purchase multiyear plans by speaking with a representative.

When does my ARW Home coverage start?

ARW Home’s coverage begins 30 days after you purchase a plan.

What types of homes do home warranties cover?

The type of home a home warranty covers varies per provider. Most providers cover single-family homes, mobile homes, condos, and townhomes. Multifamily homes and apartment complexes are usually not covered. Home warranties also cover rental properties.



How We Chose the Top Home Warranty Providers

Our team reviewed and researched dozens of home warranty providers, thoroughly analyzed sample agreements, and identified customer pain points based on analysis of customer reviews and interviews with industry experts. Our in-depth methodology guides our review process to provide transparent information about the companies we review.

During this process, we determined that the most critical aspects of a home warranty company include available service plans and add-ons, depth of coverage, plan cost, industry reputation, customer support infrastructure, and additional features. We also focused on the ability to choose your own contractor, upgrade your coverage package, transfer your plan to another owner, and cover roof leaks, high-end appliance brands, ceiling and exhaust fans, and faucets and fixtures.

Our research supported that plan coverage should carry the most weight, with customer support as the second-most important factor. Industry reputation, plan availability, and additional features were rated equally. We determined that price range, while worth considering, should not be the primary basis for choosing a home warranty provider for your home’s needs.