Expert Tips for Moving with Pets (2024)

By By Sam Wasson | July 26, 2023

Woman traveling with cat in carrier.

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Moving to a new environment can be stressful for everyone—including pets. Luckily, there are many steps you can take to make the process easier for your furry friends. From gathering your pets’ health records to booking their transportation, learn how to create a smooth moving process for your pets from start to finish.



Gather and Update Pet Information

The process of moving with your pets actually begins well before you arrive in your new neighborhood. Get started with these two steps.



Research Your New Location

It takes time to get to know a new city or neighborhood, but it’s important to prioritize details for your animal companions.



Compare Travel Options for Your Pet

Whether you’re undertaking a local or long-distance move, make it as stress-free as possible by choosing the best travel option for your pets’ breeds and personalities. Not only will you be prepared for the move, but you’ll also be able to factor pet relocation into the cost of movers. Options include the following:

Traveling by Car

This is the most straightforward form of pet travel, but it still takes preparation, especially if you’re driving cross-country. Pets must be safely restrained just like human passengers, otherwise you risk severe injury if an accident occurs. Invest in pet car seats, crates, or seatbelts that configure into your back seat area.

Air Travel

Many people opt to hire a long-distance moving company, then fly to their new hometown. Each airline has its own pet transportation process with two common options available:

Check airline availability and container guidance before your move to maximize your pets’ comfort during the flight.

Pet Shipping Services

Professional pet shipping services transport your pets on your behalf, allowing you to focus on the other details of your move. Research customer reviews to select a reputable company that will care for your pets as its own. Follow these best practices:



Tips for Moving Day With Pets

The moving process can be stressful for both humans and animals. Follow these tips to help your furry family members develop a positive association in their new space.



How to Help Your Pet Adjust After Moving

Once you move in, resume your pets’ daily habits, whether it’s going for a morning walk or having a regular playtime together. Normalizing their day-to-day schedule helps them navigate the transition. Wait for any upgrades (such as a new dog bed) until they’ve acclimated for a few weeks in the new space.



Our Recommendation

The best way to create a stress-free move for your pets is to plan ahead. Research what kind of documents and health updates your pets need in your new area, then make travel arrangements that make the most sense for your logistical needs by following our tips.



Moving with Pets FAQ

What items should I pack before a move for my pet?

Pack basic essentials to keep with your pets on moving day. This includes medications, vaccination and other health records, ID tags, leashes, food, water, feeding supplies, bedding, cat litter, toys, and comfort items.

How do you move pets to a new country?

To move pets to a new country, first make sure your animal qualifies as a pet and is not considered livestock (such as pigs or chickens). Then check your destination country for specific health and post-entry quarantine requirements. For instance, pets must be quarantined for 10 to 30 days when entering Australia.

How do you move with pets if you only have one car?

Saving space is key if you only have one car to fit your pets. Make sure they’re fully secured with safety restraints and aren’t in danger of any luggage falling on them. Consider hiring a top moving company to take care of your boxes so you can focus on getting your family and pets to your new home.