How Much Does a Flea Exterminator Cost? (2024 Guide)

By Shane Sentelle Updated January 23, 2024

Typical costs range from $75 to $400.

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Fleas are infamous for bothering pets during warmer months, but these parasitic insects can also make homeowners miserable. Luckily, a professional exterminator has the training to quickly eliminate fleas inside a home. We ranked the nation’s best pest control companies and researched the average pest control costs. The average cost of a flea extermination service typically ranges from $75 to $400.*

*Cost data sourced from HomeAdvisor.



Cost of a Flea Exterminator

We requested one-time, general pest control quotes from the two highest-ranking providers on our list: Terminix and Orkin. Both quotes were for a Chicago-area home.  

Terminix does not explicitly list flea extermination as part of its general pest control plans. We used Terminix’s live online chat to speak to a sales representative who told us the company does offer flea control. However, they would not confirm whether flea control was included in the $290 cost for one-time general pest control without booking an inspection. You may need to schedule a free home inspection for accurate pricing. 

Orkin lists flea control as part of its general plans and targeted treatments.



Factors Affecting Flea Exterminator Cost

Here are some of the biggest determining factors for the cost of flea extermination:



Types of Fleas

Here are some of the most common types of fleas



Professional Exterminators vs. DIY Products

Most professional exterminators offer targeted pest control services for fleas at an affordable rate. However, there are several over-the-counter solutions you can try for less severe infestations. These products include the following:

Flea foggers use fumigants to kill fleas in your home, so you’ll need to exit and ventilate the area for several hours after activation. These products may not penetrate your whole house, leading to reinfestations. Diatomaceous earth is frequently suggested as a natural solution for flea control when applied to furniture and carpeting, but it doesn’t destroy flea eggs. This powderized product is also very messy and can damage vacuum cleaners.



Our Recommendation

We recommend hiring a pest control specialist to manage your flea problem. You should also consult your veterinarian about preventive flea treatments for your pets. Terminix and Orkin are our top-ranked pest control companies, and each has availability throughout most of the United States. 


Terminix offers reputable pest control services that include flea treatment. It also offers treatment for bed bugs, termites, ants, spiders, and many other common household pests. Annual pest control plans include an initial treatment and quarterly follow-up visits, and the company offers free inspections for several services. 


Orkin serves the majority of the United States and rivals Terminix with similar service offerings, treating homes for more than 20 common pest problems. It offers annual plans and targeted services, and the company’s website has extensive guidance on specific pests, describing behaviors, habitats, and life cycles. We counted nearly 20 articles on fleas alone.



Flea Exterminator Cost FAQ

How hard is it to get rid of a flea infestation?

It can be incredibly difficult to get rid of a flea infestation, especially when the adult fleas have laid eggs throughout your home. The quickest way to exterminate fleas is by contacting a reputable pest control professional.

Can fleas bite humans?

Many types of fleas will bite humans, especially as the fleas multiply and more blood meals are necessary to sustain the population.

What are some of the signs of fleas inside a home?

The most obvious sign of fleas inside a home is seeing them jump from your pet(s) onto furniture and even onto your own skin. You may also notice flea dirt in your dog or cat’s fur.



How We Chose the Top Pest Control Companies

Our pest control research process starts with analyzing customer reviews on third-party websites such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Trustpilot, and Google Reviews. We then do a deep dive into each company’s website, service plans, and available cost information. We also secret shop the companies we review, reach out to representatives, and request quotes.

From there, we compile the information we’ve gathered and compare each company using our in-depth pest control methodology and review criteria. This process uses a series of factors that are important to our readers, and we score each company depending on how well they perform in each factor. For instance, companies that offer more guarantees for their service earned more points than others, and pest control plans with a larger range of covered pests earned more points than ones with fewer.

After analyzing dozens of residential and commercial pest control businesses through this process, we were able to determine the best pest control companies on the market.