10 Best Interactive Dog Toys

By Alex Hawkins | February 7, 2023

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It’s natural for dogs of all breeds, sizes, and ages to get restless and bored—especially puppies. If your energetic chewer goes through toys fast and turns to your furniture, decorations, or other personal belongings for entertainment, it’s time to look at interactive dog toys.

Toys help keep dogs physically and mentally occupied, but they can also help owners work through problematic behaviors such as aggression, excessive barking, or jumping on guests. Interactive toys come in many forms, from treat-dispensing toys to ball launchers and hide-and-seek toys. 

We researched the best interactive dog toys to help you find the right products for your canine companion. Keep reading to learn more about each product and what to look for in a quality dog toy.


10 Best Interactive Dog Toys


For Mutual Entertainment: IVVTRYI Laser Pointer

This laser-pointer toy is a great way to get energy out for your dog or cat. It is lightweight and easy to use and bring anywhere and also comes with convenient USB charging.

Additionally, this laser pointer can project multiple light patterns to keep your pet entertained. It also includes a pen clip for easy carrying.

What Other Pet Owners Are Saying

It’s bright and shows no matter the time of day with a couple of different design patters. It also charges with a USB connection so it can plug into pretty much anything.”—Marcus via Amazon

“This little tool is a laserpointer, pee-finder, and flashlight all in one. And on top of all of this it is USB rechargeable. It is super easy to use and the flashlight is bright enough to see my dogs in the yard when we take them out before bed. It is small enough to fit in my pocket.”—Opportunista Sista via Amazon


For Hide and Seek: Bonne et Filou Plush Macaron Toy Set

If your dog enjoys take things apart or just snuggling up, it’ll love this interactive, entry-level hide-and-seek plush toy set. The soft plush dog toy features several soft, squeaky macarons stuffed inside a matching plush box with Velcro closure lid. Bonne et Filou offers the hide-and-seek dog toy in two sizes: small, which includes three macarons, and large, which includes six macarons.

Although aggressive chewers may be too strong for this toy’s soft, plush material, we recommend it as one of the best dog toys for gentler chewers of all breeds and sizes. All components are machine-washable for easy cleaning. 

What Other Pet Owners Are Saying

“Love this toy. Its very different to what you normally see at petshops. It is very cute and has 3 macaroons to choose from. They all have a squeaker. I love the little pouch that looks like a box to store the macaroons when done playing.”—Blink via Bonne et Filou

“Cutest toy! Has 6 macarons in a plush box. Very good quality. Keeps my pup entertained for hours! Love it…”—Anonymous verified buyer via Bonne et Filou


For Durability: KONG Tires Dog Toy

Made of strong, thick rubber to withstand countless hours of chewing, this tire-shaped dog toy is created with longevity in mind. The toy even bounces on hard surfaces, adding a dynamic element to a spirited game of fetch or keep-away.

The small version of this rubber tire toy is intended for small and extra-small dog breeds, but the manufacturer offers a larger version suited for medium and large breeds. The smaller toy measures 3.5 inches in diameter, and the larger version is 4.5 inches in diameter.

What Other Pet Owners Are Saying

“My dog loves it. And she chews through all sorts of ‘super chewer’ things. This is the first toy she can gnaw on for hours and it doesn’t give in! Cyreaza via Amazon

“Literally the only toy that my Boykin Spaniels have not chewed through. It can be stuffed with KONG peanut butter. They absolutely love this ! —Brittany via Amazon


For Mental Stimulation: Outward Hound Puzzle Slow Feeder

Dogs need to burn mental energy, too. This activity flip board functions as an interactive puzzle toy for your furry friend. Redirect your pup’s anxious and destructive behaviors as they figure out how to open the seven hidden compartments and move the treat blocks around to access training treats or kibble. 

The non-slip rubber feet on the bottom of the circular activity board prevent it from sliding around too much while your pup is playing. This toy comes in purple, green, and tan colorways and eco-friendly, nontoxic plastic that’s dishwasher-safe for quick and easy cleanup.

What Other Pet Owners Are Saying

Great toy! Definitely slows my pup down. She did figure it out pretty darn quick but at least she has fun finding the treats even when trying to be tricky. Even my 7 yo lab husky mix likes this as she loves outsmarting any toy when food is involved. Toy is very durable and easy to clean. Highly recommend.”—Stephanie via Wayfair

“This is great for your dog. I didn’t know if my dog would this kinda toy, but he caught on right away. This is a great item and I do highly recommend it. Check out the photos of him. There is also 2 different ways for him to retrieve his treats. I use a-little bit of his kibble in it instead of always giving treats, you can even use fruits or vegetables too.”—Deborah via Wayfair


For Treat Dispensing: Starmark Treat Dispensing Bob-a-Lot Dog Toy

This bobbing treat dispenser is designed to provide active, curious dogs with hours of mental and physical stimulation. Owners can customize the difficulty level of the treat dispenser by adjusting the opening to control the release of treats. 

This dispensing dog toy can also accommodate normal dog food or portions of your dog’s mealtime food, encouraging them to earn it by interacting with the dispenser. The dispenser bobs and tilts side-to-side on a weighted base with anti-slip feet.

What Other Pet Owners Are Saying

“When I first got this I thought this is too heavy. How is he going to play with it? Turns out that being heavy is the best thing about it. I fill it up with food and then he just bats it around just like a cat would. He prefers to eat his kibble by playing with this then from a bowl. It was a great purchase and I highly recommend for those dogs who are too smart for their own good! They have to work for their food and it gives them a job to do and keeps them occupied and mentally stimulated.”—Amanda via Amazon

I got this puzzle toy to entertain our 8 month old puppy and give our older dog a break from him. I like how sturdy it is, he doesn’t have to be supervised with it like he did for the tornado puzzle. He can’t break it. Worst he can do is change the size of the hole and make it harder or easier for treats to fall out. I highly recommend this for curious, active dogs.”—Nicole via Amazon


For Solo Playtime: Tucker Murphy Pet Outdoor Tug-of-War Dog Toy

This highly durable outdoor tug-of-war toy from Tucker Murphy Pet features a chew-resistant molar ball with dispensing slots for training treats. Attached to the ball is a high-density elastic tether that you can anchor to the ground with the included corkscrew yard stake. Alternately, loop the band and ball around a tree trunk, fence post, stadium equipment, or other stable and permanent fixture.

Fill the ball with training treats or kibble to initiate your dog’s attention to the toy, then let them duke it out in a solo game of tug-of-war.

What Other Pet Owners Are Saying

“My puppy loves it! fun play time. when he gets a bit bigger, I may need to change out the anchor to a steel one.”—Renee via Wayfair

“[G]reat backyard toy for a large dog, [my dog] enjoys it…”—Anonymous verified buyer via Wayfair


For Teeth Cleaning: Norbi Ultra-Durable Wild Boar Chew Toy

This durable rubber dental toy is recommended for medium and large dog breeds. The toy’s size, anti-slip rubber construction, and varied surface, and squeaker make it ideal for anxious and aggressive chewers. The wild boar design features dental nubs that naturally clean your dog’s teeth and massage their gums.

You can also fill the inside of the toy with treats or kibble to keep your very good boy or girl engaged for hours. 

What Other Pet Owners Are Saying

“This is a great toy! The attention to detail is nice. There are fine details throughout as you can see in the pictures and these little rubber points work to remove plaque from the dog’s teeth! The toy has a firm body with a squeaker inside and looks cute cool as well….”— Erik via Wayfair

“My golden retriever is a super chewer, toys don’t last long at our house. This toy is still in one piece after three weeks. This toy is really durable and high quality. Perfect for a larger sized dog.”—Heather via Wayfair


For Fetch: Chuckit! Classic Launcher Dog Toy

Whether you don’t have a good arm or don’t want to touch a slobbery ball, this ball launcher is an ideal way to play long-distance fetch with minimal effort. The design of the ball scoop allows you to pick up the ball without touching it, and the shape of the launcher will propel the ball up to a few hundred yards.

As a bonus, the manufacturer includes a branded tennis-like ball with the launcher. This fetch toy is also made in the USA

What Other Pet Owners Are Saying

My Sheepadoodle loves this thing! He starts barking the second he sees me take it out (and that drives me crazy!) It helps me throw a ball super far which helps tire my dog out quickly. It’s awesome. The ball [it] comes with is worthless though…. I highly recommend buying the 3 pack of Nerf balls that fit this toy. They are fantastic.”—Tobin via Amazon

“My dogs love the chuck it. As soon as we bring it out, they go wild. Provides exceptional ball launching ability at a fraction of the effort. Save your rotator cuff, and buy a chuck it today!—Danielle via Amazon


For Tug-Of-War: Maxbone Large Twisted Rope Toy

This twisted rope toy from Maxbone is a highly durable return to the basics. Aggressive chewers and teething puppies can enjoy gnawing away at the sturdy cotton rope ball. And, owning to the toy’s eight-inch-long handle, you can duke it out with your high-energy pup in a tug-of-war duel. The dense, woven rope is made of a high-quality, nontoxic cotton-polyester blend. 

What Other Pet Owners Are Saying

“Beautiful and sturdy rope knot. Right size and weight for my Cavalier. He likes carrying it everywhere and defending it.—Silke N. via Maxbone

“Great quality (my pup usually tears through her rope toys so quickly) and so pretty….”—Marlena O. via Maxbone


For Teething: Nylabone Teething Rings Puppy Chew Toy

These small and colorful teething rings are specifically designed for young chewers. The rings are bacon-flavored, come in varied shapes, and have small, gentle ridges that help clean teeth and reduce plaque and tartar while your dog plays

The three rings come attached, so you don’t have to worry about losing one of them. Note that this toy is intended for dogs that weigh less than 15 pounds and have baby teeth or temporary teeth. 

What Other Pet Owners Are Saying

“I have purchased this three times now. I got this for my puppy as a gift and then both the puppy and older dog want this toy all the time. It’s durable and I have agreed I’ve chewers. It’s a good purchase.—Gena via Amazon

“This has been my dogs favorite go to toy when he wants to chew. I have a chihuahua who has been eating my baseboards and dressers so this has been a lifesaver. It stands up to his aggressive chewing for over 5 weeks now! [H]aving three rings is so much better than one. If he gets bored with one he moves on to the next one and i think he likes the clanking sound when he runs with it. Definitely will buy again.Nnoodle via Amazon


What to Look For in an Interactive Dog Toy

To find the best interactive dog toy for your energetic companion, you’ll want to consider factors including material type, amount of space needed, required participation level, spaces for treats, and whether you want to give your dog a mental or physical workout.


The most enthusiastic pooches require the strongest dog toys. If you’re tired of replacing chewed-up toys just hours after you bought them, skip soft, plush toys and opt for chewy toys made of rubber or strong plastic. Although most dog toy manufacturers use safe materials, such as all-natural rubber or BPA-free plastic, it’s worth double-checking, especially if your dog will chew on the toy. 


Consider how much space you have in your bedrooms, living room, or backyard for your dog to play. Unless you have access to a dog park or another open, grassy space, it might not make sense to get a ball launcher or frisbee toy if you have a small yard. Fortunately, many of the best dog toys can be used in relatively small areas.

Participation Level

Some dog toys allow your dog to play autonomously, such as interactive treat dispensers or hide-and-seek games. Other toys, like dog ball throwers or laser pointers, require a little participation from pet owners. Ideally, it’s good to have multiple types of dog toys so you can play and bond with your dogs, but also occupy them when you’re busy or tired.


If your dog is food-motivated, treat dispensers serve as great toys for interactive play that come with a treat. Remember that these toys won’t work as intended unless you have appropriately sized treats on hand to refill the toys. Dogs that don’t view food or treats as a source of motivation may respond better to interactive toys that aren’t designed to dispense treats. 

Teething and Chewing

Teething puppies constantly require dog chew toys to satiate their growing teeth. Many older dogs also enjoy chewing on toys for the sake of fun and entertainment or as a way to burn off excess energy. Tug-of-war is a great example of an engaging, interactive game that allows you to play with your dogs while they gnaw their teeth.

Difficulty and Problem Solving

Energetic dog breeds such as Border Collies, Australian Shepherds, or Siberian Huskies generally require additional playtime that exhausts them mentally as much as it does physically. Interactive dog toys offer challenging problem-solving games, requiring your cerebral pup to use its brain muscles to access treats or activate fun noises and flashing lights on certain toys.


Our Recommendation

For heavy chewers and dog owners who want to keep their pup entertained on its own, we recommend the Norbi Ultra-Durable Wild Boar Chew Toy for its durability, teeth-cleaning nubs, and optional treat-holding ability.

For long-distance runners and dog owners with a lot of outdoor space, we recommend the Chuckit! Classic Launcher Dog Toy for its touch-free design and ability to launch a ball up to several hundred yards.

Of course, the best interactive dog toy is the one that meshes with your dog’s personality. Consider whether your pet prefers to play with you, other dogs, or on its own, and find an interactive dog toy that will keep your dog’s attention and entertain it the most.


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