How Much Does Hail Damage Roof Repair Cost? (2023)

By Amanda Lutz

Nov 24, 2023
Brick house with snow and hail on the roof in winter.

The cost of hail-damaged roof repair varies widely—from $200 to $32,500 depending on the amount of damage—but the average cost is around $4,250.* Most hail is too small to cause significant damage to a properly installed roof, but golf-ball-size hail can cause problems.

Dents and dings may be cosmetic, but punctures can expose the roof’s structure to potential water damage and must be repaired quickly. Below, we’ll explain major and minor repair costs and how much you can expect insurance to cover.

*Article cost data via Angi.

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Major Cost Factors of Hail Damage Roof Repair

Hail damage repair costs depend on roof size, material type, and the amount of damage.

Hail Damage Repair Costs by Roof Type

Some roofing materials are more likely to take hail damage than others.

Cost by Roof Type

The most relevant pricing factor is the cost of materials. For example, metal roof pricing is higher than shingle roof pricing, so repair costs will also be higher. Here’s how roof repair costs vary by material.

Roofing MaterialCost Range per Square Foot

Clay tiles


Concrete tiles


Asphalt shingles




Wood shakes/shingles


Steel shingles


Slate tiles


Aluminum shingles


Roof Size and Layout

Materials are priced by the square foot, so you’ll pay for larger replacements. Storms generally cause the most damage on the building’s windier side, so you may not need a full roof replacement. However, if your roof is older and significantly damaged, you may want to invest in a replacement.

Here are repair cost ranges based on the price of asphalt shingles. Steep or complex roofs will likely fall at the range’s higher end.

Size of Repaired Area in Square FeetCost Range

















Extent of Damage

Minor surface material damage will be the easiest and least costly to repair. However, the repair process is more involved if underlying materials are damaged. For example, deck repair requires removing everything atop it, including shingles, underlayment, and flashing. You may also need to repair or replace roof features such as skylights and gutters.

Labor Costs

Roof repair should be performed by a licensed roofing contractor. Roofers charge between $35 and $90 per hour based on their experience and the job’s complexity. Labor costs will also vary by geographic area—in regions where the cost of living is higher, contractors will charge more. Roofers charge a bit more in spring and summer when demand is higher.

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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Hail Damage?

Most home insurance includes coverage for storm damage, so it’s a good idea to contact your insurance company. Your case will be assigned to an adjuster, who will help you assess the damage, get an estimate for roof repair expenses, and file a claim.

Typical Insurance Deductible Amounts

If your claim is accepted, homeowners insurance will cover most of the costs, but you’ll still be responsible for a deductible. You’ll choose the deductible when you purchase the insurance policy. Deductibles are either calculated as a flat rate—for example, $1,000 per incident—or as a percentage of your insurance. For instance, if you have a 1% deductible and your home is insured for $400,000, your deductible will be $4,000. If the repair estimate is less than or very close to your deductible, filing a claim usually doesn’t make sense.

Getting Your Roof Inspected

The first step of filing an insurance claim is getting a professional roof inspection. Even if you don’t file a claim, an inspection will provide necessary information about the extent of damage and necessary repairs. If not covered by the insurance company, inspection will cost between $125 and $340. You’ll receive a report documenting the damage and professional recommendations for proceeding. If the inspector determines the damage is cosmetic, insurance may not cover it.

Home Warranty Coverage

If your insurance won’t cover the damage, a home warranty may cover minor repair costs—but only if you already have one in place beforehand. You can’t receive coverage for damage that has already happened. Home warranty coverage for roofs is usually limited and doesn’t cover full roof replacement costs, but the best home warranties for roofs cover roof leaks.

How to Hire a Professional

Most insurance coverage doesn’t apply to do-it-yourself (DIY) repairs. Even if you don’t file an insurance claim, you should leave roof repair to licensed professionals. Here’s how to choose between roofing companies.

Our Recommendation

If you suspect your roof has taken damage from hail, we recommend calling your insurance company as soon as possible. There’s a time limit for reporting and fixing covered problems, and you don’t want to expose your roof to further damage from water and wind. Insurance may cover part or all of a new roof’s cost depending on how much of it was damaged, but you’ll need a professional inspection to find out.

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Hail Damage Roof Repair Cost FAQ

Does hail cause roof leaks?

Hail impacts can lead to roof leaks by loosening the granules on asphalt shingle roofs and potentially cracking the fiberglass mat underneath. Over time, weakened shingles may leak.

What is the best roof material for hail damage?

The most hail-resistant roofing materials are rubber or composite shingles, sturdy metal panels, and stone-coated steel tiles.

Do dent pullers work on hail damage?

No, dent pullers do not work on hail damage. Dents on metal roofs usually have to be repaired by spot patching. Because the metal is thick, the dent must be removed and a new piece of metal sealed on.

How do you prevent hail damage on a roof?

Here are some methods for preventing roof hail damage.

Choose impact-resistant roofing material like metal or composite shingles.
Have your roof inspected annually.
Repair roof problems as soon as you spot them.
Trim back overhanging tree branches.

How much does hail damage roof repair cost?

Repairing hail damage on a roof costs an average of $4,250.

What are the consequences of not repairing hail damage?

Since hail weakens shingles, damage can compound over time—even if you don’t spot leaks immediately. If water can enter the roof underlayment and decking, the entire roof could eventually be compromised.