Best Solar Installation Companies in San Antonio (2024 Guide)

By Tamara Jude Updated February 2, 2024

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San Antonio, Texas, is a prime place to transition to solar energy. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), the Lone Star State ranks second in the country for solar energy, with nearly $22 billion invested to date. Plus, it has more than 600 solar providers to choose from.

We’ve researched and ranked the best solar companies nationwide, comparing providers on product performance, reputation, customer satisfaction, price, warranty coverage, and more. See our picks for San Antonio homeowners.

Top Solar Installation Companies in San Antonio

These are our recommendations for the top solar providers in San Antonio:

Compare San Antonio’s Best Solar Companies

Star Rating Location Presence BBB Rating Link
SunPower SunPower
50 States A+ Get Quote
Sunrun Sunrun
19 States A+ Get Quote
Palmetto Solar Palmetto Solar
19 States A+ Get Quote
Momentum Solar Momentum Solar
12 States A+ Get Quote
Logo SunPower
Star Rating
Location Presence 50 States
BBB Rating A+
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Logo Sunrun
Star Rating
Location Presence 19 States
BBB Rating A+
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Palmetto Solar
Logo Palmetto Solar
Star Rating
Location Presence 19 States
BBB Rating A+
Get Quote
Momentum Solar
Logo Momentum Solar
Star Rating
Location Presence 12 States
BBB Rating A+
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SunPower Best High-Performance System

Fast Facts:

  • Warranty options: 25-year system and labor warranty
  • Panel options: Monocrystalline (Maxeon)
  • Financing: Cash purchase, solar loan, solar lease, power purchase agreement (PPA)

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Benefits and Drawbacks
Pros Builds customized, high-efficiency solar panels Provides solar batteries and electric vehicle chargers Has 25-year system and labor warranty Cons Only uses in-house products, limiting customization More expensive than some other solar providers Some customer complaints cite faulty panels and monitoring systems
What We Like

SunPower offers some of the most energy-efficient and high-performing solar systems available. It’s one of the few companies that uses in-house system components, creating a streamlined system with each part designed to work optimally together.

What Homeowner Reviews Say

We read customer reviews on Trustpilot to see what SunPower homeowners have to say about their experiences. Overall, the company has 2.8 out of 5 stars from over 300 reviews. Here’s a sample:

“Thank you for your prompt service! Your technician was very knowledgeable! We are happy with our service.” —Talia via Trustpilot on May 22, 2023

“Project management has been abysmal. Long delays between various planning and scheduling steps, with no explanation—and usually the project manager was not aware of the problems until we told him/her (there were two different project managers during this time). They were not following up to see if plans were filed with local building offices, or following up to see when permits were ready or inspections scheduled or not.” —Dan via Trustpilot on April 25, 2023

“My solar has been so fun to watch. Peter, the installer that turned on my solar, was able to give me a great orientation to how the solar unit works. He broke things down in a way I could understand. He also gave me some new solar-powered home advice and challenged me to try playing around with my solar storage to see how effective the solar is. I definitely love my system.” —Marian via Trustpilot on January 24, 2023

Sunrun Best Solar Leasing Option

Fast Facts:

  • Warranty options: 25-year workmanship and product warranty
  • Panel options: Monocrystalline (various manufacturers)
  • Financing: Cash purchase, solar loan, solar lease, PPA

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Benefits and Drawbacks


➕ Provides 24/7 customer support through online chat
➕ Offers optional insurance to cover damaged or stolen panels
➕ Warranty includes workmanship and equipment coverage


➖ Pushes solar leasing, which disqualifies you from system ownership and incentives
➖ Has negative customer reviews regarding service
➖ Varies product availability by zip code

What We Like

Sunrun’s BuilderChoice New Homes Program ensures its installations meet code compliance. Through this program, customers have a dedicated team handling the paperwork required by local utility companies and other organizations to complete their solar project. We also like that the provider’s 25-year workmanship and product warranty includes free equipment replacement and repair for 10 years.

What Homeowner Reviews Say

Though Sunrun has an A+ rating with the BBB, customers are split on the company’s customer service. Some report that service exceeded their expectations, while others cite challenges regarding communication, responsiveness, and timeliness.

“I felt very informed and comfortable signing contracts. The workmanship was timely and professional. I am waiting for the energy company to do final inspection and start up. I have had several questions which were answered quickly because rep knows about state laws. I am totally satisfied, actually more than satisfied with Sunrun.” —Barbara via Trustpilot on March 27 2023

“We assumed a lease from a previous homeowner and have had numerous issues over the last four years. The panels didn’t work for 11 months. We’ve had roof leaks. The support reps don’t call/text back after they’ve been assigned to your case and I’ve been unable to schedule appointments. Meanwhile, no one else at the company is “able” to schedule an appointment beyond the rep assigned to my case (who won’t call back). The technicians haven’t shown up when they’re supposed to show (without giving any updates).” —Mike via Trustpilot on May 10 2023

“Best customer service I’ve had with any contractor in my life! I don’t believe some of the other reviews I have seen on here based on my experience.” —Curtis via Trustpilot on May 25 2023

Palmetto Solar Best Add-On Protection Plan

Fast Facts:

  • Warranty options: 25-year manufacturer warranty
  • Panel options: Monocrystalline (Q Cells)
  • Financing: Solar loan, solar lease, power purchase agreement (PPA)

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Benefits and Drawbacks
Pros Offers a tiered system protection plan Provides an online savings calculator to estimate your return on investment Includes a 25-year panel output warranty Cons Requires an additional monthly fee for active system monitoring Doesn’t offer a free energy consultation Doesn’t offer leasing or PPA financing
What We Like

Palmetto has a wide range of solar services, from comprehensive protection plans to pest abatement. Besides offering some of the market’s most efficient residential solar panels, Palmetto has a 25-year warranty and ongoing customer support via its app.

What Homeowner Reviews Say

Best Company’s customer reviews mention Palmetto’s professionalism and customer support throughout the solar process. Negative reviews cite slow panel activation timelines, though this could be due to local ordinances.

“The whole experience, from the salesperson to the installation team, was outstanding. Usually, in my experience, once the sale is done, there’s not much communication. With Palmetto, that was not the case. The communication continued throughout making sure all my needs and questions were addressed. Everyone we encountered was professional, friendly, honest, and went out of their way to keep us informed and provide us with very helpful information that one does not normally get.” —Guy via Best Company in February 2022

“Received panels over a month ago still not in service.” —Rhonda via Best Company in February 2022

“Palmetto installed my solar system in June 2021, and it has produced more energy than what I use daily. They have excellent customer support, and their app is very good.” —Josie via Best Company in December 2021

Momentum Solar Best Installation Process

Fast Facts:

  • Warranty options: 25-year workmanship and equipment warranty
  • Panel options: Monocrystalline (various manufacturers)
  • Payment options: Full purchase, solar loan, solar lease, power purchase agreement

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Benefits and Drawbacks
Pros Has mobile app that monitors installation process and energy production Offers comprehensive warranty on equipment and installation Works with various manufacturers Cons Doesn’t provide a system output guarantee Doesn’t prioritize in-person home consultations to determine solar suitability Doesn’t sell solar batteries in all locations
What We Like

Momentum Solar has a long-standing, positive reputation in the solar industry. Its customer reviews on Better Business Bureau and Google Reviews are generally favorable. We appreciate that it intentionally limits its service area to states with established net-metering programs and other solar tax incentives and rebates. A smaller service area also ensures adequate support for each customer.

What Homeowner Reviews Say

Customer reviews on Trustpilot and Consumer Affairs are mostly favorable, pointing to high solar panel performance and reduced electricity bills. The most common complaint is receiving telemarketing calls after requesting information, though it looks like this issue has been resolved. The other primary complaint is no-show appointments.

“They installed my solar panels a year ago and I have never experienced any challenges with the system. Thanks to Momentum Solar, I have forgotten about power bills.” —Felicia via Consumer Affairs on January 28, 2023

“Scheduled 3 appointments and no one showed or called. Tried to contact them and had long hold time.” —Eric via Trustpilot on June 13, 2022

“Been using Momentum Solar for 5-years now and they have never disappointed me. They installed solar, cleaned up the yard, and guaranteed me that the structural integrity of my roof was intact. They are good. I will be using their services again for a holiday home I recently bought.” —Megan via Consumer Affairs on January 13, 2023



Solar Installation Cost Factors in San Antonio

According to EnergySage, the average price for a 5-kilowatt (kW) solar panel system in San Antonio is $13,250. However, several factors impact what your total cost will be, including the following:



Solar Tax Incentives in San Antonio

Texas offers residents several ways to save money when installing a solar power system. Your solar installer can help you identify which tax credits and rebates you qualify for, but most Texans can take advantage of the following:



Getting Solar Quotes in San Antonio

You can get a quote for your San Antonio solar panel system in just a few minutes by following these steps:

  1. Go to the website of the company from which you want a quote. Click on “Get a Quote” or similar language either in the top right corner or at the bottom of the home page.
  2. Fill out the required information. This typically includes basic contact information, property details, and roof size.
  3. You’ll either receive a free quote on the site or by email within a few minutes.

You can also get a quote by phone if you prefer to speak to a representative. The average time to get a quote by phone when we called providers was 15 minutes.

What to Ask Solar Providers

We recommend asking solar panel companies these questions:

We also suggest asking these questions about their equipment:



Solar Services

Solar panel installation companies often provide a few services to help guide you through the solar process and care for your system after installation. These can include the following:



Our Recommendation

San Antonio‘s year-round sunny weather, solar incentives, and long list of solar companies to choose from make it a great city for switching to solar energy and reducing electricity bills. Out of all the companies available in the area, we recommend SunPower and Sunrun due to their panel performance, warranties, years of experience, and reputation.

Before committing to any company, look at its panel selection, warranties, and customer reviews. We suggest getting a free quote from at least three companies to compare pricing before starting your solar project.



What Solar Installation Looks Like

Most solar energy companies follow a similar installation process. This typically includes the following steps:

  1. Site evaluation: A company representative will come to your home to evaluate the scope of work and inspect your roof, attic, and electrical setup.
  2. Permit approval: Most states require a permit to install solar panels. Your solar provider should handle this paperwork with your local municipality.
  3. Installation: Installation typically takes one to three days. You don’t need to be home for it, but we recommend it so you can ask questions along the way.
  4. Cleanup: Installers should remove debris and leave your property in good condition.
  5. City inspection: Your provider should coordinate with your city to have an inspector check that your system is up to code.
  6. Utility connection: Your system must be connected to your local utility system if you’re connecting it to the grid. You’ll apply for connection through your power company (some providers do this for you), which will want to inspect your system to make sure it’s in accordance with its utility guidelines. You can turn your system on after getting permission to operate.
Homeowners Save $20,000 to $97,000 with Solar Panels on Average Over Typical System Life Span
Get a Quote on Your Solar Installation in 30 Seconds



How We Chose the Top Solar Companies

We researched and analyzed dozens of solar panels and solar installation companies. We then formulated a rating system based on each solar installer or manufacturer’s services and products. We weighed several significant factors, including the quality and type of solar panels offered, the customer support network, warranty lengths and limitations, and additional benefits such as mobile apps for monitoring and customer service.

Speaking directly to representatives, we determined how each solar company personalizes its solar panel installation for each home. We also analyzed each company’s warranty options to ensure their product and performance guarantees match or exceed industry standards.

We evaluated each provider based on its rating and history with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to determine reputation. In addition, we analyzed the 100 most recent Google Reviews for each provider across various locations and branches.

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