The Home Service Club Review (2024)

By Jesus Sanchez Garcia | November 10, 2023

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The Home Service Club (HSC) offers home warranty coverage plans at competitive rates. Founded in 2008, the company serves 49 states and sells plans that cover essential home items, such as air conditioning systems and water heaters.

Our team evaluated HSC’s coverage features, plan costs, add-on options, and customer service. Based on our findings, we don’t rank The Home Service Club among the best home warranty companies. However, it may be a good choice if you need basic coverage or live in Hawaii since many of our top providers don’t offer coverage in that state.

Fast Facts About The Home Service Club

The Home Service Club Rating and Review

Our team rated The Home Service Club 3.8 out of 5 stars. The company has basic and comprehensive coverage plans that feature common appliances and systems. We like the simplicity of its standard coverage, but it comes at the expense of plan flexibility. If you don’t need coverage flexibility and prefer set-and-forget protection, HSC may be a good fit. HSC also offers competitive annual premium costs.

HSC offers mediocre coverage limits for most of its covered items. Our research shows that HSC demonstrates a pattern of complaints on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website, with many customers complaining about the company’s lack of responsiveness. That said, HSC may be worthwhile if you own additional kitchen appliances because it offers extra coverage for several common appliances as an add-on.

Here’s how we rated The Home Service Club based on key metrics:

*BBB rating is accurate as of October 2024.

Benefits and Drawbacks of The Home Service

The Home Service Club processes claims within 12 hours if you submit one during normal business hours. However, HSC charges a monthly surcharge if you choose monthly premiums at checkout. Below are the key benefits and drawbacks of The Home Service Club:


➕ Extends a lengthy workmanship guarantee on parts
➕ Offers up to 18 add-ons
➕ Covers unique items, such as gas leaks


➖ Has a pattern of complaints on the BBB website
➖ Offers low coverage limits on most covered items

The Home Service Club Coverage Options

HSC offers homeowners two home warranty plans: Standard and Comprehensive. Both plans cover a mix of home appliances and systems, such as electrical systems and ovens. Our team read HSC’s sample contract and found that the company extends a generous 90-day workmanship guarantee on the parts of previously repaired items. However, the fine print also mentions that HSC covers in-network technician labor for up to 30 days. This means HSC may only cover the cost of parts rather than the entire service if a completed repair breaks down after 30 days.

Below is a coverage breakdown for The Home Service Club’s plans:

Standard Plan

The Standard Plan covers air conditioning systems, ceiling fans, central vacuum, clothes washers, clothes dryers, cooktops, dishwashers, electrical systems, food centers, garage door openers, garbage disposals, heating systems, built-in microwaves, ovens, plumbing systems, refrigerators with built-in ice makers, stoves, trash compactors, and water heaters.

Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan includes all items listed in the Standard Plan plus alarm wiring coverage, doorbells, ductwork, freestanding ice makers, gas leak coverage, hot water dispensers, hot water pumps, pest control, plumbing stoppages, smoke detectors, sump pumps, telephone wiring, water leaks, and whirlpool motors and pump assemblies.

Optional Add-ons 

The Home Service Club provides 18 optional coverage options, many of which cover additional kitchen appliances. If you own multiple microwaves or a second freezer, HSC provides coverage for those items. Here is the full list of HSC’s add-ons:

The Home Service Club Pricing

Based on the pricing information we obtained for a 3,052-square-foot, single-family home in Honeoye Falls, New York, you can expect to pay between $51 and $63 per month for an HSC coverage plan. When we secret-shopped on its website, we discovered the company doesn’t list its service call fee when you request a quote. We called a representative and confirmed that HSC charges $90 per claim.

We suggest pulling a fresh quote by filling out The Home Service Club’s quote form. Your home’s size, your location, and your chosen plan all affect home warranty cost, so requesting a quote will yield a more accurate price.

The Home Service Club Coverage Caps

After reading HSC’s service contract, we found it offers varied coverage caps depending on the covered item. Overall, HSC provides higher coverage limits for items that are more complex to repair, such as HVAC systems and refrigerators. However, HSC provides lower coverage caps than other home warranty companies. If you own many older systems and appliances, HSC may not be your best choice.

The table below highlights the coverage caps of several essential systems and appliances:

ItemCoverage Cap

Garbage disposal


Central vacuum


Electrical system








Washing machine


Air conditioner


Heating system


If you’d like more information on each item’s coverage limits and exclusions, check out HSC’s sample contract.

The Home Service Club Reviews

We read dozens of customer reviews across multiple third-party sites such as the BBB, ConsumerAffairs, and Trustpilot and found troubling viewpoints on HSC’s customer service, coverage, and overall value. There are very few recently published positive customer reviews on each review site we checked. Many of the positive reviews we found dated as far back as August 2020. The lack of recent positive reviews further confirms our stance that HSC is not a recommended home warranty provider.

Below are the most recent reviews we found for The Home Service Club:

We have been without a dryer for more than a month now. After two weeks of filing a claim, the contractor visited and identified a problem. The resolution was supposed to happen about a month back. No update after multiple customer service calls. —Adhir U. via Google Reviews in Aug. 2024

I have been working on fixing my hot water tank for the last month and a half. The Home Service Club finally found a technician to come out to diagnose my hot water tank, and their diagnosis was to replace it. The Home Service Club did not like that answer, so they canceled that technician and put in another ticket for another one to come out. They couldn’t find one, so I had to find one myself. My technician also stated that it needed a hot water tank replacement. However, the Home Service Club told me they would not replace the hot water tank because of some sediment on the bottom. Buyers beware. —C.F. via ConsumerAffairs in Sept. 2024

The Home Service Club is one of the worst warranty companies I’ve ever dealt with. Here’s an example: On June 1, 2024, a plumber came out. The next day, I never heard from the technician again. I contacted the Home Service Club two weeks later, so the company sent the second service person out. I also never heard from the second technician again after their initial visit. I contacted the Home Service Club a third time. One week later, a third service technician came out. Then, the Home Service Club only wanted to pay for one of the four plumbing problems, so I paid out of my pocket. I decided to cancel my plan. They still took the money out of my account the next month. Two months later, in August, I’m still trying to get my money back. They sent me a cancellation letter, but I’m not canceled in their system —Jonathan C. via BBB in Aug. 2024

How The Home Service Club Compares to the Competition

The table below, listed from highest to lowest rating, displays how The Home Service Club compares to other top home warranty companies:

ProviderStar Rating (Out of 5)Monthly CostService Fee

American Home Shield




First American Home Warranty




Liberty Home Guard




Cinch Home Services




AFC Home Warranty




The Home Service Club




Select Home Warranty




Our Recommendation

Although The Home Service Club provides coverage for unique items at a competitive price, we ultimately don’t recommend it due to its lack of recent positive customer reviews, low BBB rating, and pattern of complaints. Our team recommends home warranty companies that provide solid coverage paired with fair and helpful customer service. Several reputable companies we recommend are American Home Shield, Liberty Home Guard, and First American Home Warranty. Before signing up with a home warranty company, we suggest requesting quotes from three providers to compare costs and coverage options.

The Home Service Club FAQ

Does The Home Service Club require a home inspection?

The Home Service Club doesn’t require a home inspection before granting coverage if you have owned the home for over 12 months. However, the company does require a home inspection if you purchased your home and want coverage within the first 12 months of ownership.

Can I choose my own service contractor with The Home Service Club?

The Home Service Club does not allow you to choose your own service contractor. The company assigns you an in-network technician when you submit a claim. The company will provide reimbursement options if an in-network provider isn’t available near you.

What is The Home Service Club’s claims process?

The Home Service Club’s claims process involves several steps: 
1. Submit a claim via its online portal or over the phone.
2. The Home Service Club reviews your claim.
3. It sends an in-network technician to your home within 12 hours of receiving your claim if you filed it during normal business hours.
4. The technician repairs or replaces your broken item or schedules a follow-up service if your item requires extra work.

What is normal wear and tear?

Normal wear and tear is the deterioration of a covered system or appliance due to regular use over time. Tampered with or improperly installed or maintained items don’t fall under normal wear and tear.

How We Chose the Top Home Warranty Providers

Our team reviewed and researched dozens of home warranty providers, thoroughly analyzed sample agreements, and identified customer pain points based on our analysis of customer reviews and interviews with industry experts. Our in-depth methodology outlines our review process to provide transparent information about the companies we review.

We determined that the following factors are the most important when comparing home warranty companies: available plans, plan coverage, price range, industry reputation, customer support, and additional features. Our research supported that plan coverage, customer service, and industry reputation should carry the most weight. While important, the other factors should not have as much influence when choosing a home warranty provider.