HomeServe Review (2024)

By Jesus Sanchez Garcia Updated January 29, 2024

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HomeServe USA (HomeServe) is a home warranty provider with a variety of coverage plans based on your home’s specific needs. It offers more than a dozen individual plans, a one-year workmanship warranty for completed repairs, and coverage for as little as $2.95 per month. Due to the specificity of its coverage plans, we recommend HomeServe to homeowners who only need particular home items covered.

We compared HomeServe with dozens of providers nationwide to determine whether it’s one of the best home warranty companies. This review will discuss HomeServe’s coverage plans, payout limits, customer reviews, and additional perks.


HomeServe Rating and Review

HomeServe scored 3.7 out of 5 stars in our rating system. HomeServe doesn’t charge a service call fee for most of its plans except for its electronics protection and appliance plans. It also offers generous coverage caps at an affordable rate. One downside of HomeServe is that it excludes specific coverage plans based on your zip code, such as its Appliance Repair plan. HomeServe also excludes coverage for several common home appliances, including microwaves and ceiling and exhaust fans.

Here’s how we rated HomeServe on key metrics:


Fast Facts About HomeServe


Benefits and Drawbacks of HomeServe

Take a look at the key benefits and drawbacks of HomeServe coverage.


Á la carte coverage plans: HomeServe offers 17 individual plans that cover one or two items per plan for those who need basic coverage.

Coverage exclusions based on zip code: Certain coverage plans are unavailable depending on your home’s location.

One-year workmanship guarantee: Includes a year-long workmanship guarantee for all completed repairs.

Excludes add-on coverage options: HomeServe doesn’t include any add-on coverage options.

No service call fee for most plans: HomeServe doesn’t charge a service call fee for most of its plans, except for its electronics protection and appliance plans.

No contractor flexibility: Homeowners don’t have the option to choose their own service technician.


HomeServe Coverage Options

HomeServe offers 17 coverage plans. Most plans are à la carte, although HomeServe includes several combo plans for those interested in comprehensive coverage. Most HomeServe plans include major system coverage, such as cooling systems, septic lines, and water heater repair. It offers one major appliance plan that covers eight appliances.

HomeServe offers a one-year workmanship guarantee on all completed repairs, making it one of the lengthiest workmanship guarantees in the industry. Its workmanship guarantee provides peace of mind that your appliance and system repairs are covered should they break down again.

Á La Carte Plans

Following are details for HomeServe’s individual plans.

Cooling System

HomeServe’s Cooling System coverage plan strictly covers air conditioning systems. HomeServe applies a $1,750 coverage cap.

Exterior Electrical

Its Exterior Electrical plan includes coverage for overhead and underground electrical wiring, meter bases, insulators, and frayed high-voltage wiring. HomeServe offers a $5,000 limit for this plan.

Exterior Sewer and Septic Line Plus Restoration

This plan covers sewer and septic lines plus drainage systems. This plan includes a $10,000 coverage cap.

Exterior Water Service Line Plus Restoration

HomeServe’s Exterior Water Service Line coverage plan covers water lines only. HomeServe pairs it with a $7,000 coverage cap. HomeServe also caps restoration repairs at $1,000.

Gas Line Plus Restoration

This coverage plan protects primary and extension lines connected to gas and propane mainlines. HomeServe includes an $8,000 coverage cap.

Heating System

HomeServe’s Heating System plan protects HVAC systems only. It pairs this plan with a $1,750 coverage cap.

Home Plumbing and Drainage

This plan covers sewer lines, plumbing systems blockages, and leaks. Sewer lines are paired with a $3,500 coverage cap, and drainage systems are limited to $2,500 per claim.

Interior Plumbing and Drainage

HomeServe’s Interior Plumbing and Drainage plan is similar to its Home Plumbing and Drainage plan, except it only covers blocked or leaking drainage pipes. Therefore, HomeServe reduces this plan’s coverage cap to $1,500.

Tech Protection Essential

This plan covers common home electronics, such as flatscreen televisions, personal computers, and touch-screen tablets. HomeServe includes a $3,000 coverage cap for televisions and computers, whereas tablets are limited to $1,000 for general repairs and $450 for cracked screens. HomeServe charges a $100 service call fee per claim.

Tech Protection Premier

This plan is the same as the Essential plan, except it adds cell phone coverage. Cell phones are paired with a $1,000 coverage cap for general repairs and $300 for cracked screens.

Water Heater Repair

HomeServe’s Water Heater Repair plan covers water heater gas, propane, or electrical systems. It pairs this plan with an $850 coverage cap.

Water Heater Repair and Replacement

The only difference between this plan and the Water Heater Repair plan is this plan includes the option to replace your faulty water heater and an increased coverage cap of $1,500.

Combination Plans

Following are details for HomeServe’s combination plans.

Appliance Repair

HomeServe’s Appliance Repair plan covers common home appliances, including clothes washers and dryers, dishwashers, garbage disposals, ranges, refrigerators, refrigerator ice makers, and stand-alone freezers. HomeServe doesn’t cap appliances. Appliance Repair is one of the few plans HomeServe pairs with a service call fee of $20 per claim.

Exterior Pipe Plan

HomeServe’s Exterior Pipe plan protects septic, sewer and water lines, pressure valves, leaks, and blockages. It pairs this plan with a $10,000 coverage cap.

Heating and Cooling System

HomeServe’s Heating and Cooling System plan protects HVAC heating and cooling systems. This coverage plan includes a $10,000 coverage cap.

Home Comfort Plan

The Home Comfort Plan covers a variety of home systems, including cooling and heating systems, gas lines, interior electrical lines and systems, plumbing and drainage systems, and water heaters. HomeServe pairs this plan with a $10,000 coverage cap for all systems combined.

Interior Protection Plan

The Interior Protection Plan is HomeServe’s most comprehensive protection plan. It includes coverage for cooling, heating, interior electric, plumbing and drainage systems, gas lines, and water heaters. HomeServe provides a $2,500 coverage cap per item for a total cap of $10,000 annually. 

Optional Add-Ons

Due to HomeServe’s á la carte plans, it does not provide add-on coverage options.


HomeServe Pricing

HomeServe’s pricing is very competitive because most of its plans only cover one or two items. Also, none of HomeServe’s systems plans include a service call fee. HomeServe does include a service call fee in its Tech Protection and Appliance Repair plans. The Tech Protection plans are $100 per claim, and the Appliance Repair is $20 per claim.

Based on our quote for a 2,053-square-foot, single-family home in Raleigh, North Carolina, you can expect to pay between $2.95 and $55 per month. Since coverage plan availability and monthly pricing varies based on your home’s location, size, and type, we recommend requesting a custom quote.


HomeServe Coverage Caps

HomeServe offers a wide variety of coverage caps due to its extensive list of coverage plans. Most of HomeServe’s coverage caps are annual, meaning you have a maximum dollar amount allotted for repairs for the contract year. We recommend reading through your specific plan’s sample contract to understand coverage limits and exclusions.


HomeServe Reviews

Our team made several phone calls to get a feel for how HomeServe handles customer inquiries. We noted how quickly HomeServe representatives picked up the phone and their friendly service.

We also read more than 1,000 customer reviews from third-party sites, including Google Reviews and Trustpilot. Many homeowners enjoyed how quickly HomeServe sent a professional for a home repair, with some calling on a Sunday and receiving service the next day. Others complained about HomeServe’s failure to fulfill covered repairs.

Here are some examples of HomeServe’s customer reviews:

“I have used Home Serve twice over the past several years. I was extremely impressed both times with the promptness and courteousness of their response. In the first case, I phoned their 24-hour number on a Sunday evening. I had a blocked sewer pipe backing up into the bathroom. They responded courteously and promptly from an office many states away, and I had a call from a local plumber the next morning. He came out and fixed the problem within hours. The second time last week, I phoned on Tuesday with a mostly blocked kitchen sink drain going through the garbage disposal. I was flying out of state the next day and thought I would set an appointment for when I got back. I received a phone call from the plumbing company within an hour, and the plumber came out that same morning to fix the problem! I highly recommend HomeServe. They are amazingly reliable and prompt. This company provides “peace of mind.” Bill Z. via Google Reviews

“HomeServe is wonderful! Our a/c wasn’t working on a very hot day. I called HomeServe, and a very nice representative said she would send a technician out that day! The tech called me a few hours later and said he would be there at 4 p.m. He was even early! He fixed our air conditioner by adding a new motor and coolant. Our house was cool in a few hours, and all we paid was a $25 copay! I highly recommend HomeServe!!!” Daryl H. via Google Reviews

“I registered with this company in October 2021. Beginning of November, l called for an appointment for a tune-up for my boiler, and l got December 15th. They emailed me to confirm the appointment between 12 & 4 p.m. I stayed home, and no one showed up. I checked my phone after a meeting and saw a missed call from a 718 number, and the voicemail said that the technician did not have my address! I called back, and the repair department woman said they canceled my appointment because l did not answer my phone! I told her that l would like to cancel my plan with them, and she transferred me to the billing department. The gentleman there was nice and very professional, but unfortunately, he is not in the repair department. I am giving two stars only because of this gentleman’s professionalism.” Cheryl K. via Trustpilot.

“We opted for HomeServe’s coverage offered by Centerpoint Energy. Upon noticing our water meter box is broken, I contacted HomeServe. They stated it’s considered an uncovered item and not covered. You’re better off using what you’d pay [for] their premiums and put in a savings account.” Justin D. via Trustpilot.

Our team reached out to HomeServe regarding these negative consumer reviews. HomeServe did not respond.


How HomeServe Compares to the Competition

The table below highlights how HomeServe compares to other home warranty companies.

Star Rating BBB Rating Link
American Home Shield American Home Shield
Liberty Home Guard Liberty Home Guard
Select Home Warranty Select Home Warranty
AFC Home Warranty AFC Home Warranty
First American Home Warranty First American Home Warranty
HomeServe HomeServe
American Home Shield
Logo American Home Shield
Star Rating
BBB Rating B
Liberty Home Guard
Logo Liberty Home Guard
Star Rating
BBB Rating NR
Select Home Warranty
Logo Select Home Warranty
Star Rating
BBB Rating B
AFC Home Warranty
Logo AFC Home Warranty
Star Rating
BBB Rating B
First American Home Warranty
Logo First American Home Warranty
Star Rating
BBB Rating B
Logo HomeServe
Star Rating
BBB Rating A


Our Recommendation

HomeServe is a solid choice for homeowners needing coverage for specific home items. Its variety of coverage plans, lack of service call fees for systems plans, and year-long workmanship guarantee make it worthy of consideration. However, its lack of add-on coverage options and the exclusion of its appliance plan in certain zip codes leads us to also recommend other providers.

Liberty Home Guard and American Home Shield are top providers worth checking out if you’re looking for a more comprehensive home warranty plan. Before signing up for HomeServe or any home warranty company, read the sample contracts thoroughly to understand coverage details and limits.


HomeServe FAQ

Is HomeServe a good company for plumbing plans?

Yes, HomeServe is a good company for plumbing coverage due to its many plumbing plans tailored to your specific needs. Most plans are á la carte and cover one or two plumbing system components, which is ideal for those who need basic coverage.HomeServe’s service plans also include a one-year workmanship guarantee for completed repairs, and HomeServe doesn’t include a service call fee for its systems plans.

How long does HomeServe take to fix a breakdown?

HomeServe typically sends a vetted service professional to your home within 24 hours of receiving your claim on regular business days. Some homeowners have reported that HomeServe fixed breakdowns the same day they filed their claims.

Does HomeServe offer a cooling plan?

HomeServe offers two cooling plans. One plan covers air conditioning systems only, whereas the other cooling plan includes heating system coverage. 

Is a home warranty worth it for an older home?

Yes, a home warranty can be worth it for an older home with aged appliances and systems, since those items are likely to break down from wear and tear. The exception is if your home systems and appliances have preexisting conditions, as many providers exclude these.u0026nbsp;If you want coverage for items with preexisting conditions, American Home Shield covers certain preexisting conditions and does not require a home inspection before beginning coverage.

What is HomeServe’s phone number?

HomeServe’s phone number is 877-348-4427. You can call 24/7 year-round for questions about your coverage, to file a claim, and for emergency repairs.


How We Chose the Top Home Warranty Providers

Our team reviewed and researched dozens of home warranty providers, thoroughly analyzed sample agreements, and identified customer pain points based on analysis of customer reviews and interviews with industry experts. Our in-depth methodology guides our review process to provide transparent information about the companies we review.

During this process, we determined that the most critical aspects of a home warranty company include available service plans and add-ons, depth of coverage, plan cost, industry reputation, customer support infrastructure, and additional features. We also focused on the ability to choose your own contractor, upgrade your coverage package, transfer your plan to another owner, and cover roof leaks, high-end appliance brands, ceiling and exhaust fans, and faucets and fixtures.

Our research supported that plan coverage should carry the most weight, with customer support as the second-most important factor. Industry reputation, plan availability, and additional features were rated equally. We determined that price range, while worth considering, should not be the primary basis for choosing a home warranty provider for your home’s needs.