Most Affordable Moving Companies

Written by Sean Donnelly

Oct 30, 2023

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Moving can be an expensive endeavor. We surveyed 1,000 consumers in 2022 and found that 60% of them purchased a partial or full-service move from a professional moving company, and a majority of them paid between $1,000 and $4,000 for their move.

Picking the right professional movers can help make the moving process stress-free and allow you to avoid frustrating, hidden expenses. In this guide, we’ll give you details about moving services, storage options, and insurance coverage to help you select the right company for your upcoming relocation. We’ll also guide you through what you need to know to avoid unnecessary costs.

The Best Affordable Moving Companies

Here are the most cost-effective moving companies you can hire today:

Stack of cardboard boxes in a living room for moving



How to Pick a Cheap Moving Company

Selecting a moving provider with competitive pricing starts with taking a complete and honest inventory of your belongings. You will need this list for full-service companies such as JK Moving and North American Van Lines, who will use it in the process of providing binding estimates.

Out of 1,000 consumers we surveyed, we found that the second most common surprise cost was the additional charge for large and difficult items. You should note in advance whether you need specialty services, such as electronics crating or vehicle shipping. Most moving companies will charge a hefty premium for tacking on these services at the last minute, which may feel like a hidden fee. Providing this information up front will help you accurately compare the quotes from each full-service mover. 

Should you decide that your move is small enough to handle on your own, a moving container company like 1-800-PACK-RAT has online tools to help you determine container sizes and how many moving containers you need to transport your items.



Moving Cost Factors

The following factors may influence the overall cost of your move:



How Can I Save Money on a Move?

It’s possible to save money on a move by packing your own car or picking up a moving truck rental, but this can be a bigger hassle than you may be willing to endure. Luckily, there are a few ways you can cut the cost of your move with a professional moving company:



Our Recommendation

If you’re looking for an all-inclusive moving experience, we recommend International Van Lines. Overall, you will find that the most affordable moving option will be self-service providers like 1-800-PACK-RAT and uShip—so long as you are willing to handle a large portion of the work yourself or are looking to move just a few specialty items. 

Though all of these providers are top choices for affordable movers, we encourage you to request quotes from at least three movers to get a better idea of the services you will receive for the cost.


How We Chose the Top Moving Companies

We researched and analyzed dozens of full- and self-service moving companies and formulated a moving review methodology based on a number of factors, including package options, pricing, and reputation. We also identified customer pain points based on customer-review analysis, proprietary consumer surveys, and interviews with former and current moving professionals.

Speaking directly to a representative at each company, we determined the number of package options available, the coverage provided, the types of moves available (long-distance, local, and international), and any extra perks offered, such as mobile apps, moving checklists, and 24/7 customer service.

We also gathered pricing data from each of the companies and determined whether they provide ballpark estimates or binding quotes. To determine reputation, we evaluated companies based on their rating with the Better Business Bureau as well as their overall score on Yelp.


Moving Company Reviews 

International Van Lines

What We Like

Founded as an international logistics company in 2000, International Van Lines (IVL) continues to specialize in global relocation services. It also facilitates moves in 180 countries, which is more than any other provider on this list. 

While many moving companies outsource international moves, IVL acts as the carrier and single point of contact for your international move, mitigating logistical and communication nightmares. This includes in-house assistance with full-service options like packing and loading, as well as ocean or air freight transportation.

For international ocean freight transportation, customers can choose either a full container load or consolidated load. A consolidated load helps reduce the overall cost, but your shipment may take longer to be delivered. The company also offers air freight transport for those who want to receive their belongings faster, though this may come at a higher price. 

Though IVL specializes in international moves, it also provides domestic moving services for both local and interstate moves, including a variety of add-on services, such as vehicle transport, custom crating, junk removal, and short-term and long-term storage options.


➕ Provides long-distance and local service across all 50 states
➕ Offers specialized large-item moving and handling services with set added fees
Grants refunds of deposits with more than 48 hours’ notice for cancellations


➖ Has a track record of poor communication after booking, per negative reviews
Outsources most of its domestic moves


IVL’s moving calculator tool provided us with a ballpark quote of $4,200 to $6,150 to move a three-bedroom home from Dallas to Phoenix in late April. That same move would cost between $6,000 and $8,700 for a four-bedroom home, and it would cost $7,200 to $11,250 for a five-bedroom home. IVL can provide a more precise binding estimate once you complete an online quote form and in-home or virtual survey with a customer service representative. 

IVL requires a deposit of 25% of your total moving cost to lock in a moving date. This requires payment in the form of cash, credit card, check, or money order. The remaining balance can be paid with cash, cashier’s check, or money order on the day of your move. 

Services Offered

International Van Lines provides domestic local and long-distance services, as well as international moving assistance to 180 other countries. When you contact this provider for a moving quote, you’ll be able to select options for your moving package, including packing, crating, and storage from IVL or an IVL partner. As a bonus, all long-distance moves include 30 free days of storage.



American Van Lines 

What We Like

American Van Lines (AVL) is a great option if you are looking to transport fine art, priceless antiques, or other high-value items. AVL focuses on hiring and retaining experienced moving crews that can expertly pack, load, and transport items that require special handling. The company claims its movers hold an average of 10 years of experience, and it hires them on a full-time basis rather than the standard moving industry practice of contractual labor. 

AVL develops these movers’ skill sets by requiring them to complete ongoing, annual training at the company’s on-site training facilities. This training includes instruction on safely moving difficult items like musical instruments, recreational equipment, and one-of-a-kind artwork.


Provides flat-rate pricing for all moves
Trains its moving crews to handle antiques and fine art
Offers moving shuttle service between major cities for expedited service


Provides limited local moving service in Florida North Carolina, and Texas
Requires deposits of up to 50%


American Van Lines works only with binding estimates for flat-rate, accurate pricing. In order to provide this pricing, AVL requires you to allow either an in-person or virtual survey of your home and inventory. However, the company’s online moving cost page estimates that moving a four-bedroom home (or 14,000 pounds) from Dallas to Phoenix would cost approximately $9,275

AVL accepts cash, credit cards, and checks. It also offers price-matching, which allows you to avoid paying an unnecessarily high price. You will, however, be required to pay an up-front deposit, which may be as much as 50% of your total moving cost.

Services Offered

American Van Lines operates exclusively as a carrier for long-distance moves throughout thel lower 48 states. Its moving crews average a decade of experience on the job, which lends it a high degree of quality and flexibility in the add-on services it provides. 

AVL offers full- and partial-service options, including packing, loading, transportation, unloading, and unpacking. It also features a selection of add-on services, such as storage services, electronics crating, and vehicle shipping. You can mix and match all of AVL’s services to create a customized package tailored to your moving needs.



Interstate Moving & Relocation Group

What We Like

Interstate Moving & Relocation Group (IMRG) is a nationwide broker mainly focusing on long-distance relocations. However, its wide partner carrier network allows it to service plenty of local moving needs. 

Whether you’re looking for full-service or self-service moving assistance, you’ll likely be able to find an IMRG moving partner in your network that can help. Its movers provide an array of services across all 50 states, and IMRG has plenty of moving resources and guides on its site to help you with the process.


➕ Offers moving guides and other customer resources on its website
Responds quickly to quote requests
 Provides an instant ballpark quote tool on its site


➖ Has mixed reviews, depending on location and which of its partner companies is involved with a given move
➖ Requires 72 hours’ notice for deposit refunds after move cancellations


IMRG has a handy cost estimator tool on its site that can help you get a ballpark estimate. Beyond that, you’ll have to fill out a quote request form on IMRG’s homepage to have an IMRG moving representative contact you.

You can get an estimate over the phone, but we recommend an in-home or visual consultation via video call to get a truly binding estimate. Costs from IMRG will be based on the given partner your move is assigned to, as well as your move’s distance and size.

Services Offered

IMRG offers assistance for self-service and full-service relocations. This means that you’ll be able to book moving container services and full-service carriers for moves of all sizes. Your moving packages can include full packing and unpacking, crating, storage, and any other service, although this will depend on the partners located near you.



Moving APT

What We Like

Moving APT was founded in 1999 as a small five-person operation. It has since expanded to a larger team that facilitates moves across all 50 states. It now operates through more than 2,500 individual moving partners.

Moving APT’s website stands as one of its strongest features. It includes an easy-to-use cost calculator tool for preliminary estimates, moving guides, and partner company information to help ensure that customers are well-informed ahead of their relocations.


➕ Provides partner bios and helpful information on its site
➕ Offers price-matching
➕ Has a 24/7 customer service line


➖ Provides varied quality of service across different locations
➖ Offers different ranges of add-on services, depending on partners in your area


Moving APT’s quote process begins when you submit a quote form on its homepage or when you call its phone number at 855-910-1001. Once you’ve spoken to a Moving APT consultant, your basic move details will be transferred to one of its partners in your area.

After you’ve been put into contact with one of Moving APT’s partners, you’ll schedule an in-home or video-call consultation with a representative. Deposit amounts and billing methods will depend on the partner handling your move.

Services Offered

Moving APT specializes in long-distance and interstate moving services and assists with local moving needs. It partners with some of the best movers available in the U.S. to provide standard and add-on services to suit any moving need. When booking with any broker, you’ll have to be up-front when disclosing add-on service requirements to ensure your move is handled by the best company for the job.



Safeway Moving Inc.

What We Like

Safeway Moving Inc. is another nationally recognized moving broker with limited offerings as a carrier. Its key services involve larger homes and out-of-state relocations, but it can service most moving needs. Its $1,000,000 insurance policy requirement for its moving partners make it one of the best moving companies for relocations in neighborhoods with homeowners associations (HOAs).

Safeway’s core values of integrity and accountability are primarily demonstrated by its commitment to flat-rate pricing, which means customers won’t have to pay surprise charges on moving day. 


➕ Provides flat-rate pricing for all moves
➕ Donates a portion of all move profits to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
➕ Offers discounts for senior citizens


➖ Offers varied services by location
➖ Provides long-distance moving only


Safeway’s flat-rate pricing means that all relocations will be quoted a single all-inclusive price. To start the process and get a free quote from Safeway, you’ll have to contact a representative via its phone number at 844-886-1118 or fill out a quote form online.

As a bonus, Safeway includes 30 free days of storage with all moves. Depending on the moving partner that books your move, this will most likely be at your move’s destination point rather than your point of origin.

Services Offered

Safeway Moving Inc. offers a range of services that is typical of nationwide moving providers. Safeway may be one of your best options if you’re in the market for a hands-off move. Through this mover, you can book packing for typical and specialty items, storage, crating, and more for both domestic and international moves. 



JK Moving Services

What We Like

JK Moving is our top recommendation for a full-service moving company. Each JK Moving customer works with a personal moving coordinator to create a fully customized moving package based on their specific moving requirements.  

Popular services include packing, loading, transportation, unloading, and unpacking. The company also provides specialized services for items such as artwork, antique furniture, pianos, and recreational equipment like Pelotons. 


➕ Features an excellent mobile app for tracking moves and yielding AI-assisted moving quotes
Offers financing options as low as 0% for all moves (terms apply)
➕ Allows for customers to build a fully customized moving package based on individual needs


➖ Offers local moving in a limited area, including Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.
➖ Requires phone calls for full estimates


JK Moving requires an in-person or virtual walk-through to provide you with a binding estimate. During this process, a JK Moving representative will assess your household items and identify any potentially hard-to-move pieces, items that require custom crating, and difficult access points, such as a narrow hallway. Your binding estimate will include furniture disassembly, wrapping and padding, loading, and unloading for all household items, as well as the full-replacement valuation coverage plan. 

JK Moving is the only company that offers financing on this list; while it is not a cheap moving company in terms of service, it does offer flexibility when it comes to payment. Through a partnership with Enhancify, you can receive rates as low as 0% same-as-cash.* According to the company’s website, it takes just 60 seconds to be matched with lenders and view your interest rate options. However, it’s vital that you carefully review your loan rates and terms to avoid overpaying for your move in the long run. 

JK Moving accepts payment in the form of credit cards, cash, and checks. It also requires a $250 deposit to guarantee a moving date.

* Subject to credit eligibility

Services Offered

JK Moving provides a typical range of services directly and as a moving broker across all lower 48 states. While you’ll have to be in the greater Washington, D.C., area, Virginia, or Maryland for local moving assistance, you’ll be eligible for long-distance moving in all states except Alaska and Hawaii.

JK Moving offers additional peace of mind through its full-replacement coverage option. If you choose this insurance coverage plan, a moving coordinator will work with you to determine the approximate value of your inventory. JK Moving will reimburse you for the full value of any broken, damaged, lost, or stolen items during transport—instead of a flat rate that covers your shipment based on its weight. 

You may also add or change your services, make payments, and check on the status of your shipment items while they’re in transit through JK Moving’s user-friendly smartphone app.



What We Like

North American Van Lines (NAVL) has more than 85 years of experience in the moving industry and features an extensive network of more than 500 local movers. This means that if NAVL can’t directly handle your move using its own moving trucks and labor, it arranges for a partner moving company to provide the services you purchase. 

Your move will still be coordinated and backed by NAVL, which ensures you have access to all of the company’s full-service offerings, add-ons, and moving resources. A standout tool is the company’s simple mobile app that helps you conduct a virtual home survey, create a digital inventory, and store your important moving documents. 


➕ Operates more than 500 locations around the country to provide moving services to a large number of potential customers
➕ Offers flat-rate and bottom-line pricing plans to avoid surprise fees
➕ Has an app that allows customers to track their moves at all points


➖ Has varied reviews depending on the location
➖ Brokers out some moves to third-party carriers


North American Van Lines provided us with an instant online quote to move a three-bedroom home from Dallas to Phoenix for $6,435 to $7,110, which is a fairly low price given the high quality of service it provides. This ballpark quote includes packing, loading, transportation, unloading, and unpacking, as well as GPS tracking and basic carrier liability coverage at 60 cents per pound per item.

If your home is larger, NAVL will provide a binding estimate once you complete an in-person or virtual assessment of your home. During this process, you will need to identify any current household items you aren’t planning to take with you during relocation. 

NAVL accepts cash, credit cards, and certified checks for payment. The company does not require up-front deposits. 

Services Offered

NAVL supplies specialty services, including the disconnection and reconnection of your major appliances, a unique option that allows you to save money on hiring a handyperson or electrician separately. Additional services include vehicle shipping for your car, truck, SUV, van, or boat. It also provides short- and long-term storage and crating for fragile, rare, expensive, and extremely large pieces for extra protection during transit.



Allied Van Lines

What We Like

Founded in 1928, Allied Van Lines is one of the oldest movers on this list. Similar to JK Moving, Allied provides a personal moving coordinator for added customer service.

In addition to standard full-service options such as packing, unpacking, loading, and unloading, Allied also offers a fragile-only packing service. The fragile-only packing option is useful for those who are able to do most of their own packing but require assistance with delicate, valuable items like antiques and heirlooms.


Provides 24/7 shipment tracking services
➕ Offers an expedited moving service for smaller moves via Allied Express
➕ Assigns a single move coordinator for each move as a point of contact


➖ Requires phone or in-person estimates for large moves
➖ Has slow response times for damage claims, per many customer reviews


Allied Van Lines’ online moving calculator gave us a ballpark moving quote of $6,462 to $7,141 to move a three-bedroom home from Dallas to Phoenix in late March. This quote includes packing and unpacking services, as well as loading, transportation, unloading, GPS tracking, basic carrier liability coverage, and associated fuel and toll cost.

Allied Van Lines will not provide an online or phone estimate for homes larger than three bedrooms. To receive a binding estimate on your four-bedroom (or larger) home, you must schedule an in-person or virtual home survey on Allied’s website. A moving quote specialist will review the layout of your house and your inventory. They’ll also consider factors such as the overall distance, size/weight of your shipment, and date of your move to determine your total cost. 

Allied accepts payment in the form of cash, credit cards, and certified checks. It also doesn’t require you to pay an up-front deposit. 

Services Offered

Allied Van Lines is one of the best options for shipping vehicles and larger items like pianos, pool tables, and oversized furniture. Its large moving vans allow it to provide such service without outsourcing them to a third-party carrier.

Allied also offers an inexpensive self-service small-move option called Allied Express that employs portable storage containers. This service also includes assistance from two to four of Allied’s movers for loading and unloading.




*Not available in Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia, Wisconsin, or Wyoming)

What We Like

An excellent option for anyone with a smaller number of items, 1-800-PACK-RAT is Best Overall Mover for a self-service mover. PACK-RAT provides waterproof steel portable storage containers that it delivers directly to your home. You then load your items at your own pace within a 30-day rental period. Once loaded, PACK-RAT picks up the containers and delivers them to your new home.

Though it is a DIY service, 1-800-PACK-RAT provides plenty of support on its website. Online tools including how-to videos, a space calculator, checklists, location guides, and a weight calculator make the self-service process more approachable. If you’d prefer to be less hands-on with packing and loading, the company also offers third-party assistance with loading and unloading via HireAHelper


Includes $10,000 in contents protection for all long-distance moves
➕ Provides all-steel weatherproof containers for all moves
➕ Offers tiered protection plans for all goods


➖ Offers limited coverage in 30 states
Provides no online booking option


One of 1-800-PACK-RAT’s 16-foot containers holds up to 6,000 pounds, which is about two or three rooms of furniture and items. A single container going from Dallas to Phoenix would cost $2,538 for drop-off and pick-up of the container at your current address, transportation to your new home, a security lock, and coverage of up to $10,000 on your items.

The contents of a four-bedroom home weigh around 14,000 pounds on average and won’t fit into a single container. However, you can easily add more containers to your PACK-RAT order if needed. 

The PACK-RAT representative we spoke to during our quote process also mentioned that the company is willing to price match with competitors offering a similar service. You pay for PACK-RAT’s services via credit card on its online portal, My PackRat. 

Services Offered

1-800-PACK-RAT is our pick for the best self-service moving option. It supplies three sizes of all-steel mobile storage units for various local, long-distance, and storage applications. It also makes hiring labor assistance fairly easy and provides excellent protection plans for its units and the goods they contain.




What We Like

The online platform uShip directly connects customers with more than 800,000 shippers. Unlike traditional moving companies, uShip is a virtual marketplace where customers can post their requests to transport vehicles, appliances, or other large, one-off items and accept bids easily.

Here’s how it works: First, you create a profile on the uShip platform and post your shipping job online. Then, uShip recommends shippers with positive customer reviews who fulfill your criteria. Finally, you choose the shipper that best fits your budget and needs and accept its bid. 


Provides an easy way to compare different rates and quotes from different carriers
➕ Has nearly unmatched availability across all 50 states
➕ Offers discounted rates for military members


➖ Partners with some unvetted carriers
➖ Offers no guaranteed rates


Through uShip’s website, we obtained a free moving quote of $723 to ship a 2020 Maserati Ghibli from Dallas to Phoenix via enclosed carrier in late February.

The company coordinates the payment of third-party providers; therefore, your total price will include both your accepted bid amount (a binding price) and uShip’s service fee. uShip accepts all major credit cards for payment. 

Services Offered

uShip’s flagship service is its vehicle relocation option, which uses both open and enclosed carriers. Though open carriers will likely be less expensive, enclosed carriers provide protection from the elements. They are an excellent option if you need to move a rare, classic, or high-value vehicle. 

uShip is the best option for single-item shipping or smaller specialty shipments. Its partnerships with shipping companies across the United States and abroad grant it nearly unmatched flexibility.



Cheap Movers FAQ

What is the best single way to save money on a move?

The best way to save money on a move is to downsize. Selling or otherwise getting rid of unneeded items before your relocation will save your movers time and space in their trucks when they arrive on moving day. This will lead to a shorter and cheaper move.

What time of year is the most expensive time to move?

Summer is the most expensive time of year to move. Moving companies cope with higher demand in the warmer months, which can lead to rate increases.

Should I buy used packing supplies?

Buying used packing supplies off Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist is a great way to save money. Some people even give these away for free to save space. However, if you’re planning on packing valuables or antiques, we recommend buying new packing supplies to ensure the safety of your items.