How Much Does Metal Roofing Cost? (2023 Guide)

By Jessica Wimmer

Oct 13, 2023
Close-up aerial view of building attic rooms exterior on metal shingle roof, stucco walls and plastic windows.

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Most metal roofs are more expensive than other options, costing an average of $11,000.* Homeowners pay between $7,081 and $110,150 for a metal roof, depending on its size, type, and where they live. Metal roofs have several benefits, most notably that they last longer than almost any other roof type. To help you understand why this costs more than the average asphalt shingle roof cost of $5,000 to $18,000, we’ll detail which factors affect metal roofing costs and average prices for each metal type.

*Cost data averaged for a 2,300-square-foot roof from multiple sources, including Angi and Home Advisor.

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Average Metal Roof Cost

Get an idea of how much metal roof installation costs based on the table below.

Low EndAverageHigh End




Metal Roof Cost Factors

The most significant cost factors for metal roofing are the roof’s material and size, but your home’s roof style and pitch will also determine the total cost. Below, we’ll break down these factors and hidden costs like permitting and underlayment.


There are many metal types to choose from, some of which are more expensive than others. For example, an aluminum roof is far more cost-effective than a copper or steel roof. See our “types of metal roofs” section for a breakdown of each metal roof material and its average cost.

Roof Size

Most roofing contractors price your installation based on your roof’s square footage. The bigger your house, the more expensive a metal roof will be. Even just a few hundred square feet can be a difference of a couple thousand dollars. 

Roof Slope and Pitch

Your roof’s slope and pitch both affect material and labor costs. A roof that is more slanted requires more materials, more installation time, and more safety measures for contractors.

Roof pitches are measured in ratios of X:12, or the number of inches a roof rises vertically for every 12 inches it extends horizontally. The general rule is that a pitch steeper than 6:12 is steep enough to warrant extra labor.


Metal roofs come in a few styles, including metal shingles, metal panels, corrugated panels, and standing seams. Metal shingles are the smallest and are useful if you have a roof that requires fitting the material around chimneys and unusual shapes. Metal panels are much larger and work best on more straightforward roof designs. Corrugated panels have exposed fasteners and a wavy pattern that makes installation easier. Standing-seam metal roofs have wide, flat, vertical panels with a rib on each end and hidden fasteners underneath to create a sleek, modern appearance. 

Other Cost Factors

Beyond these factors, the following expenses can impact the total cost of a metal roof:

Types of Metal Roofing

One of the biggest choices when installing a new metal roof is the material. There are many types of metal to choose from, and prices vary quite a bit. Some of the most common metal roof shingles and types, as well as their national average cost per square foot, include the following:

The following table further breaks down the cost of each metal roof type.

Roof TypeAverage Cost per Square FootCost for 2,300 Square Foot Roof


$4 to $11

$9,200 to $25,300


$15 to $30

$34,500 to $69,000


$10 to $15

$23,000 to $34,500


$9 to $15

$20,700 to $34,500


$6 to $16

$13,800 to $36,800


$5 to $12

$11,500 to $27,600


$6 to $12

$13,800 to $36,800

Benefits and Drawbacks of Metal Roofs

You may have heard that metal roofs are noisy or heat-absorbing, but these claims aren’t true by today’s installation standards. In fact, a metal roof compared to an asphalt roof comes with many valuable benefits, such as:

There are also some cons to be aware of before committing to a metal roof:

Professional vs. DIY Metal Roofing Installation

We don’t recommend a do-it-yourself (DIY) installation for metal roofs. Though foregoing the cost of labor can save you several thousand dollars, performing roof work is highly dangerous and risks water damage and structural issues to your home if not done properly. 

If you feel skilled enough to install a metal roof yourself, thoroughly research the installation process for your selected material and style, use a roofing safety harness, and check that you have the proper permits to perform the job. 

If you’re interested in professional installation, use our tool below to request quotes from roofing companies near you.

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Our Recommendation

Metal roofs cost more than many other roof types, but their durability and longevity are worth it for many homeowners. Investing in a metal roof may save you from paying for roof repairs in the future. You’ll also reduce your electricity bills and perhaps even see an increase on your home’s resale value. Some types of metal roofs cost considerably more than others, so weigh the advantages of each to determine which material and price range is best for you.


Metal Roofing Cost FAQ

How much should I budget for a metal roof?

The national average cost for metal roofs is $11,000. However, that price can range from $5,600 on the low end to $16,500 on the high end, depending on your roof size, the cost of labor in your area, and other factors.

Can I put a metal roof over shingles?

Yes, you can install a metal roof over existing shingles. However, it requires a structurally sound roof to support the added weight, a smooth shingle surface for proper installation, and attention to ventilation and moisture concerns. We recommend you consult a professional roofer to assess your specific situation.

What are the disadvantages of a metal roof?

Metal roofs are one of the most expensive roofing options available. They’re also not recommended for all climates, and they expand and contract during temperature changes, which can cause loud popping noises.

Can I install solar panels on a metal roof?

Yes, you can install solar panels on a metal roof. Metal roofs provide a sturdy and compatible surface for solar panel mounting, but it’s important to use appropriate mounting systems that won’t compromise the roof’s integrity. We recommend professional installation by a qualified solar installation company to ensure proper attachment and maintain the roof’s waterproofing.

Are metal roofs worth the extra cost?

Though more expensive than other types, metal roofs have a lot of advantages that can make them worth the extra cost. They’re durable, long-lasting, energy-efficient, fire-resistant, pest-resistant, and eco-friendly.