Best Home Warranty Companies in Oklahoma (2024)

By Jesus Sanchez Garcia | April 16, 2024

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With regular use, your home’s important appliances and systems can break down when you least expect it. In addition to the inconvenience of a broken system or appliance, finding a reputable technician to fix an issue takes time. A home warranty protects your major appliances and systems and connects you with high-quality service providers near your home. Our team reviewed the best home warranty companies nationwide. From there, we selected the top providers in Oklahoma.

The Top 5 Home Warranty Companies in Oklahoma

We compared each provider using our comprehensive review standards and determined the following companies to be the best Oklahoma home warranties.

The cost data displayed in this article is based on our team’s national average for a monthly home warranty premium. Your cost may vary based on your home’s size and type, location, and coverage selections.

Compare Oklahoma’s Top Home Warranty Companies

Best For
BBB Rating
Monthly Cost
Service Fee
Best for Extensive Coverage
Best Add-On Variety
Flexible Coverage
Best Budget Coverage
Best for Systems Coverage
Star Rating Monthly Cost Service Fee BBB Rating Link
American Home Shield American Home Shield
$40–$80 $100–$125 B VISIT SITE
Liberty Home Guard Liberty Home Guard
$49–$60 $65–$125 NR VISIT SITE
Elite Home Warranty Elite Home Warranty
$55–$75 $70 A+ VISIT SITE
Select Home Warranty Select Home Warranty
$44–$48 $65–$75 B VISIT SITE
First American Home Warranty First American Home Warranty
$45–$70 $75–$125 B VISIT SITE
American Home Shield
Logo American Home Shield
Star Rating
Monthly Cost $40–$80
Service Fee $100–$125
BBB Rating B
Liberty Home Guard
Logo Liberty Home Guard
Star Rating
Monthly Cost $49–$60
Service Fee $65–$125
BBB Rating NR
Elite Home Warranty
Logo Elite Home Warranty
Star Rating
Monthly Cost $55–$75
Service Fee $70
BBB Rating A+
Select Home Warranty
Logo Select Home Warranty
Star Rating
Monthly Cost $44–$48
Service Fee $65–$75
BBB Rating B
First American Home Warranty
Logo First American Home Warranty
Star Rating
Monthly Cost $45–$70
Service Fee $75–$125
BBB Rating B

American Home Shield

Best for Extensive Coverage
Monthly Cost : $40–$80 Service Fee : $100–$125 BBB Rating : B

American Home Shield (AHS) provides comprehensive appliance and system coverage for Oklahoma homes. In addition to generous coverage limits, the company covers preexisting conditions, which most providers exclude from their plans.

Benefits and Drawbacks


Added protection: AHS includes items with preexisting conditions and physical damage, a rare benefit in the home warranty industry

Roof-leak coverage: The ShieldPlatinum plan, its highest plan, includes roof-leak coverage

Generous coverage caps: AHS offers some of the highest coverage caps in this review


Limited technician options: AHS doesn’t let you choose your own techs unless it doesn’t have any in the area

Few add-on options: It only offers six add-on options, less than other reviewed providers

No appliance-only plan: AHS doesn’t offer an appliance-only option, requiring you to choose a comprehensive plan instead

Plans, Pricing, and Availability

AHS offers three plans: ShieldSilver, ShieldGold, and ShieldPlatinum. You’ll pay $360 to $894 annually and can choose a $100 or $125 service call fee with your plan. Each plan includes coverage for preexisting conditions and rust, corrosion, and sediment damage. These conditions are typically excluded by most home warranty coverage providers. They’re excellent protections to have if you own an older Oklahoma home.

We break down the available AHS plans and costs below:

  • ShieldSilver ($29.99–$39.99 per month): This plan offers protection for 14 essential systems, such as air conditioning, attic fans, built-in exhaust, ceiling fans, ductwork, doorbells and chimes, faucets, fuse panel boxes, garage door openers, heating units, interior electrical lines, plumbing lines, main breakers, toilets, vents, valves, water heaters, and whirlpool tub motors and their components.
  • ShieldGold ($49.99–$64.50 per month): The lowest comprehensive plan includes ShieldSilver items, plus built-in microwaves, cooktops, dishwashers, dryers, garbage disposals, instant hot/cold water dispensers, ovens, ranges, refrigerators, and washers.
  • ShieldPlatinum ($68.99–$74.50 per month): This highest plan doubles appliance caps to $4,000 and adds $1,500 roof-leak coverage, $1,000 for code upgrades, a discounted annual HVAC tune-up, and unlimited AC refrigerant.
  • Add-ons: AHS offers six options, including coverage for electronics, guest units, pool or spas, septic systems and pumps, and well pump protections.

Coverage Caps and Exclusions

After reviewing the AHS sample contract, we found the following exclusions and coverage caps in its plans:

  • Appliances: You receive a $2,000 cap with the ShieldGold plan and $4,000 with  ShieldPlatinum coverage. 
  • Air conditioning, heating, HVAC: Oklahoma homes receive a $5,000 coverage cap for units up to a 5-ton capacity. You also receive a $1,500 limit for geothermal, glycol, hot water, or steam circulating systems and water source heat pumps. 
  • Plumbing: The company includes a $5,000 limit for accessible plumbing systems. You’re limited to $1,000 for systems in obstructed walls, ceilings, and floors.
  • Roof leaks: Roof leaks receive up to $1,500 in coverage. The company doesn’t cover metal roofs, skylights, or roof-mounted installations such as downspouts, gutters, and solar panels.
  • General exclusions: AHS doesn’t offer protection for cosmetic issues, routine maintenance, and improperly sized systems.

American Home Shield Reviews

AHS is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and holds a B rating. We read hundreds of customer reviews to learn more about the AHS experience.

Reviews appreciated the efficient claims process and knowledgeable technicians. However, not all technician visits yielded positive results. Some homeowners mentioned issues with their technicians, stating multiple visits were required to resolve their item repairs.

One of our team members has an AHS policy and said his experiences have been positive. In the past, his claims have been processed within 24 hours and resulted in a technician visit one or two days later. For his most recent claim, he received a next-day repair appointment an hour after submitting it online. The repairs were completed in under two hours, and he only paid the service call fee for his visit. 

Liberty Home Guard

Best Add-On Variety
Monthly Cost : $49–$60 Service Fee : $65–$125

Liberty Home Guard (LHG) offers 42 add-ons that help Oklahoma homeowners create their ideal home warranty coverage. The company also provides specialized plans with focused item coverage to help you match plans to your home needs.

Benefits and Drawbacks


Lengthy workmanship guarantee: LHG provides a 60-day workmanship guarantee with its repairs

Add-on variety: It offers 42 add-on options, which is more than other review providers

Unique perks: LHG offers appliance discounts to its customers


No service call fee flexibility: LHG assigns its service call fees to plans based on several factors, including your location

Lower system limits: Its electrical and plumbing limits fall below most competitors

Out-of-network exclusions: LHG doesn’t cover repairs completed by out-of-network technicians under its workmanship guarantee

Plans, Pricing, and Availability

LHG offers three plans for Oklahoma homes: Appliance Guard, Systems Guard, and Total Home Guard. Plans cost $600 to $720 annually but don’t include service call fee options. Instead, the company assigns a $65 to $125 service call fee based on your select plan, add-ons, and location. Most home warranty companies include at least two options for better pricing customization.

We detail LHG plans and costs below:

  • Appliance Guard ($49.99 per month): This plan includes appliance-only coverage for key items, including your built-in microwave oven, ceiling and exhaust fans, clothes dryer, clothes washer, cooktop, dishwasher, garbage disposal, garage door opener, oven, range, and refrigerator with ice maker and display.
  • Systems Guard ($54.99 per month): This systems-only plan protects your air conditioning system, ductwork, electrical system, heating system, plumbing system, and water heater.
  • Total Home Guard ($59.99 per month): This comprehensive plan includes Appliance Guard and Systems Guard items.
  • Add-ons: LHG offers an extension catalog with 42 add-ons, including carpet cleaning, electronics, gutter cleaning, and pro-series appliances.

Coverage Caps and Exclusions

Oklahoma homeowners should review LHG’s sample contracts to get exact coverage details. We reviewed the sample contract and noted the following:

  • Appliances: Your plan includes a $2,000 coverage cap per item.
  • Systems: Systems include a $2,000 cap for each item. 
  • Electrical and plumbing: These systems include a $250 limit for the first 90 days after sign-up. Then, coverage increases to $500.
  • Add-ons: Add-ons start at $250 for the first 90 days and increase to a $500 limit afterward. 
  • Additional exclusions: LHG excludes items with preexisting conditions or damage from improper installation or modification.

Liberty Home Guard Reviews

LHG currently has an NR rating with the BBB. This usually means an organization’s ratings are being reviewed. The company received a BBB alert in March 2024 due to complaints concerning its claims process, customer service, and sales tactics.

We contacted LHG regarding the BBB alert, and it shared the following statement: 

“Despite the BBB’s alert, our customer satisfaction levels remain by far the highest relative to our scale. Last month, we had the lowest percentage of customer cancellation requests in our entire history. On the BBB’s own platform, Liberty Home Guard has achieved a star rating of 4.5 out of 5 from nearly 2,500 reviews. For added context, the approximately 480 resolved complaints on Liberty Home Guard’s BBB profile equate to an extremely low fraction of a percentage relative to the size and scale of our total customer base. As we navigate this situation, which we believe will be resolved in time, we want to assure you that we remain committed to our customers and their satisfaction; they are the key stakeholders we orient all our efforts around.”

Despite receiving a BBB alert, LHG maintains impressive customer review scores across multiple third-party sites, including the BBB and Trustpilot. Our analysis of dozens of customer reviews revealed that homeowners commended LHG for providing excellent customer support and a streamlined claims process. However, some customers criticized the company for issuing payouts that fell short of promised coverage caps.

Elite Home Warranty

Flexible Coverage
Monthly Cost : $55–$75 Service Fee : $70 BBB Rating : A+

Elite Home Warranty offers better coverage flexibility than most home warranty companies. Along with three standard plans, the company also provides a fully customizable plan. This means Oklahoma homeowners can design a plan tailored to their home. Elite also offers 27 add-ons for specialized protection.

Benefits and Drawbacks


Add-on catalog: Elite offers 27 add-ons, the second largest add-on variety in this review

Coverage flexibility: It has a 60-day money-back guarantee that includes your 30-day waiting period and first 30 days of coverage.

Extensive repair guarantees: Elite provides a 90-day workmanship guarantee, three times the industry standard


Added service call fees: Elite charges a $150 service call fee for certain repair calls

Limited workmanship protection: It doesn’t include its workmanship guarantee if you use your own technician

No online tool: Elite doesn’t offer an online quote tool, requiring over-the-phone quotes instead

Plans, Pricing, and Availability

Elite provides three standard coverage plans for Oklahoma homes: Elite Appliances, Elite Systems, and Elite Complete. The Customize Your Own Plan is also available and allows you to select specific item coverage. However, you must work with an Elite presentative to get exact plan premium pricing. Standard coverage plans cost $528 to $696 annually and include a $70 service call fee. The company only offers one service call fee option for standard plans but charges a $150 fee in certain circumstances, including after-hours and weekend service calls.

We explain Elite’s standard plans and pricing below:

  • Elite Appliances ($44.49 per month): This plan includes eight appliances, such as your built-in microwave, ceiling fans, clothes dryer, clothes washer, dishwasher, garbage disposal, range/oven/cooktop, and refrigerator including ice maker and water dispenser.
  • Elite Systems ($49.99 per month): This systems-only plan protects eight systems, including your air conditioning system, electrical system, garage door opener, heating system, plumbing fixtures, plumbing stoppage, plumbing system, and water heater.
  • Elite Complete ($58.99): This is the highest plan that combines coverage to offer protection for all 16 appliances and systems.
  • Add-ons: Elite provides 27 add-on options, including HVAC annual maintenance, premium appliances and systems coverage, and pool and spa equipment coverage.

Coverage Caps and Exclusions

Elite includes some unique plan exclusion and coverage caps not found with other providers.

  • Annual aggregate limit: Elite includes a $15,000 annual claim limit for its plans. 
  • Appliances: You receive a $7,000 coverage cap per contract term. However, individual item caps vary from $500 to $3,000.
  • Systems: You can claim up to $8,000 for systems. Individual system limits range between $750 and $4,000
  • Add-ons: Add-ons have a separate limit of $5,000 per term. Individual add-on caps range from $500 to $5,000
  • General exclusions: Like many home warranty providers, Elite doesn’t include preexisting conditions or improper installations in its coverage.

Elite Home Warranty Reviews

Elite holds an A+ rating* with the BBB, which is high for a home warranty company. Most providers have a B rating. The company also has high customer review scores across multiple review sites. After analyzing customer reviews, we learned that homeowners found the company’s claims process to be efficient and easy to manage. However, some customers received delays in their claims processing, with approvals taking up to 48 hours or longer in most cases.

Our team member tested the Elite claims process. An Elite representative contacted him 30 minutes after submitting his claim. He received a next-day repair appointment but met with some delays during the repair. The technician had to order out-of-stock parts, delaying the process by four business days. However, the repairs were completed once the products were delivered with no further delays.

AFC Home Warranty

Best Membership Perks
Monthly Cost : $44–$97 Service Fee : $75–$125 BBB Rating : B

AFC Home Warranty offers Oklahoma homeowners more than just home warranty protection. Along with four coverage plans and three service call fees, the company includes membership perks not found with other providers. Benefits include free credit motoring, dental and vision insurance, and emergency alert services. 

Benefits and Drawbacks


Greater plan variety: AFC Home Warranty offers extensive plan options, including four coverage plans and three service call fees 

Membership perks: It provides membership benefits such as free identity monitoring

Unlimited repair guarantee: The company offers a workmanship guarantee that covers the full length of your contract


Damage exclusions: AFC Home Warranty doesn’t provide coverage for unknown preexisting conditions

Depreciated caps: It lowers payouts based on the depreciated value of items five years and older

Quick claims submissions: You must submit claims to AFC Home Warranty within 24 hours of discovering your issue

Plans, Pricing, and Availability

AFC Home Warranty provides four plans in Oklahoma: the Silver Plan, the Gold Plan, the Platinum Plan, and the Diamond Plan. Plan premiums range from $408 to $1,104 for annual options. Your service fee options range from $75 to $125. Every plan includes the plan-length workmanship guarantee and exclusive membership benefits.

Here’s an overview of AFC Home Warranty’s plans and costs:

  • Silver Plan ($34.33–$39.08 per month): This appliance-only plan covers your clothes dryer, clothes washer, refrigerator, oven/range, cooktop, stove, dishwasher, garbage disposal, and garage door opener.
  • Gold Plan ($48.50–$53.17 per month): This comprehensive plan protects 15 appliances and home systems, such as air conditioning, ductwork, electrical system, heating system, and plumbing system.
  • Platinum Plan ($53.17–$57.92 per month): This plan includes 20 appliances and systems, including your built-in microwave, fans (attic, exhaust, ceiling), faucet, ice maker, and plumbing stoppages. 
  • Diamond Plan ($87.75–$92.50 per month): The highest plan tier offers Platinum Plan items and coverage for electronics, exterior sewer lines, and exterior water lines.
  • Add-ons: You can supplement coverage with its add-on options, which include built-in microwaves, central vacuums, double ovens, hot water dispensers, ice makers, in-ground pools, septic systems, stand-alone freezers, sump pumps, tankless water heaters, and well pumps.

Coverage Caps and Exclusions

While reading through the AFC Home Warranty sample contract, we noticed several exclusions that could impact Oklahoma residents with older homes and systems. We detail these key contract terms below:

  • Appliances: All plans include a $3,000 coverage limit for appliances. 
  • Systems: Item age may reduce your total protection if they’re five years or older. If so, your systems receive a lower cap based on their depreciated value.
  • Add-ons: Add-ons carry varying coverage limits, so review the sample contract before selecting coverage. 
  • General exclusions: AFC Home Warranty excludes items with rust or corrosion damage and preexisting conditions. Items with cosmetic issues and damage caused by an uncovered item are also excluded. In addition, AFC Home Warranty plans don’t cover routine maintenance for your systems and appliances.

AFC Home Warranty Reviews

AFC Home Warranty maintains a B rating with the BBB. We read hundreds of online testimonials and discovered that the company has mixed reviews across several sites. Positive reviews mentioned the company’s efficient response times and knowledgeable staff. Negative ones detailed issues with the claims process that resulted in either denied claims for technicalities or returned payments due to item age.

Select Home Warranty

Best Budget Coverage
Monthly Cost : $44–$48 Service Fee : $65–$75 BBB Rating : B

Select Home Warranty provides a low-cost solution for Oklahoma homeowners who need extensive HVAC coverage at a cost-effective price point. The company offers a $3,000 cap for HVAC coverage, a system that is crucial to most Oklahoma homes. Its plans also include free roof-leak coverage, which typically requires an add-on for protection.

Benefits and Drawbacks


Annual plan promotions: You receive two months of free service when you select an annual plan

Roof-leak coverage: Plans include $400 of limited roof-leak coverage

High HVAC caps: Select offers a generous $3,000 coverage cap for HVAC systems


Limited technician flexibility: You can choose your own technician only if Select doesn’t have in-network options in your area

Below-average coverage limits: Select offers $500 coverage caps, which fall below most of its competitors

Limited service call fee: The company doesn’t offer service call fee flexibility 

Plans, Pricing, and Availability

Select provides three coverage plans for residents: Bronze Care, Gold Care, and Platinum Care. Unlike other home warranty providers that charge extra for roof-leak coverage, the company includes coverage with each of its plans. You’ll pay $533 to $573 annually for coverage, which is lower than most companies in this review. However, Select assigns service fees of $60 to $75. While secret shopping, we learned you can secure the lowest service call fee by signing up over the phone.

Here’s a look at Select’s plans and pricing:

  • Bronze Care ($44.42 per month): This plan offers appliance-only protection for your built-in microwave oven, clothes dryer, clothes washer, cooktop, dishwasher, garbage disposal, oven, refrigerator, and stove.
  • Gold Care ($44.42 per month): This systems-only plan offers coverage for your air conditioning, ductwork, electrical system, heating system, plumbing system, and water heater.
  • Platinum Care ($47.75 per month): The highest plan combines Bronze Care and Gold Care coverage and adds ceiling fans and garage door openers. 
  • Add-ons: Select offers eight add-on coverage options, including central vacuums, lawn sprinkler systems, pools, septic systems, spas, stand-alone freezers, sump pumps, and well pumps. 

Coverage Caps and Exclusions

Given Select’s lower coverage caps, we recommend reviewing the company’s sample contract for complete coverage details. We’ve highlighted some keep points below:

  • Appliances: Appliances receive a $500 coverage cap. 
  • Air conditioning, heating, and HVAC: Plans include a $3,000 cap for HVAC systems.
  • Electrical and plumbing: You only receive $500 caps for electrical and plumbing systems. 
  • Roof-leak coverage and other add-ons: These items receive a $400 coverage cap.
  • General exclusions: Select doesn’t cover items in commercial or residential properties used for business purposes or items with preexisting conditions.

Select Home Warranty Reviews

Select holds a B- rating with the BBB. Select received mostly mixed reviews across third-party sites. Positive reviewers commended the straightforward claims process and knowledgeable service technicians. However, many customers criticized the challenges in reaching customer service representatives, citing long hold times and inadequate follow-ups. 

*BBB ratings are accurate as of April 2024

Home Warranty Regulations in Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s Department of Insurance (DOI) oversees service contract regulation. The DOI doesn’t specify in its legislature that it regulates home service contracts. That said, Oklahoma Statute § 15-141.2 provides general guidelines for service contract providers to follow. 

If you have a home warranty and believe your provider has not honored your contract, you can file a complaint with the DOI’s Insurance Commissioner. 

Home warranties self-regulate through several industry organizations. For instance, the National Home Service Contract Association (NHSCA) is an industry organization of member companies that adhere to a code of ethics established by the organization. The NHSCA works with these companies to provide consumers with a satisfactory experience.

How Does a Home Warranty Work?

In short, a home warranty sends a vetted service technician to fix your home appliance or system breakdown whenever you file a claim. A homeowner purchases a home warranty plan from a provider, usually for a monthly or annual fee. Once an issue arises, the homeowner contacts their provider by filing a claim describing the issue. After the provider receives and processes the claim, it sends a contractor to the homeowner’s doorstep. The contractor then diagnoses the problem and performs the repair once the home warranty company approves. Typically, the homeowner must pay a service call fee before the contractor begins the repair.

Our Recommendation

A home warranty can reduce the headache of home systems and appliance breakdowns if you live a busy lifestyle. After comparing multiple providers, we named American Home Shield as our top pick. It provides generous coverage limits, guest unit protection, and flexible service fees. We also recommend Liberty Home Guard due to its second HVAC unit coverage. Finally, AFC Home Warranty is worth checking out for its solid appliance coverage. 

We recommend pulling quotes from multiple providers to compare coverage and costs.

Oklahoma Home Warranty Companies FAQ

Are home warranties required in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma doesn’t require homeowners to own a home warranty, but it could be a good investment. Home warranties cover repair and replacement costs caused by unexpected system or appliance breakdowns. For example, it may cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to replace a broken dishwasher. A home warranty would cover this cost.

What is the length of a home warranty?

A home warranty usually lasts one year to complete a contract term. However, many providers offer extended home warranty coverage plans that last longer than one year. Contact your home warranty provider and speak with a representative to access a longer coverage term.

Does a home warranty cover roof leaks?

Yes, most home warranty providers cover roof leaks. However, some companies exclude it. A roof-leak repair typically consists of patching your roof to fix the leak. A home warranty doesn’t cover metal roofs, shingle replacement, gutters, roof-mounted equipment, or roof replacement. Check your policy to see whether your plan includes roof-leak coverage or if you need to purchase an add-on.

What is a service call fee?

A service call fee is similar to a deductible charged by an insurance company. Providers charge a service call fee each time you file a new claim. Service call fees range from $65 to $125, depending on your provider and plan selection.

How We Chose the Top Home Warranty Providers

Our team reviewed and researched dozens of home warranty providers, thoroughly analyzed sample agreements, and identified customer pain points based on our analysis of customer reviews and interviews with industry experts. Our in-depth methodology outlines our review process to provide transparent information about the companies we review.

We determined that the following factors are the most important when comparing home warranty companies: available plans, plan coverage, price range, industry reputation, customer support, and additional features. Our research supported that plan coverage, customer service, and industry reputation should carry the most weight. While important, the other factors should not have as much influence when choosing a home warranty provider.