Best Home Warranty Companies in Oregon (2024)

By Jesus Sanchez Garcia | March 4, 2024

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Oregon homeowners and new home buyers know the importance of protecting their homes from the elements. The constant rain showers can wear down your home’s roof over time, and appliances and home systems don’t last forever. A home warranty provides convenience and financial protection when you choose one to cover fixing your home’s roof, built-in systems, and major appliances that break down due to normal wear and tear.

Our team analyzed and compared the best home warranty companies in the United States and selected the top choices for Oregon residents. We reviewed provider coverage limits, add-on availability, and claims-processing time to help you choose the right coverage for your home.

Top Home Warranty Companies in Oregon

Here is our list of recommended Oregon home warranty providers:

Note that all pricing information in this article is based on a single-family home (smaller than 5,000 square feet) in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Your pricing may vary depending on your home’s size and type, your location, and your plan and add-on coverage options.


Compare Oregon’s Top Home Warranty Companies

Best For
BBB Rating
Monthly Cost
Service Fee
Best for Extensive Coverage
Best Add-On Variety
Flexible Coverage
Best Budget Coverage
Best for Systems Coverage
Star Rating Monthly Cost Service Fee BBB Rating Link
American Home Shield American Home Shield
$65–$76 $100–$125 B VISIT SITE
Liberty Home Guard Liberty Home Guard
$49-$60 $65–$125 A+ VISIT SITE
Elite Home Warranty Elite Home Warranty
$55–$75 $70 A VISIT SITE
Select Home Warranty Select Home Warranty
$44–$48 $65–$75 B- VISIT SITE
First American Home Warranty First American Home Warranty
$59–$77 $75–$125 B VISIT SITE
American Home Shield
Logo American Home Shield
Star Rating
Monthly Cost $65–$76
Service Fee $100–$125
BBB Rating B
Liberty Home Guard
Logo Liberty Home Guard
Star Rating
Monthly Cost $49-$60
Service Fee $65–$125
BBB Rating A+
Elite Home Warranty
Logo Elite Home Warranty
Star Rating
Monthly Cost $55–$75
Service Fee $70
BBB Rating A
Select Home Warranty
Logo Select Home Warranty
Star Rating
Monthly Cost $44–$48
Service Fee $65–$75
BBB Rating B-
First American Home Warranty
Logo First American Home Warranty
Star Rating
Monthly Cost $59–$77
Service Fee $75–$125
BBB Rating B

American Home Shield

Coverage Overview

American Home Shield (AHS) is a good choice if you own an older home with aging appliances. It covers items with preexisting conditions and doesn’t require a home inspection before granting coverage. It covers rust, corrosion, and sediment damage. AHS offers flexible coverage via three plans, and its service call fees range from $100 to $125 per claim. AHS allows you to select your service call fee, which can raise or lower your monthly premium. 

AHS provides generous coverage caps for solid protection against home repair costs. For example, AHS pairs its ShieldSilver with a $5,000 coverage limit per covered system. It includes a $2,000 limit per covered appliance in its ShieldGold. Finally, its ShieldPlatinum increases major appliance limits to $4,000 per covered item. The ShieldPlatinum also includes $1,500 roof-leak repair coverage.


Below are American Home Shield’s three plans with monthly costs:

ShieldSilver ($54.99–$69.99 per month): This plan is American Home Shield’s systems plan. It covers air conditioning, doorbells and chimes, garage-door openers, ceiling fans, ductwork, attic and built-in exhaust fans, faucets, plumbing systems, plumbing stoppages, toilets, whirlpool tub motor components, water heaters, heating units, interior electrical lines, main breaker, and fuse panel boxes.

ShieldGold ($64.99–$79.99 per month): This plan includes major systems and appliances coverage, such as everything in the ShieldSilver plus built-in microwaves, clothes washers and dryers, dishwashers, garbage disposals, instant cold and hot water dispensers, ovens, cooktops, ranges, and refrigerators.

ShieldPlatinum ($94.99–$109.99 per month): The ShieldPlatinum plan covers everything listed in the ShieldGold plan plus code violations, plumbing system modifications, and an increased coverage cap of $4,000 per covered home appliance.

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Liberty Home Guard

Coverage Overview

Liberty Home Guard (LHG) is another solid pick for homeowners who want customizable plans. Liberty Home Guard provides more than 30 unique add-on coverage options, plus a 60-day workmanship guarantee. LHG pairs a $2,000 coverage cap per covered item with each plan. In addition, it offers the highest coverage cap for roof-leak coverage of all providers in this article by applying its $2,000 limit to roof-leak repair. Liberty Home Guard also offers additional coverage for second air conditioners and heating system coverage for homes with multiple units.

Liberty Home Guard prices its service call fee between $65 and $125. Your service call fee is based on your home’s type, size, and location, as well as your coverage and add-on selections.


Below are Liberty Home Guard’s coverage plans with monthly prices:

Appliance Guard ($49.99 per month): This plan is LHG’s appliance-specific plan. It includes coverage for built-in microwave ovens, ceiling and exhaust fans, clothes washers and dryers, dishwashers, garage-door openers, garbage disposals, ranges, ovens, cooktops, and refrigerators with built-in ice makers

Systems Guard ($54.99 per month): This plan covers major home systems, including water heaters, ductwork, air conditioning, plumbing, heating, and electrical systems. Liberty Home Guard provides second air conditioner or HVAC system coverage within standard plans, while other providers only offer coverage for an extra unit as an add-on.

Total Home Guard ($59.99 per month): This plan is LHG’s most comprehensive coverage plan. It includes all items listed in the Appliance Guard and Systems Guard.

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Select Home Warranty

Coverage Overview

Select Home Warranty provides three home warranty coverage plans that cover essential systems and appliances. Select includes a solid $3,000 coverage cap for heating and cooling systems for those interested in HVAC coverage. In addition, Select offers a service call fee of $60 to $75. The $60 service call fee is an over-the-phone promotion. To add further value, Select provides roof-leak repair coverage in each plan, up to $400 per incident.


Below are Select Home Warranty’s three plans and monthly prices:

Bronze Care ($44.42 per month): This plan covers major appliances, including built-in microwaves, clothes washers and dryers, dishwashers, garbage disposals, ovens, refrigerators, and stovetops. Select pairs this plan with a $500 limit per appliance. 

Gold Care ($44.42 per month): This plan includes coverage for ductwork, water heaters, and cooling, heating, plumbing, and electrical systems. Select offers a $3,000 limit for heating and cooling systems. The remaining home systems are limited to $500 per covered system.

Platinum Care ($47.75 per month): This plan covers all items in the Bronze Care and Gold Care plans.

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First American Home Warranty

Coverage Overview

First American Home Warranty is another solid provider that offers comprehensive coverage. It includes generous roof-leak coverage and a yearly HVAC tune-up as add-ons, plus it protects working systems and appliances regardless of age. First American offers three home warranty plans: the Starter Plan, Essential Plan, and Premium Plan. This company provides the highest coverage caps for appliances from this list, with a $3,500 limit per appliance in its Starter and Essential plans and a  $7,000-limit per appliance in the Premium Plan. Additionally, it pairs its First American Advantage upgrade with the Essential and Premium plans, which covers appliance removal via crane, code violations, and refrigerant recapture. This company also provides plan flexibility via its $75, $100, and $125 service call fees.


Below are First American Home Warranty’s three plans with monthly prices:

Starter Plan ($52–$67 per month): This plan covers a mix of major appliances and home systems, such as built-in microwaves, dishwashers, ductwork, electrical systems, heating systems, plumbing systems, oven/cooktop, plumbing stoppages, and refrigerators. It includes a $3,500 coverage cap per covered appliance and an unlimited cap per covered system.

Essential Plan ($62–$77 per month): This plan includes all items in the Starter Plan, plus air conditioning, ceiling fans, attic fans, exhaust fans, clothes washers, clothes dryers, the First American Advantage upgrade, garage-door openers, trash compactors, and water heaters.

Premium Plan ($77–$92 per month): This plan covers everything in the Essential Plan and includes central vacuum, full garage-door systems, instant hot water dispensers, and luxury appliance coverage. 

Note that First American doesn’t offer air conditioning coverage in its Starter Plan. However, you can purchase it as an add-on.

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AFC Home Warranty

Coverage Overview

AFC Home Warranty is known for its lengthy workmanship guarantee and its service provider flexibility. It extends its workmanship guarantee to the length of your plan, which is much longer than the industry standard of 30 days. In addition, AFC allows you to choose your own technician and provides additional security perks, such as identity protection and free credit monitoring.  


AFC Home Warranty offers four plans and three service call fees. Below are AFC’s four plans and monthly costs:

Silver Plan ($45.92–$51.83 per month): This plan covers clothes washers and dryers, dishwashers, garage-door openers, garbage disposals, ovens, ranges, stovetops, and refrigerators. AFC provides a $3,000 limit per covered appliance. 

Systems Plan ($54.83–$60.75 per month): This plan protects major systems, including air conditioning, electrical systems, plumbing, heating systems, and water heaters. AFC’s coverage caps for systems vary; air conditioning has an unlimited coverage cap, whereas ductwork is limited to $150.

Gold Plan ($63.75–$69.75 per month): This plan includes every item listed in the Silver Plan and Systems Plan

Platinum Plan ($69.75–$75.67 per month): This is AFC’s most comprehensive plan. It protects everything in the Gold Plan, including built-in microwaves, faucets, ice makers, and plumbing stoppages.

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Home Warranty Regulations in Oregon

Oregon’s Department of Consumer and Business Services (DCBS) oversees home warranty companies. The DCBS requires home warranty providers to file a $25,000 surety bond and obtain proper licensing before doing business in the state. In addition to the DCBS, the Oregon Construction Contractors Board provides information on what homeowners can expect from a new home warranty service contract.

If you have a home warranty and believe your provider has not honored your contract, you can file a complaint with the DCBS.

Home warranties are also self-regulated by industry associations. For example, the National Home Service Contract Association (NHSCA) is a nonprofit industry trade organization consisting of member companies that follow a code of ethics regarding fair business practices.


Understanding Home Warranty Fine Print

Since no home warranty provider covers the exact same list of home items, you’ll need to read your service contract to avoid pitfalls when filing a claim. Several common sections to read through are the following:

Sections to review before purchasing a home warranty are those that explain the exact terms of coverage. Generally, home warranty companies cover the core components of covered items. For example, if an essential part, such as your water heater’s pilot light, breaks, it will likely be covered. However, a broken handle on your refrigerator likely wouldn’t be covered. Similarly, most providers will not cover a system or appliance that has broken down before you purchased coverage.

Many providers will outline their claims-processing time frame. Some will send a service technician within a few hours of receiving a claim. Others take longer. Read your contract for exclusions, preexisting conditions, and claims process before purchasing a plan.


Our Recommendation

Our team recommends American Home Shield for those who want comprehensive home protection. Liberty Home Guard is a solid choice due to its 60-day workmanship guarantee, and an extensive list of add-on coverage options. Finally, First American includes generous home appliance and systems coverage in its base plan.

We recommend requesting quotes from three providers to compare coverage caps and plan pricing. You can read each provider’s service contract to understand coverage exclusions and limitations.


Frequently Asked Questions About Oregon Home Warranties

What is a home warranty plan?

A home warranty plan is a service contract between a policyholder and a provider. Home warranties cover expensive repair or replacement costs for your home’s systems and appliances caused by normal wear and tear. A home warranty plan can also connect you to qualified professionals who can fix your issue, saving you time and money.

What is an add-on?

An add-on is an item that home warranty companies provide as additional coverage outside of its standard plans. Add-ons are a way for consumers to supplement their home protection. Typical add-ons include additional refrigeration coverage, pool coverage, septic system pumping, well pump, and sump pump coverage. Check with your provider to see what add-on options it offers.

How much is a home warranty plan in Oregon?

A home warranty plan costs an average of $65.22 per month, based on the quotes we obtained for home warranties in Oregon. Your monthly costs will vary based on the provider you choose, your home’s location, and your selected plan.

Do home warranty providers guarantee their work?

Yes, reputable home warranty providers offer a workmanship guarantee for completed repairs. The industry standard is a 30-day guarantee. If a repaired item breaks down during the 30 days, your provider will send a service technician to fix it for free (no additional service call fee). Some providers, such as Liberty Home Guard and AFC Home Warranty, offer a longer workmanship guarantee than the industry standard.

How is a home warranty different from a homeowners insurance policy?

A home insurance policy covers items in your home damaged by incidents such as theft, fire, or storms. A home warranty policy covers items in your home that fail due to normal wear and tear. Both policies could save you a significant amount in repairs because they provide complementary coverage.


How We Chose the Top Home Warranty Providers

Our team reviewed and researched dozens of home warranty providers, thoroughly analyzed sample agreements, and identified customer pain points based on our analysis of customer reviews and interviews with industry experts. Our in-depth methodology outlines our review process to provide transparent information about the companies we review.

We determined that the following factors are the most important when comparing home warranty companies: available plans, plan coverage, price range, industry reputation, customer support, and additional features. Our research supported that plan coverage, customer service, and industry reputation should carry the most weight. While important, the other factors should not have as much influence when choosing a home warranty provider.