ADT Solar Reviews, Panels, and Installation (2023 Guide)

By Tamara Jude

Apr 19, 2023
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Though ADT Solar is a relatively new company, it’s owned by ADT Inc., a company with almost 150 years of home services experience. Formerly known as Sunpro Solar, ADT Solar offers a range of high-quality solar products and installation services to help customers transition to a more sustainable future. 

Our review explores ADT Solar’s products, services, and reputation. We’ve also analyzed customers’ experiences with ADT Solar to help you decide if it’s the best solar provider for your home.



Compare Solar Companies

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Most Experienced
50 States
Best Comprehensive Coverage
23 States
Best for Home Builders
21 States
Best In-House Financing
18 States
Most Protection
20 States
Best for Guided Services
11 States
Most Aesthetic
50 States

Fast Facts About ADT Solar

*Available in Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia.

**BBB information is current as of April 2023.



Benefits and Drawbacks of ADT Solar

Upsides Downsides

Comprehensive 25-year warranties for the product, labor, and inverter

Limited financing options

In-house roof replacement services

Service area doesn’t include some upper west, Midwest, and New England states

Power protection guarantee includes cash payback for low-performing panels

Some online reviews call out poor communication and delayed installations

ADT Solar Customer Reviews

We analyzed 100 recent reviews from Best Company to gauge homeowner experiences with ADT. Some customers refer to the company by its previous name, Sunpro Solar. ADT bought Sunpro in 2021. 

Many customers are impressed by the company’s knowledgeable sales reps and efficient installation crew. They also note great performance from their solar system after activation. Other homeowners mention installation delays and the inability to contact customer support. 

We typically analyze Google Reviews for each company. Due to a limited number of customer reviews for ADT Solar, we used reviews from Best Company instead. 

Read what customers had to say below.

“We are very happy with the solar panels and the change in our electric bills! We did find it difficult sometimes to communicate with our account manager. We got the impression that she has too many cases to handle.” —Nancy F. via Best Company

“The sales experience was great. [The] installation was delayed due to permitting delays by the county, but ADT Solar kept us informed the whole time. Installation was a good experience. The installers were friendly and walked us through the process.” —Mark K. via Best Company

“I can’t imagine anything more frustrating than the experience I have had trying to get the panels ADT installed hooked up. The panels were installed, and it has been five months, and they are still not online. Everyone involved has taken their sweet time to do anything, and I have a feeling it will be another two or three months before it is connected to the grid. I would not recommend using this company.” —Ronald M. via Best Company

“If I could give zero stars, I would. It’s been five months, and we still don’t have workable solar. We do have a hole in our roof from the solar installation process. This company has done nothing but delay and provide excuses. Our project manager provides zero communication, and she won’t connect me to a manager. We are now paying for our electric bill and our solar loan. It takes months to get our loan reimbursement from ADT. I would not recommend this company to anyone.” —Tollie B. via Best Company



ADT Solar Overview

Sunpro Solar began as a solar power and roofing company in 2007. Since then, the company has expanded its services. The company rebranded as ADT Solar when it was bought in 2021. With more than 15 years of solar experience and a strong brand reputation, ADT Solar provides a wealth of home services knowledge.

ADT Solar offers a variety of high-quality solar panels from leading manufacturers. A comprehensive 25-year warranty backs each system to ensure they run at peak performance. In addition, ADT provides roofing services to prepare your home for installation and energy audits to improve your home’s efficiency.

ADT Solar Best Comprehensive Coverage
BBB Rating : A+ Location Presence : 23 States

Panel Options

ADT Solar offers high-quality monocrystalline solar panels from top manufacturers, including Q Cells, Silfab Solar, and Canadian Solar. Monocrystalline panels provide the highest efficiency rates, ranging between 15% and 20%.

The company uses microinverters from Enphase, a leading manufacturer of inverter technology. Inverters convert the direct current (DC) your panels receive from the sun to alternating current (AC) power to run your home. Microinverters handle this conversion at each panel, yielding greater energy efficiency and production than traditional inverters. 

ADT Solar also sells solar batteries that store your excess energy for later use. Solar customers can choose the Tesla Powerwall or Enphase Encharge, two of the most popular battery backups.

Warranty Options

ADT Solar backs each solar panel system with the following warranty coverage:

  • 25-year manufacturer’s warranty covering panels for manufacturing defects and issues
  • 25-year labor warranty covering workmanship problems that result from installation 
  • 25-year Enphase microinverter warranty covering microinverter performance

ADT also includes a 25-year power production guarantee. This policy states that your solar panels will perform at their listed efficiency rates for the length of the warranty. If your panels drop below the estimated production levels, ADT Solar will pay you 10 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh) for the power difference.

Installation and Offered Services

Customers begin ADT’s installation process by requesting a free consultation online. A salesperson will schedule an in-person consultation to review your home’s structure and surroundings, including your roof’s angle, orientation, and proximity to shade. The sales rep will analyze your average energy use based on your past electric bills.

The consultant may recommend a free energy audit from Energypro to improve your home’s overall energy efficiency. They may also refer you for a free roof inspection from Buildpro to assess if you need a roof replacement before installing solar panels

After the assessment, the ADT consultant will design a system suited to your energy needs. They’ll review solar incentives and rebates that can save you money on your installation. They’ll also look for local net-metering programs, which allow customers to sell their excess energy back to the power grid for credits on their electric bill

ADT Solar will handle all necessary paperwork and permits in-house. They’ll also work with your local utility company and government for activation approval. You’ll receive a dedicated account manager to guide you through these additional steps.

The company offers a referral program with an accompanying app so you can refer your friends and family to its service. You’ll receive $35 for each qualified customer who completes a consultation.



ADT Solar Cost and Payment Options

ADT Solar doesn’t provide pricing information on its website. You’ll need a consultation to get a detailed quote. Solar panels cost $10,000 to $24,000 on average but vary based on location, selected products, and installation fees. 

ADT Solar has two payment options:

The government provides a federal solar tax credit equal to 30% of your solar installation costs. This credit applies to systems installed through 2032. The credit drops to 26% in 2033, then 22% in 2034 before ending.

Homeowners should check for additional rebates, credits, and incentives at the state and local levels. You can visit the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency (DSIRE) to find tax incentives in your area.

Some other companies offer solar leases and power purchase agreements (PPAs), but these disqualify you from the cost-saving solar incentives mentioned above.



Our Recommendation

ADT Solar offers high-quality solar systems backed by three 25-year warranties and a production guarantee. This long-term coverage ensures your system performs optimally and your investment is protected. The company also offers roofing services to ensure your home is ready for solar installation and energy audits to help lower your electric bills. 

We suggest comparing at least three different solar providers to find the best one for your home. 

Use the tool below to search for solar companies in your area.

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Does ADT Solar provide a warranty?

Yes, ADT solar provides three 25-year warranties to back its solar systems: manufacturer, labor, and inverter. You’ll also receive a 25-year power production guarantee that ensures your panels perform at their estimated power levels. 

Do ADT solar panels provide electricity in the winter?

Yes, ADT solar panels power your home during the winter. The Department of Energy states that solar panels are more efficient in the cold, despite the drop in sunlight. Solar panels will perform even with a thin layer of snow, although heavier, impacted snow could reduce their overall performance. 

What solar panels does ADT Solar use?

According to its website, ADT Solar uses panels from Canadian Solar, Silfab Solar, and Q Cells for its solar systems. These monocrystalline panels are the best type of solar panels due to their high efficiency and excellent power output. 



How We Chose the Top Solar Companies

We researched and analyzed dozens of solar panels and solar installation companies. We then formulated a rating system based on each solar installer or manufacturer’s services and products. We weighed several significant factors, including the quality and type of solar panels offered, the customer support network, warranty lengths and limitations, and additional benefits such as mobile apps for monitoring and customer service. 

Speaking directly to representatives, we determined how each solar company personalizes its solar panel installation for each home. We also analyzed each company’s warranty options to ensure their product and performance guarantees match or exceed industry standards. 

We evaluated each provider based on their rating and history with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to determine reputation. In addition, we analyzed the 100 most recent Google Reviews for each provider across various locations and branches.

Read more: Our Methodology