The Eras Tour Effect: How Taylor Swift and Her Music Have Impacted Home Prices

By Amanda Lutz | October 31, 2023

Green road sign that says "Welcome to Swift Cities." Houses and blue sky in the background.

When you hear Taylor Swift’s name, you likely think of Billboard hits, sold-out stadiums, and relationship rumors. But Swift’s impact extends far beyond music: Her movies raise stock prices, her relationships boost sports ratings and sales, and her Instagram posts cause surges in voter registration. We wanted to learn whether Taylor Swift’s popularity also affects the real estate market.

In a unique study exploring music’s effects on real estate, we set out to uncover the impact of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour on home prices in the cities she visited. To begin our research, we surveyed 1,000 fans who attended the first U.S. leg of the Eras Tour about their concert expenses and tour experiences. We also dove into Redfin data, comparing home prices before the tour started to those after the tour’s first leg ended.

How much impact does Taylor Swift have on the real estate market? The answer is so astounding we’re still trying to shake it off.

Key Findings

The Taylor Swift Real Estate Effect

The Eras Tour broke dozens of records and is on track to rake in over $1 billion. We examined how the tour impacted the cities it visited, particularly the real estate market. To do this, we compared home prices before the tour to those after the tour’s first leg. Let’s find out just how significant the Taylor Swift effect was.

Infographic with map explaining how Taylor Swift's Eras Tour has resulted in increased home prices.

There is no bad blood between Taylor Swift and the housing market. After the Eras Tour graced a city, home prices increased by 2.1%, on average. For some cities, Swift’s stop through town caused seismic shifts in the real estate landscape. Atlanta experienced an impressive 8.8% increase in home prices after hosting the tour—the most of any city.

Infographic describing how some stops on Taylor Swift's Eras Tour temporarily renamed cities relating to her.

Tampa saw the second-largest Eras Tour bump with an 8.2% increase, followed by Glendale, Arizona, at 6.5%. Both cities went above and beyond to embrace Swift and the Eras Tour, which may have helped boost the Taylor Effect. When the tour rolled into Tampa, encompassing Hillsborough County temporarily renamed itself Swiftsborough; likewise, Glendale dubbed itself Swift City. Similarly, Arlington, Texas, renamed a street Taylor Swift Way during her stop in town and the city saw a 2.6% increase in home prices. 

But the Swift magic didn’t stop there. Three other cities saw significant real estate market transformations, with home prices increasing by more than 5%: Foxborough, Massachusetts (6.4%); Detroit (6.1%); and Minneapolis (5.5%).

The Taylor Swift Economy

In addition to home prices, the Eras Tour had a major economic impact on the cities it visited. We surveyed 1,000 concert-going Swifties about their concert experience, tour spending, and impression of the cities they visited.

Infographic showing the average money spent to attend Taylor Swift's Eras Tour.

The economic impact of the Eras Tour extended far beyond the housing market. Swifties (Taylor Swift’s fans) spent an average of $979 to attend the Eras Tour. While tickets accounted for approximately half of that total, the rest went to city and private revenue in the forms of food, activities, and accommodations. The tour spurred an especially significant boost to the hotel industry, breaking hotel occupancy records in several cities.

The Eras Tour didn’t just leave a financial footprint; it also inspired relocation among its attendees. One in five concertgoers who ventured to a different city for a show felt so taken by the experience that they contemplated packing up all their belongings and moving there. Houston topped this relocation trend, with a remarkable 45% of Swifties we surveyed expressing interest in moving to the Texas city due to their tour experience. Other Swiftie-enticing cities were Seattle (41%), Atlanta (31%), and Denver (27%).

Callout box describing how out-of-state travelers became interested in moving to the city they saw Taylor Swift's Eras Tour in.

Music’s Influence on Property Values

To further connect the worlds of real estate and music, we researched the average home prices on 150 streets named in popular songs. What is the most expensive street named in a song, and which genre has the most expensive taste in real estate? Let’s take a look.

Infographic showing the average home prices of streets named in Taylor Swift songs.

The most expensive street named in a song was Canal Street in New York City, immortalized by A$AP Rocky in “Canal St.,” with an average home price exceeding $12.6 million. Also in New York City, 57th Street—from Bruce Springsteen’s “Incident on 57th Street”—came in second with an average home price of just over $11.6 million. Blue Jay Way in Los Angeles, mentioned in The Beatles’s hit song of the same name, rounded out the top three, with the average home costing just over $10.2 million.

The most expensive street in one of Taylor Swift’s songs—Cornelia Street—came in seventh place overall, with an average home price of over $3 million. The song “Cornelia Street” was featured on the “Lover” album and paid homage to the few months Taylor rented a home there in 2016. Another possible beneficiary of the Taylor Swift effect, the house she rented recently went back on the market for just under $18 million—487% above the street’s average.

In Conclusion

From topping the charts to capturing the hearts of fans worldwide, Taylor Swift has proven time and again that she’s a force to be reckoned with. Her remarkable influence on the real estate market reveals just how far-reaching her impact truly is. From transforming cities into Swiftie havens to sparking relocations and skyrocketing home prices, Taylor Swift’s soaring popularity has brought plenty of good karma to local economies. If the global leg of the Eras Tour has the same impact on cities worldwide, the Taylor Swift effect may never go out of style.


We surveyed 1,000 people who attended Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour this year. We also looked at Redfin listings for all of the stops in the first U.S. leg of the tour, which occurred from March to August of 2024, to see how home prices changed from before the shows to after the shows. We also used historical data to determine the average month-over-month price increases nationally and compare to the growth rates we saw in tour cities. We additionally examined the average home listing prices for streets used as song names and streets named after artists.

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