Best Lawn Care Services of 2023

By Amanda Lutz

Nov 02, 2023
A beautiful green lawn, with bushes, trees, and plants, and a sunset and part of a house in the background

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Maintaining a pristine lawn takes considerable effort. Without the right tools and products, homeowners often see mixed results. Professional lawn care companies offer convenient, personalized solutions to keep your yard looking its best, whether through do-it-yourself (DIY) subscriptions or full-service plans. We spent hours researching the top lawn care companies’ pricing, plans, benefits, and industry reputation. Make an informed decision with this guide to the best lawn care programs.

Top Lawn Care Services of 2023

Get started with these five lawn care service companies:


What We Like

TruGreen offers convenient and comprehensive lawn care throughout the continental United States. This provider tops our list of the best lawn care companies due to its wide variety of plans, mobile app, impressive industry reputation, and more than four decades in service. We also liked TruGreen’s transparent online pricing for many of its lawn care plans. For annual plan subscribers, TruGreen offers to revisit your home as necessary to reservice your lawn between scheduled appointments. Other TruGreen offerings include soil analysis, grub control and prevention, and tree and shrub care.

Benefits and Drawbacks

Here are some of TruGreen’s pros and cons:


Has several lawn care subscription plans to choose from

Only offers free reservice to annual subscribers

Offers mosquito control services

Does not offer convenient online cancellation via its company page or mobile app

Requires its specialists to recieve ongoing training

Plans and Pricing

TruGreen offers four lawn care plans, each providing a unique set of services:

All four plans come with a Healthy Lawn Analysis by lawn care specialists to determine your yard’s specific needs, as well as a Healthy Lawn Guarantee that ensures customer satisfaction.

Pricing for TruGreen services varies by lawn size, your lawn’s current condition, your location, and the plan and additional services you choose. We obtained these quotes while secret-shopping for a one-acre lawn in Nashville:

What Homeowner Reviews Say

We read dozens of customer reviews for TruGreen’s services on third-party review sites such as TrustPilot. 

Satisfied customers appreciated the results they saw after TruGreen’s applications, mentioning greener and fuller lawns. We also found several positive reviews for TruGreen’s mosquito control services. Negative reviews frequently cited dissatisfaction with TruGreen’s customer service, including issues with billing and the service cancellation process.

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What We Like

Sunday specializes in DIY lawn care, offering plans and products for lawn treatment, gardening, and pest control. The company sends customers seasonally based nutrient pouches to spray in their yards and uses as many natural ingredients as possible in its broad scope of products. With clear descriptions and bright packaging, this provider is a good fit for homeowners new to lawn maintenance. 

Sunday’s website features stand-alone products for purchase, including garden bulbs, weed and pest control treatments, and a pet repair kit that helps recover your lawn from brown patches.

Benefits and Drawbacks

Here are some of Sunday’s main pros and cons:


Uses a high percentage of natural ingredients in its products and avoids synthetic chemical compounds

Doesn’t offer preemergent weed control

Offers a range of à la carte products

Doesn’t have a mobile app or online chat function

Designs its nutrient pouches to be easy to use with a hose-end sprayer

Plans and Pricing

Sunday plans come at three price points, each providing a different level of lawn care. Sunday ships lawn care products directly to your home during the growing season and pauses shipments during the winter months.

Each plan is customized to your lawn’s needs and your preferences. From least to most coverage, here are Sunday’s three lawn care plans:

No Sunday bundle offers aeration, lawn mowing, or shrub and tree services. All three bundles come with a satisfaction guarantee that promises help and replacements if a product is missing. However, Sunday does not offer a money-back guarantee. We secret-shopped for a year of Sunday’s lawn care for a home in Nashville with an acre of lawn. In the online quoting process, prices were $229 for a Basic Care plan, $258 for a Keep & Protect plan, and $330 for a Grow & Renew plan. Note that both the contents of the box and pricing may vary by lawn.

What Homeowner Reviews Say

Sunday customer reviews are sparse across trusted third-party sources, with only one customer review on TrustPilot.

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What We Like

Lawnbright is an excellent option for homeowners who want an environmentally conscious, hands-on approach to lawn maintenance. The company offers subscription boxes through annual plans and specializes in liquid products that you can apply with your garden hose. We like Lawnbright’s commitment to using natural ingredients in its products, pledging never to use harsh chemicals. The company’s published Ingredient Promise details its pledge and many of the ingredients it uses. Lawnbright aims for low nitrogen emissions and incorporates pet-friendly compounds.

Benefits and Drawbacks

Here are the main benefits and drawbacks of using Lawnbright:


Uses naturally sourced ingredients that are safer for pets, families, and the environment

Offers a limited range of products compared to many competitors

Bases lawn treatment plans on a soil analysis

Doesn’t offer tree or shrub services

Designs user-friendly products that attach to your garden hose

Plans and Pricing

Lawnbright designs customized plans for your lawn based on the goals you express through its online quoting process, the size of your lawn, and the region in which you live. These factors will also determine the products sent in your subscription boxes.

When we secret-shopped for a quote on a one-acre yard in Nashville, the company recommended a plan that cost $335 per year. This price was for a subscription that sends three boxes of treatments in the spring, summer, and fall. This subscription included soil conditioner, natural fertilizer, a micronutrient pack, and a treatment to promote deep rooting before the winter season.

What Homeowner Reviews Say

No customer reviews are currently available for Lawnbright on trusted third-party websites.

Lawn Doctor

What We Like

Lawn Doctor offers annual lawn care plans backed with a satisfaction guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with the results of your lawn treatment, a Lawn Doctor specialist will reservice your lawn for no additional cost or refund the previous application. The company adapts its plans to varying needs, including fertilization and weed control, mosquito and tick control, and soil aeration. Before hosting a gathering, you can enroll in Lawn Doctor’s special event program. Its specialists will apply a one-time mosquito treatment to your lawn. This is ideal for events such as family reunions, weddings, and graduation parties.  

Benefits and Drawbacks

Here are some pros and cons of Lawn Doctor:


Offers mower maintenance services at some locations

Isn’t available nationwide

Offers basic landscaping services for shrubs, trees, and other ornamental plantings

Doesn’t sell stand-alone products to supplement its services

Backs its plans with a satisfaction guarantee that includes free reservice or a refund

Plans and Pricing

Lawn Doctor offers the following annual plans:

Each plan typically includes six to eight treatments throughout the year. Lawn Doctor also offers power seeding and aeration services designed to improve soil health and grow lush and vibrant grass. 

Lawn Doctor prices its annual plans according to your lawn’s needs and will require you to speak to your local Lawn Doctor specialist for more information.

What Homeowner Reviews Say

We read dozens of Lawn Doctor reviews on TrustPilot and other trusted third-party review sites.  Many four- and five-star reviews complimented Lawn Doctor’s successful lawn fertilization treatments and personable customer service. Other customers expressed satisfaction with the knowledge and guidance of Lawn Doctor’s specialists. Some negative reviews stated the lawn treatments didn’t work as expected for weed control.

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What We Like

SavATree is a great fit for anyone seeking comprehensive lawn treatment plus additional care for trees. The company offers tree pruning, tree removal, disease treatment, and mite and pest treatment as an add-on to any of its lawn care plans. It also offers a support network for tree lovers via its mobile app, which quickly connects you with a local, professional arborist when you need assistance fast. The company focuses on environmentally friendly lawn care, aiming to reduce waste and carbon emissions at all levels of its services. It also offers specialized boxwood care, organic shrub care, tree cabling and bracing, and more.

Benefits and Drawbacks

The following are some pros and cons of SavATree:


Offers numerous tree and shrub care services in addition to its lawn care plans

Doesn’t have nationwide availability

Has organic, environmentally friendly lawn treatment options

Varies its service offerings based on your location

Aims to reduce waste and carbon emissions and is a strategic partner for the Sustainable Urban Forests Coalition

Plans and Pricing

SavATree’s pricing varies by customer. The company will conduct a detailed soil analysis on your property, then offer a choice from the plans below with a custom quote.

What Homeowner Reviews Say

SavATree has very few customer reviews on trusted sites, such as TrustPilot. Some Yelp reviews did compliment the company for its skilled tree work. Negative reviews mention poor customer service.

How to Choose a Lawn Care Service

Your lawn is a significant factor in your home’s overall appeal and appearance. Poor lawn care service can lead to patchy, brown, and unsightly areas, so choosing the right provider for your needs is vital. Consider the following factors when choosing the best fit for your yard.

Service Programs

Lawn care companies differ from landscaping companies in many ways. Landscaping often involves mowing, planting new trees and shrubs, and designing beautified outdoor spaces.

On the other hand, lawn care services focus on the health and composition of your grass, trees, shrubs, and soil. Standard service programs include these:

Frequency of Service

The frequency of service for lawn care will vary based on your needs and goals for your lawn.


Many lawn care providers avoid harmful traditional pesticides and fertilizers in favor of more natural ingredients. If you have small children or pets, you may benefit from looking for products certified as organic, so be sure to read the labels and ingredients listed on company websites. All three providers in this review offer natural options, and both Sunday and Lawnbright have at least one fully organic product for sale.


Comprehensive professional lawn care typically costs more than a DIY lawn care subscription service. The average cost for three TruGreen comprehensive lawn care services came to $876 annually for a home with approximately a quarter-acre lawn. 

The average DIY subscription cost for the same lawn came to $368 annually. We got this figure by averaging plan costs for Sunday and Lawnbright.

Compare Top Lawn Care Companies

Star Rating Link Phone
TruGreen TruGreen
Treat My Lawn 1-866-817-2287
Sunday Sunday
Treat My Lawn
Lawnbright Lawnbright
Treat My Lawn 978-595-2077
SavATree SavATree
Treat My Lawn
Logo TruGreen
Star Rating
Phone 1-866-817-2287
Treat My Lawn
Logo Sunday
Star Rating
Treat My Lawn
Logo Lawnbright
Star Rating
Phone 978-595-2077
Treat My Lawn
Logo SavATree
Star Rating
Treat My Lawn

Our Recommendation

For comprehensive service and convenience, we recommend that busy homeowners select TruGreen. This provider earns our top recommendation for its years of experience, hands-on approach, comprehensive service list, and customer support. Additionally, the company’s user-friendly mobile app allows users to manage their lawn care on the go.

For environmentally conscious homeowners, Lawnbright provides DIY plans using all-natural ingredients aimed at reducing nitrogen levels. In addition, Sunday’s plans are great for lawn care beginners looking for a cost-efficient service plan.

Professional Lawn Care FAQ

How do I choose a lawn care service?

In choosing a lawn care company, you will want to consider several factors:What services you’d like for your yard: Do you need extensive treatments like aeration and soil amendment, or simply some overseeding and fertilization? If your yard needs significant help to get healthy, you may consider a full-service provider.If you’d prefer DIY or a traditional service: Some companies like Sunday and Lawnbright will ship treatments straight to your door for you to apply, while providers like TruGreen will take care of your lawn directly. If you want to be more hands-on with your lawn, DIY may be right for you.Your price range: Unsurprisingly, traditional lawn care costs more than DIY services. The extra cost may be worth it for those who prefer not to spend their weekends on lawn care. On the other hand, a full-service price may be prohibitive for some homeowners.

How much do most lawn services cost?

Quotes we received from secret shopping for a one-acre lawn in Nashville averaged $2,159 for a year of traditional lawn care service or $288 for DIY subscription services. These services include pest control, weed control, fertilization, overseeding, and more. According to experts, pricing for landscaping services like mowing and weeding in the same area typically ranges from $50 to $200 per visit for a similar lawn.

What are some companies that have good lawn care services?

Some nationally recognized companies with good lawn care services include TruGreen, Lawn Doctor, and Weed Man for full-service choices. Good choices for DIY care include Sunday, Lawnbright, and Scotts.

Is it cheaper to fertilize your own lawn?

It is typically cheaper to fertilize your own lawn, but you lose the benefit of full-service lawn care. Lawn care specialists that provide fertilization services usually tailor a plan to your soil condition and grass type.

How can I make my lawn greener and fuller?

To grow greener, thicker grass, it’s best to start a lawn care plan that includes aeration, seeding, fertilization, and weed control.

How We Chose the Top Lawn Care Services

We researched and analyzed widely available lawn care services, spoke with customer service representatives, and analyzed customer experiences based on hundreds of consumer reviews and call listening sessions to find common pain points and lawn care service requests.

We also secret-shopped for quotes from six providers to simulate the customer experience with each process and compare pricing for similar services. Although lawn care offerings can vary based on seasonality and location, we reviewed and compared each provider’s service programs, frequency of service, customer support, pest and weed control options, contact options, industry reputation, ingredients, and state availability.