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By Alex Hawkins Updated February 6, 2024

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There’s no better way to keep your home feeling like a haven than by keeping bugs and critters out. Whether you want to avoid future pest problems or eliminate current infestations, you’ll want to choose a highly rated pest control provider you can rely on in times of need.

To make the process easier, we’ve researched the top pest control companies. We secret-shopped for more than 50 quotes, listened to more than 100 customer service call recordings, and read hundreds of customer reviews from third-party websites. From this analysis, we compared and contrasted the plans, pros, cons, and guarantees. Some of the biggest names in the industry are Orkin and Terminix, and we put together this guide comparing the two companies for homeowners.

Orkin vs. Terminix: Fast Facts

Fast Fact



States available



Frequency of treatments

Monthly, quarterly, or annually

Monthly, quarterly, or annually

Service guarantee

Reservicing guarantee, money-back guarantee

Reservicing guarantee


24/7 customer service line, same day service, live chat

24/7 customer service line, same day service

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*Orkin is available in all but Alaska, South Dakota, and Wyoming

**Terminix is available in all but Alaska, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Vermont. 

Orkin vs. Terminix: Reviews

After analyzing hundreds of customer reviews on third-party websites, we found that both Orkin and Terminix have primarily positive reviews. For Orkin reviews regularly mention timely scheduling and knowledgeable, experienced technicians. Reviews for Terminix commonly cite thorough service and clear communication about appointments.

On the other hand, dissatisfied Orkin customers mentioned late, changed, or missed appointments from their technician. Similarly, unhappy Terminix customers talked about difficulty scheduling appointments. Below are a few reviews from homeowners.

Orkin Reviews

“Very happy with the customer service provided today! The gentlemen answered all my questions and were very knowledgeable and courteous. They tackled the job amazingly and fast. Definitely will recommend [the service]. Very friendly overall, both the call to the office as well as the people in-person. Great job, guys!” —Alicia D. via Google Reviews

“Two gentlemen came out to our home today to perform our regular quarterly inspection and extermination. They were very professional and completed their tasks in a quick but efficient manner. I would rate them a 12 out of 10. They were that good.” —James D’Ambrosio via Google Reviews

“I gave 3 stars because initially they got rid of my rodent problem. I do feel like the technician that comes to our house monthly is just trying to hurry up and get through it. [The service] is on different days and times the last few times, when we agreed upon a day and time when we first signed the contract.” —Sireena Daniel via Google Reviews

Terminix Reviews

“I have the greatest service technician! [My technician] always answers my messages in a timely manner, is always courteous and professional, and does a phenomenal job. I can’t remember the last time I  even saw a spider or ant inside my house! If I get a rat in my trap and notify him, he is quick and efficient at getting me on his schedule to remove it. He never fails to ask if there is anything I need help with.” —Cristine Ivey via Google Reviews

“Service technician was very friendly and professional and answered all questions and concerns. Spoke about causes and what to look out for in the area and what problems have been arising in the area. He even came a little bit earlier and was reassuring that his services would make the difference overall easing the stress of having bugs in or around the home. Pleasant visit and I felt very confident that I called the right company!” —Donna Benz via Google Reviews

“Two previous people didn’t call or show. [The third technician] called, was on time, and professional. Still, one out of three is not good odds.” —Lanny Garman via Google Reviews

Orkin vs. Terminix: Service and Treatment Plans

Both Orkin and Terminix offer a variety of service plans, including general pest control plans to deal with common household pests and specific treatments for types of pests you may only encounter in a particular region. However, both companies’ offerings vary by location. Here’s what to know about each provider.

Orkin Services

Orkin’s general pest control services treat up to 15 different pests, but the provider uses its initial inspection to prioritize any pressing pest issues you’re facing in your home. This visit will be the most involved—and costly. After the initial service, the company will return monthly or bi-monthly to keep pests away, though it provides free follow-up treatments if any covered pests return. It also includes a 30-day money-back guarantee for all of its plans.

Orkin pest control offers a termite treatment plan, a wildlife treatment plan, and a plan to treat flying, stinging insects.

Covered Pests

Orkin’s various pest management plans cover the following pests: 

Terminix Services

Terminix has a variety of services covering 13 standard pests, providing bimonthly or monthly service options. While the provider also performs an initial inspection, we discovered during our secret shopping that it’s easier to choose a general plan with Terminix than it is with Orkin pest control. The company doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee, but it has a satisfaction guarantee that provides free reservicing if your pest infestation returns.

Like Orkin, Terminix offers treatments for wildlife, termites, and other significant pest infestations

Covered Pests

Terminix treatment plans cover the following pests:

Orkin vs. Terminix: Pricing

One of the most significant differences between Orkin and Terminix is the pricing for á la carte and monthly plans. On average, we found that Terminix’s monthly pest control plans cost $25.50 less per month than Orkin’s pest control plans. Orkin’s initial visit also can cost up to $150 more than a Terminix initial visit.

Orkin Service Pricing

On average, Orkin’s general pest control plan was quoted as between $52 and $99 per month for a four-bedroom home anywhere in the country. The company’s pricing for á la carte services can range from $134 to $400, but Orkin requires an inspection before giving a quote for some pest treatments, such as termites and wildlife. 

Orkin quoted an initial treatment cost of $216.50 to begin a general plan, which is much higher than many other companies we secret-shopped. However, the company’s general plan typically costs under $100 per month after that first visit is complete.

Terminix Service Pricing

A general pest control plan with Terminix for a four-bedroom home costs between $39 and $55 per month. The company’s pricing for á la carte services typically falls between $125 and $300, though termite treatments require an inspection first. Terminix gave a quote of $99 for initial treatment to start a general plan, which was the lowest quote we received during our research.

Our Recommendation

Both Orkin and Terminix offer decades of experience, mostly positive customer reviews, reservicing guarantees, and 24/7 customer service. However, in our research we found that Terminix offers more cost-effective plans and services than Orkin, unusually transparent online pricing, and an impressive reputation for customer service. 

Orkin can be an excellent choice for consumers who prefer the security of a money-back guarantee. Regardless of which provider you choose, we recommend getting more than one quote to ensure you receive the ideal customized pest control for your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of Orkin?

Below are some of the advantages of Orkin: Guaranteed reservicing if pests returnMoney-back guarantee for the first 30 days of treatmentHigh-grade insecticidesConvenience of leaving your pest control to professionals

What company is best for bed bugs?

In our research of more than 12 leaders in the pest control industry, the best overall company to kill bed bugs is Terminix. The company has a four-step process:Conduct a thorough bed bug inspection.Treat bed bugs based on the severity of your bed bug infestation.Install monitoring devices.Complete a follow-up inspection to assess whether treatment was effective and whether any further steps are needed.

What is the best termite treatment?

The best termite treatment depends on the level of termite infestation you’re facing. Before starting treatment, you should consult a professional to complete a termite inspection to assess any termite damage to your home. The best termite control treatments include the following services: Bait systemsBorate wood treatmentsBuilding materials that contain termites Fumigation treatmentsSoil and barrier treatments

How We Chose the Top Pest Control Companies

Our pest control research process starts with analyzing customer reviews on third-party websites such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Trustpilot, and Google Reviews. We then do a deep dive into each company’s website, service plans, and available cost information. We also secret shop the companies we review, reach out to representatives, and request quotes.

From there, we compile the information we’ve gathered and compare each company using our in-depth pest control methodology and review criteria. This process uses a series of factors that are important to our readers, and we score each company depending on how well they perform in each factor. For instance, companies that offer more guarantees for their service earned more points than others, and pest control plans with a larger range of covered pests earned more points than ones with fewer.

After analyzing dozens of residential and commercial pest control businesses through this process, we were able to determine the best pest control companies on the market.