How Much Does Bat Removal Cost? (2024)

By Sam Wasson Updated January 23, 2024

Typical costs range from $200 to $8,000.

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The cost of bat removal ranges from $200 to more than $8,000, depending on the severity of the infestation. Bat removal is more expensive than standard pest control. Bats are a vector of the rabies virus, and many species of bats in the United States are endangered, which makes their removal legally hazardous as well. Because of these protections, not all pest control companies offer bat exclusion, and those that do typically charge a premium.

Below, we’ll look at how much bat removal costs, what you need to know about removing bats, and how you can protect your home from these winged invaders.



Cost of Bat Removal and Exclusion

Bats are one of the most expensive pests to remove, alongside termites, cockroaches, and bed bugs. The high cost of bat removal stems from the delicate removal methods required to handle these flying mammals. Since many bats in the United States are endangered, you can’t use an exterminator. Instead, you’ll need a wildlife control or pest control company that uses non-kill and exclusion treatments.

Bats, like rodents, can inflict major damage to your home’s structures. Even a small colony can destroy insulation, drywall, eaves, fascia, and other parts of the roof or attic. These additional remediation costs may be as expensive as or more than the exclusion costs.

The following table breaks down the average cost of professional bat removal and common services paired with bat exclusion:

ServicePrice (Low End)Price (High End)




Bat exclusion



Guano removal



Cost information in this article was sourced from Fixr and Angi.



Factors Affecting Bat Removal Cost

The cost of bat removal is affected by numerous factors, including colony size, guano cleanup, and dead bat removal. Here is a list of the factors that increase the cost of bat removal services:



Legality of Removing Bats

While bats are a risk to the health and structures of your home, they’re also an invaluable part of our natural ecosystem. Bats keep insect populations under control, eating mosquitoes and other pests. Many bat species across the United States are critically endangered and protected by the Fish and Wildlife Act of 1956, the Endangered Species Act (ESA) of 1973, and state-level ordinances.

If you’re dealing with a bat infestation, the bats may be protected by one of these laws. Injuring, killing, or removing them without proper approval may be illegal. We always recommend hiring a professional to assess the nature of your bat infestation and remove the bats using certified, humane methods.

The bats currently recognized by the U.S. federal government as endangered or at risk include the following:



Professional Exclusion vs. DIY Removal

While some pests can be removed with DIY methods, we don’t recommend removing bats yourself due to the health risks and legal protections associated with bats. However, you can take DIY measures to safeguard your home against bats. If bats have infiltrated your home, we recommend Terminix for professional bat exclusion.

DIY Methods

Ensure your home is unwelcoming to bats by taking the following steps:


Terminix is a nationally recognized pest control company. Its bat control program involves Teminix sealing off the entry points in your attic, installing one-way valves to get the bats out, cleaning up any bat droppings, and doing annual upkeep to ensure they don’t come back.



Our Recommendation

If you have a bat infestation in your home, we recommend reaching out to a pest control company. A pest control professional can assess the severity of the infestation, determine the species of bats, and remove them safely. Many national pest control brands do not offer bat exclusion or removal services, with the exception of Terminix.



Bat Removal Cost FAQ

Why are bats so expensive to get rid of?

Bats are expensive to get rid of because traditional pest control treatments canu0026#8217;t be used on them. Many bat species are protected, so pest control companies must use nonlethal removal techniques that are difficult and expensive.

Can you remove bats yourself?

Bats should not be removed yourself due to the associated health hazards and legal concerns. We recommend hiring a professional to remove bats.

How long does it take to get bats out of the attic?

The amount of time it takes to get bats out of the attic depends on the size and location of the colony. On average, it can take between three days and one week for bats to completely vacate your home.

What is the best way to get rid of bats?

Most professional pest control companies use a combination of techniques to get rid of bats. The most common method is a series of tubes containing one-way doors. The bats will leave through these one-way exits to feed and won’t be able to return. Methods such as harmless gasses and repellents can be used in conjunction with these tubes to make the bats vacate more quickly.

Will homeowners insurance cover bat removal?

No, most homeowners insurance does not cover bat or other critter removal. Some policies cover the damage done by pests, but only under specific circumstances.



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