Home Warranty Review Methodology

By Amanda Lutz | September 5, 2023

Our team aims to provide accurate, helpful, and transparent information for new and existing homeowners who are interested in purchasing a home warranty. We researched dozens of home warranty companies to collect data. With this data, we created in-depth review standards to rate providers based on various key factors.



How We Research Home Warranty Companies

We spend hundreds of hours reading company service contracts and provider websites to gather data on coverage costs, features, exclusions, limitations, and benefits and drawbacks. To understand how providers handle customer service, we compared thousands of customer reviews from the following third-party review sites:

Below is a more detailed overview of our research process.

Customer Service

We called many provider customer service lines and noted how helpful their representatives were in answering our questions. We secret-shopped to gather information on the customer experience of pulling a quote online or over the phone.

Expert Interviews and Surveys

We conducted several surveys and a focus group to gather data on the experiences homeowners have owning a home warranty. To supplement our research, we interviewed various industry experts who confirmed our recommendations and provided additional insight for homeowners interested in purchasing a home warranty.


Our team tested American Home Shield and First American Home Warranty, two companies we feature in our content. We tested their claims processes to see how the companies handled service requests, from initial claim filing to final repair or replacement. We also tested the efficiency of their online claim tools, the estimated time it took for the companies to respond to the claims, and whether the technicians resolved the issues in one visit.

Our team aims to test additional home warranty companies we feature in the foreseeable future.



Key Factors We Considered to Review Providers

We rate each provider against the following factors to obtain a score out of 100. We then convert each provider’s score to a star rating out of 5. To calculate the star rating, we divide a provider’s total score by 20. For example, if a provider scores 91 points, its star rating is 4.6.

We assigned more value to factors we determined to be more important for homeowners. We considered the following:



Final Thoughts

This methodology guides our rating process. We aim to compare every aspect of a home warranty company based on the factors our readers find most important, such as plan coverage, customer service, and more. We consider these factors while reviewing providers and recommend companies that best meet them. We supplement our research with proprietary data collected through our surveys, expert interviews, testing procedures, and focus groups.

Your home’s coverage needs and budget determine the best home warranty company for you. Our team recommends pulling three quotes from different providers and reading their sample contracts to understand exact coverage terms and exclusions. Check out our list of the best home warranty companies nationwide to start protecting your home.