Weed Man Lawn Care Review (2024)

By Shane Sentelle Updated February 7, 2024

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Lawn care is a routine chore that many homeowners enjoy, but it’s not for everyone, especially when the results are unsatisfactory. Full-service lawn care companies can bring new life to your yard and control weeds and lawn-borne pests. Many service providers, such as Weed Man Lawn Care, offer annual plans that include seasonal treatments to keep your lawn full and green.

We looked at the top lawn care companies nationwide to create our comprehensive list of the best lawn care services. In this review, we provide a detailed look at Weed Man Lawn Care so you’ll know what to expect when scheduling an annual program with this popular lawn care service.



Fast Facts About Weed Man Lawn Care


Upsides and Downsides of Weed Man Lawn Care


Tailors lawn care programs to your location and property size

Does not offer all services in all locations

Builds programs with targeted fertilization, soil enhancement, weed control, and pest control services

Does not assist with mowing or landscaping needs

Uses slow-release fertilizers for continual nutrient uptake

Weed Man Lawn Care Reviews

Weed Man reviews from trusted third-party websites show varying customer experiences depending on franchise location. Below, we’ve featured several customer reviews from Google that capture the common sentiments we see among Weed Man customers

We switched from another company that wasn’t getting the weeds under control. We took a few months break before signing up with Weed Man. I’m much happier with the results of my lawn and how things are looking compared to where we were at before.  The lawn is fuller. During the summer it looks gorgeous. I spoke with Deanna a few months ago to get treatment for the shrubs and trees. She was delightful! So great service + quality products!” —Brooklyn Davis via Google Reviews

It’s not everyday when you get to know the person servicing your lawn, however today felt a little different. Julian, out of the Kennesaw, GA Office serviced my lawn in Canton and made me feel appreciated and in good hands moving forward. Julian saw me, approached me and introduced himself as my technician. He took the time to walk the property, assess and acknowledge the care he believed I had for my lawn. Furthermore, made recommendations for continued improvements and assured me he would do his best to represent Weed Man reputation and values. I found Julian to be a really nice guy and genuinely interested in doing well for his customers. It was refreshing to meet him today. Weed Man is obviously looking to employ, train and retain good people. Thank you. —Jay Hughes via Google Reviews

I used Weed Man for about three or four months before canceling.The technicians always had a problem finding my house (even though they service a lot of people in my neighborhood) and just wouldn’t show up—no call, no show. It took a WEEK for a manager to contact me so I could tell him my frustrations with being rescheduled every day for a week and them not being able to find my house. Today was the day I finally canceled … This company has not been consistent with showing up to treat my yard, so I will be taking my business elsewhere.Kerri Cochran via Google Reviews

I recently canceled their weed control service as it did not work, even with retreatments. We had it for six months, and they could not control the weeds at all but continued to try and upsell other treatments and services. They actually told me it can sometimes take up to two years to get them under control.” —Scott Hamner via Google Reviews



Weed Man Lawn Care Service Programs

Weed Man Lawn Care programs include the following services: 

Weed Man Lawn Care Service Pricing

Pricing for an annual Weed Man plan depends on the services available and recommended in your area of the country. For a 1,500-square-foot lot in Buffalo, New York, we received an online quote of $860. This basic lawn care plan includes the following services:

You can add any of the following services for additional fees:

Weed Man Lawn Care Frequency of Service

Weed Man’s service frequency depends on your local franchise and the plans available. For most of the quotes we’ve collected, Weed Man said it would provide seven treatments throughout the year, starting in spring and ending in fall. You should contact your local Weed Man office for a clearer picture of what to expect for plans in your area. 



Weed Man Lawn Care Ingredients

Weed Man uses many chemical pesticides and herbicides and advises customers to keep pets and children off their lawns until the product has dried or for up to 24 hours. It does offer an organic lawn dressing to support soil health, and several other products include natural ingredients. 



Our Recommendation

Weed Man Lawn Care is a respectable choice for homeowners seeking an annual lawn care program. It offers a wide selection of services, including fertilization, pest control, weed control, and soil management, to cultivate healthy, beautiful lawns. Weed Man’s services may be limited in certain locations, and the company offers few natural or organic lawn treatment options.

We selected TruGreen as our top overall pick for professional lawn care. TruGreen offers comprehensive lawn care programs and includes aeration and overseeding with several of its recommended plans. Before proceeding with a lawn care service, request quotes from at least three companies and compare each one’s annual plan.



Weed Man Lawn Care FAQ

Are Weed Man Lawn Care products and services worth the money?

We researched dozens of Weed Man reviews across several franchise locations and discovered an overall positive consensus from customers. There were mixed reviews, but many customers expressed satisfaction with Weed Man’s products and services.  

Is weed control worth it?

Weed control is worth it if you want to keep your lawn healthy. It results in fuller grass with less ragweed, dandelion, crabgrass, and other invasive weed growth.

Does Weed Man use pesticides?

Yes, Weed Man uses pesticides for many of its lawn care services that incorporate pest control and prevention.



How We Chose the Top Lawn Care Services

We researched and analyzed widely available lawn care services, spoke with customer service representatives, and analyzed customer experiences based on hundreds of consumer reviews and call listening sessions to find common pain points and lawn care service requests.

We also secret-shopped for quotes from six providers to simulate the customer experience with each process and compare pricing for similar services. Although lawn care offerings can vary based on seasonality and location, we reviewed and compared each provider‘s service programs, frequency of service, customer support, pest and weed control options, contact options, industry reputation, ingredients, and state availability.