The Best Leashes for Dogs That Pull

By Ross Bentley | August 12, 2022

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Whether your pup gets excited when it sees other dogs or is always looking to explore, leash pulling is a frustrating problem.

In addition to pulling your arm, if your dog pulls on its leash, it can injure its neck, organs, and appendages. Small dogs are especially prone to neck injuries. Fortunately, there are leashes designed to give you better control over your pup and keep it from pulling and injuring itself. We’ve thoroughly evaluated the market to bring dog owners the top leashes for dogs that pull.



10 Best Leashes for Dogs That Pull

Here are our top recommendations:


For Versatility: 2 Hounds Design Freedom No-Pull Nylon Dog Harness & Leash

Dimensions: 5/8 inches wide to 1 inch wide

Available colors: black, navy, brown, royal blue, rose pink, purple, red, burgundy, hot pink, raspberry, turquoise, teal, neon green, neon orange, kelly green, rust, silver, tan, yellow

Fit: Extra-small to extra-large dogs

This combination leash and harness trains your pet to stop pulling by using two attachment points for extra control. It connects to your dog’s chest and back, preventing it from getting tangled and pulling. If you’ve tried traditional no-pull dog leashes to no avail, it could be worth giving the 2 Hounds Design leash and harness duo a shot.

The leash comes in a variety of colors so you can add some personal flair. Its adjustable bands make it suitable for big dogs and smaller dogs alike.

What Pet Owners Are Saying

“My 60 lb. boxer is well-behaved – most of the time. But when she sees her friends, dogs or humans, she has a tendency to lunge and pull. She also needs to be reminded who is in charge on walks. I thought I could train these issues out of her, but instead I ended up with a very sore shoulder. This harness has brought relief and made walks much more fun. It took us both time to get used to this harness but it is now essential to our daily walks. I learned to close the clasps when I removed the harness making it easier to put in on the dog the next time. My shoulder is getting better by the day.” —Ann via Amazon

“After buying a supposed “no pull” harness, my trainer told me that one didn’t have enough adjustment points to be of any use. I’m so glad I found this harness which adjusts in all the right places so that you can get a really good fit on your dog. It is very nice quality and thoughtfully designed so that you get it put on right each time. The straps along the belly are a nice velvet like material so that it doesn’t rub the dog’s armpits raw. You can tell they took care when they designed this. My dog is still working on his leash manners, but this harness is helping a lot.—A. Ferre via Amazon


For Visibility: Pawtitas Nylon Reflective Padded Dog Leash

Dimensions: 6 feet long; 5/8 inch to 1 inch wide

Available Colors: black, blue, brown, green, grey, light pink, lush green, orange, orchid, pink, purple, red, teal, camo green, camp pink, coral

Fit: Small to extra-large dogs

If you’re looking for a no-pull leash that provides visibility for nighttime walks, the Pawtitas Nylon Reflective Padded Dog Leash should be on your radar. We like this leash for its bright reflective strip that makes your dog stand out to drivers and passersby.

Its padded handle also protects your dog’s neck from rope burn or excessive pressure, adding an extra level of comfort. Plus, it comes in multiple sizes and a range of color options.

What Other Pet Owners Are Saying

The perfect length and width. It’s not bulky but definitely enough to hold on to and feel a suitable control of dog. The reflective material is of good quality and runs length of leash and is wide enough to do its job. Quality product!—Jennifer via Amazon

“My 60lb dog likes to pull sometimes and this leash holds up for awhile. The loop of my first one wore out — seam came undone, but the rest of it remained in great shape. I love the reflective strip and that it is attractive. The company seems high quality. —J Jay via Amazon


For Rainy Days: Mendota Products Large Snap Solid Rope Dog Leash

Dimensions: 6 feet long; 1/2 inch wide

Available Colors: arctic blue, black, black confetti, black ice purple, black ice raspberry, black ice red, black ice silver, black ice turquoise, black ice yellow, blue, camo, hi-viz yellow, hunter green, ivy, jade, kelly green, mocha, night-viz black, night-viz blue, orange, pink, pink camo, pink chocolate, purple confetti, raspberry confetti, red, salt and pepper, sandstone, sapphire, seafoam, sunset, taffy, tan, woodlands

Fit: Medium to extra-extra-large dogs

This durable leash from Mendota is an ideal choice for pet owners looking to keep their pullers close in the rain or sunshine. 

Made of rope, this leash is a half-inch wide and has heavy-duty metal hardware that latches to your dog’s collar for steady support. It’s made to withstand the wear and tear of water exposure and help reign in large and strong dogs.

What Other Pet Owners Are Saying

I’ve had quite a few dogs, and this is by far, the best dog leash. I just lost mine – was in a panic not knowing the name – called the pet store and they don’t carry it anymore, but fortunately they remembered that the brand was Mendota. I was so stoked to see it on Amazon! YAY!—Lorraine via Amazon

I like the flexibility of the leash and the feel when holding on a walk. I like the material, the colors, and leather finishes which give it a professional look. My only complaint is the friction or rubbing on my hand with a puppy who pulls constantly and you are reigning in – there will be a rubbing on the hands. For a normal walk, you will be pleased. I buy the smaller diameter for ease of handling, for a 60lb dog.”—Ms. Teacher via Amazon


For Training: Halti Nylon Training Dog Lead

Dimensions: 6.56 feet long; .59 inch to .98 inch wide

Available Colors: black, red

Fit: Small to large dogs

If you’re leash training your puppy, consider this dog lead from Halti. Its versatile design makes it optimal not just for dog training but also for use throughout your pup’s life.

You can use it for hands-free training, walking multiple dogs, tethering, and long-lead walking.

Because it’s a double-ended leash, you can walk two dogs at once or attach it to multiple points on your dog’s harness.

This lead comes in multiple sizes, but it’s only available in one color.

What Other Pet Owners Are Saying

“I’ve bought three of these (and not because I needed to). I gave one away with a foster and another to a friend. It is very comfortable to hold and I love the multiple D-ring options to make the leash shorter or longer. It is the most convenient leash for taking your pup to an outdoor restaurant because you can simply unclip it, wrap it around the table leg/post/whatever and reclip it all without taking your dog off the leash, rather than taking the leash off and threading the clasp through the handle ask you would on a normal leash.”—Thomas A. via Amazon

“I have a stubborn girl that wants things her way and she is strong enough to pull me over. Since getting this leash I have more control over her. The options for use are a great feature of this leash. And it’s easy on the hands versus other leashes.—Outdoor Gal via Amazon


For Small Dogs: Zee.Dog Airleash

Dimensions: 5 feet long, 0.9 inches wide

Available Colors: blue, cali dos, cali uno, carbon, classic, crimson, kim, violet

Fit: Extra-small to small dogs

This lightweight leash is excellent for small dogs, or young dogs who are beginning training. It has a shock-absorbing design with soft nylon rope, creating a smooth walk for both you and your pup.

This leash, which also comes in several color options, also features a durable anodized aluminum hook that weighs less than one ounce and a soft, padded handle that’s comfortable to hold in your hands.

What Other Pet Owners Are Saying

“I’ve been using this with a double coupler to walk both my English bulldog/beagle mix and boxer, they are both very strong dogs and this handled them beautifully. The shock absorbing give to it saved my arm, it kept them from jerking my arm. The handle is comfortable in my hand.—Erin via Amazon

“This leash was beta tested here at Camp Pittie Chihuahua, and it passed with flying colors. Definitely recommend. —MistressOfTheCastle via Amazon


For Crowded Areas: Mighty Paw Nylon Reflective Short Dog Leash

Dimensions: 1.5 feet long, 1 inch wide

Available Colors: Black and orange, gray and green

Fit: Large dogs

A crowded event is the last place you want your dog to roam. When your location calls for your dog to stay close by your side, consider a shorter leash, like this one from Mighty Paw. It comes in lengths of 1.5 and 2.5 feet and has a comfortable neoprenepadded handle. Its swivel clasp lets your dog turn without hurting your wrist. 

This dog leash is ideal for larger breeds, providing the control you need to keep your pup by your side in a crowd.

What Other Pet Owners Are Saying

“This leash is Great for keeping your dog close. I am training my 6 month old lab as a service dog, and this leash is ideal for crowds and stores. Love the padded handle. Only thing is it is just a tiny bit short if my dog decides to lay down when i am in a checkout line. But i was able to figure out quickly that if i have another clip (like the current collar clip on the leash) i just extend with that and I am fine—Paula via Amazon

“Nice product. Seems well made. Cushion inside grip so it’s easy on your hand. I’ll probably have to purchase a longer leash because my dog likes to walk directly in front of me and this is too short for me I end up tripping over him because he’s so close in front. Would be perfect for training, shows, vet visits or whenever you need to keep your pet as close to you as possible. Would recommend.—JPayne via Amazon


For Two Pullers: Mighty Paw Nylon Reflective Double Dog Leash

Dimensions: 2 feet long; 1 inch wide 

Available Colors: Black

Fit: Medium to large dogs

This Mighty Paw product is worth a look if you have multiple dogs that love to pull. Rather than a leash itself, it’s a two-foot-long leash attachment designed to prevent your pups from getting tangled up.

It has buckles that adjust from 16 to 24 inches and should be able to hook into most standard leashes.

It’s also made of waterproof reflective nylon so you can walk your dogs safely in rain or shine, night or day. Unlike most of the leashes in this review, it only comes in one size.

What Other Pet Owners Are Saying

This product is well built and sturdy. It has a no tangle connector to the leash which is a big help. The best part is that each side of the splitter has an adjustable length which is a big help with dogs that walk different speeds or one wants to lead. It works with any leash. A great well designed product. Definitely recommend it.”—Scott via Amazon

I have two medium sized dogs. I have always enjoyed taking them for walks, but have always struggled with two leashes. This is great because it helps keep the dogs together and they never get tangled up.”—Nicole via Amazon


For Exploring: Four Paws Cotton Web Training Dog Lead

Dimensions: 10 feet long, 5/8-inches wide

Available Colors: Black

Fit: Extra-small to medium dogs

Extending up to 30 feet, this leash is a great choice if you want to give your dog some freedom to explore.

With a cotton composition and built-in swivel clip, this lead allows your dog the flexibility to roam comfortably with a lessened risk of injury from pulling and lunging.

This lead is also ideal if you want to train your pup to eventually go off-leash.

What Other Pet Owners Are Saying

I got this for dog training. The strong cotton weave, is secure – yet it doesn’t hurt your hand like some of the synthetic leashes. I would highly recommend. —SDW via Amazon

Mine has held up pretty well in the two years since I got it, the latch occasionally sticks open which is easily fixed and the strap is a little fuzzy. Being cotton it has remained soft and kind on the hands and I found it easy to shorten when my condo board decreased the permitted leash length to 6ft (I shortened it to 8). As an absorbent product the only problem I’ve ever had is the dog peeing on it, in which case I soak it in the sink with some dish soap and vinegar for a few hours and then hang it to dry (but this seems to have been less of a problem the longer I’ve had the leash, perhaps the fibers have pulled together more as it aged). —J.N. via Amazon


For Luxury: EzyDog Zero Shock Absorbing Dog Leash

Dimensions: 6 feet long; 5/8 inch to 1 inch wide

Available Colors: black, blue, bubble gum, orange, red, green camo, pink camo, gray, purple

FIt: Extra-small to extra-large dogs

If you’re looking for a more luxurious option that also provides shock absorption, this leash from EzyDog may fit the bill. Its durable neoprene handle offers comfort and control, relieving the tension other leashes often put on pet owners’ arms. This shock-absorbing bungee leash is designed to cushion you and your pet against sudden jerks and pulls.

Additionally, this product comes with an accessory D-ring and barrel lock so you can connect your keys and other items when walking your dog.

What Other Pet Owners Are Saying

The EzyDog Zero Shock Lite Bungee Dog Leash for Small Dogs works great for my 3-year old Miniature Schnauzer. When my dog and I are out of a walk (with the The EzyDog Zero Shock Lite Bungee Dog Leash for Small Dogs hooked to her harness), the leash’s 6-foot length and its bungee system seem to effectively absorb the “energy” from any abrupt movements she might make, thus ensuring both her safety and our comfort.” —LadyJ via Amazon

I really like this leash. It’s lightweight but sturdy and doesn’t pull down on the neck. Only drawback is the small faster which is perfect for my small dog – it only has room for 1 small metal ring so keep that in mind with your present harness”—Pamela via Amazon


For Large Dogs: PetSafe Gentle Leader Padded No Pull Dog Headcollar

Dimensions: 6 feet long; 5/8 to 1 inch wide

Available Colors: black, deep purple, fawn, raspberry, red, royal blue, silver, apple green, raspberry pink

Fit: Extra-small to extra-large dogs

If you have an excited extra-large dog, keeping it by your side can be a lot more challenging than reigning in a Yorkie. PetSafe’s Gentle Leader Padded No-Pull Dog Headcollar is a solid solution for larger dogs.

This leash has a unique design that goes over your pup’s muzzle and curbs it from pulling on its leash. It has a quick-snap neck strap that easily slips over your dog before your walks and provides comfort for your dog’s head.

This headcollar is ideal for larger dogs, but it comes in smaller sizes to fit extra-small breeds as well.

What Other Pet Owners Are Saying

I was trying all kinds of tricks and training methods to keep my new pup walking where I want her. She could not keep her nose off the ground and kept trying to pull and stay ahead of us. I put this on and she hated it. However after a walk or 2 she wears it fine and doesn’t pull anymore. she walks right where I want her and I barely have to pull to get her where I need her.—Kyle H via Amazon

Have a very strong GSP puppy who isn’t heal trained yet. Walking him was exhausting. I didn’t believe this would work and you have to follow the instructions carefully because its kind of a puzzle but after he flipped out trying to remove it, he quickly calmed down and walks like a gentleman. I’m almost positive it isn’t uncomfortable, he’s just strong willed. Eventually a dog needs to learn to heel but in the meantime I can walk him without wrecking my back and I’m very happy.—amh1 via Amazon


What to Look For in a Leash for Dogs that Pull

Before you buy a leash for your dog that pulls, you should know what factors are most important. Consider the following elements as you compare leashes:


One of the first factors to consider is the leash’s design. Look for features such as padded handles and loops, swivel designs, and other elements that make the leash more comfortable and easy to control.

You can also consider the style of the leash, finding a color option to fit your pup’s personality.


Leashes come in multiple materials. Nylon is one popular choice because it’s durable and difficult to chew through.

Leather is another popular material, adding more style to your pet’s leash. Cotton leashes are also common, providing your pet with lightweight comfort; however, they can be less durable than leather and nylon designs.


Consider your main goals when you decide on what length to purchase. If you want to keep your dog close and need added control, a 1- or 1.5-foot leash could do the trick. However, you may want to consider a 25- or 30-foot lead to train your dog to go off-leash.



Our Recommendation

When it comes to leashes, there could be multiple ideal fits for your furry friend. Leashes are designed to help train your pet through different stages of its life.

Whether you’re looking for a leash that lets you walk multiple dogs at once, shines at night, or is durable enough for a massive breed, one of the products in this review could meet your requirements. Compare the options above, read customer reviews, and select one or more leashes that might fit your needs.



How We Chose the Top Leashes for Dogs that Pull

To help you select the top premium pet products for your furry family member, we’ve vetted hundreds of products. 

Before recommending any pet products, we’ve analyzed and reviewed them based on the following factors:

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