LeafFilter Review (2024) — Does It Really Work?

By Alex Hawkins Updated May 1, 2024

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LeafFilter Gutter Protection is a top gutter and gutter guard service provider with high customer review scores across Google Reviews. The company’s three-piece micro-mesh gutter guard design is more aesthetically pleasing than other styles and is easy to have professionally installed. Further, LeafFilter’s thorough installation process ensures your gutters are in great shape before applying the guards.

After conducting in-depth research, analyzing hundreds of customer reviews, secret-shopping the most popular brands, and testing gutter guards firsthand, we have chosen LeafFilter as one of the best gutter guards available.

Overview of LeafFilter

What We Like About LeafFilter

We like LeafFilter’s low-profile design and micro-mesh screen with superior filtration capacity. LeafFilter can repair or replace your gutter and gutter guard system, and it backs its work with a transferable lifetime warranty. We’re also impressed by LeafFilter’s customer service. Reviews indicate LeafFilter representatives are polite, courteous, prompt, and professional. 

During our firsthand testing of the LeafFilter system, it performed as advertised and boasted a sleek, unobtrusive appearance from various angles. It blocked large and small debris, including pine needles, tree leaves, seedpods, and shingle grit. 

What We Don’t Like About LeafFilter

LeafFilter’s system and customer service are impressive overall. However, customer reviews indicate that it uses aggressive sales tactics, and some of its advertised claims are misleading.

We read reviews that indicate its sales representatives pitch inflated prices and then negotiate the quotes down. This tactic isn’t uncommon in the home improvement industry, but it results in some homeowners paying more for their systems than necessary.

Some LeafFilter advertisements imply you’ll never need to clean your system once LeafFilter is installed, which isn’t true. While gutter guards reduce the frequency of gutter cleaning, no system removes the need for regular maintenance and upkeep. 

 How We Rated LeafFilter

We awarded LeafFilter 4.8 out of 5 stars in our review methodology. We assessed LeafFilter based on key criteria that homeowners find important. When researching Leaf Filter, we tested its products, assessed its services, read hundreds of customer reviews, conducted customer surveys, and combed through its warranty information. After researching LeafFilter, we awarded points in the following categories to determine its overall star rating:

Our LeafFilter Testing Process

We ran a series of tests to determine if LeafFilter’s gutter guard lives up to its reputation. We contacted LeafFilter to obtain this guard. LeafFilter’s team supplied us with a floor model of a model roof, siding, and gutters with its micro-mesh gutter guard system installed. 

Our tests measured the LeafFilter gutter guard’s effectiveness at keeping out debris, allowing water to pass through the gutters, and withstanding wear and tear. We also thoroughly inspected the LeafFilter system by checking its profile and design. 

Here is a more detailed overview of how we tested LeafFilter’s gutter guard and the results of our testing process: 

Design and Material Inspection

We inspected the system for any obvious design flaws that could affect its performance. We checked the micro-mesh screen, fittings, seals, and substructure. We also applied various “stress tests” to determine how well the system withstood impacts, weight, and other factors.

Performance Test

This test assessed the gutter guard’s ability to filter out debris and handle large amounts of water. We placed an assortment of debris on the guard and applied water to the roof and guard at different speeds. We then checked how much material the system kept out and how much water it filtered before overflowing.

Profile and Ease of Cleaning

We observed the guard from various angles and heights, gauging how easy it was to see from the ground. We then applied more debris to the guard and used water, gloved hands, and other tools to clean it off.

LeafFilter Gutter Guard System

LeafFilter’s gutter protection system uses a tightly spaced micro-mesh screen to draw in water without flushing debris through your home’s gutter system. The screen even filters out the smallest of debris like shingle grit and pollen. The gutter system still needs periodic cleaning and maintenance, but this level of filtration practically eliminates any debris buildup within your gutter system.

LeafFilter Product Specifications

Here are some of LeafFilter’s key product features:

LeafFilter Quote Process and Pricing

A LeafFilter gutter guard system’s cost will depend on how many stories your home has, the linear footage of your gutters, and whether you require downspout or gutter repair services.

We contacted LeafFilter to request a quote. The company will not provide an estimate without inspecting your home, but we were able to learn about the basic estimate process. LeafFilter will assess your gutters’ condition, take measurements, and provide an estimate that will remain valid for one year.

We read several customer reviews mentioning high initial quotes from LeafFilter. Some negotiating may be expected, but it does not guarantee a lower price. 

LeafFilter Installation Process

LeafFilter’s straightforward installation process includes the following steps:

  1. After you request a quote, a team member will schedule an inspection to determine your gutters’ linear footage and whether they need repair or replacement.
  2. Once you agree to LeafFilter’s terms, it will send one or more installers on the scheduled date to install the gutter guards and replace your gutters, if necessary. The team will prepare your existing gutters by ensuring they have the correct pitch, show no signs of damage, and are properly sealed and aligned. 
  3. LeafFilter’s team will clean up any debris after installing the gutter guards. We found many customer reviews on Trustpilot that cited a timely installation and satisfactory cleanup. 

LeafFilter Maintenance and Cleaning 

LeafFilter gutter guards are easy to clean and maintain. While no gutter guard completely removes the need for regular maintenance, LeafFilter makes that job easier. Its built-in pitch allows most debris and materials to roll off. After any remaining debris dries, you can hose or brush it off.

We tested its ease of cleaning using the LeafFilter gutter guard model. We noted that the built-in pitch allowed most debris to slide off when hit by water flow. We easily cleaned off what little debris remained with a light brushing.

Defects may also occur. Due to this, LeafFilter provides a Lifetime Transferable Warranty and a 100% money-back guarantee.

You will still need to clean your gutters occasionally, but having a LeafFilter gutter guard installed greatly reduces the frequency of cleaning and maintenance. We recommend inspecting your gutter system at least once a year or after you experience inclement weather, such as a hurricane, that could have damaged the guard or gutters.

How Does LeafFilter Compare to Other Gutter Guard Brands?

We conducted firsthand testing of every major type of gutter guard to help determine the best-performing gutter guards in the industry. We tested LeafFilter and more than a dozen DIY products. LeafFilter performed the best of any guard we tested. LeafFilter’s micro-mesh screen blocked more debris than any other guard and had the sturdiest construction of any product we tested. 

Beyond its product performance, LeafFilter has a stronger online presence and reputation than any other brand. LeafFilter has more than 120,000 reviews on Trustpilot, 82% of which are 4- or 5-star reviews. Of the companies we evaluated, Gutter Guards America has the second most reviews on Trustpilot, with more than 500 reviews.

Company Star Rating Best For BBB Rating Link
Our Rating
Our Top Pick A+ VISIT SITE
Our Rating
Reverse Curve A+ VISIT SITE
Our Rating
Customer Reviews A+ VISIT SITE
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Customization Options A VISIT SITE
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Add-On Services B VISIT SITE

LeafFilter Warranty

LeafFilter’s manufacturer’s warranty lasts a lifetime and is transferable to the next homeowner if you sell your home. However, many terms and conditions apply. We’ve listed some of the most notable warranty exclusions and limitations below: 



LeafFilter reserves the right to inspect and validate all warranty claims. The buyer is responsible for informing LeafFilter of the suspected defect via a written explanation within a reasonable time after discovering it. LeafFilter may request additional information, including photos, and may also require a field inspection.

LeafFilter Reviews

LeafFilter holds an overall positive reputation. We analyzed recent reviews on Google and Trustpilot and found the majority of customers rated the company four stars or higher. Many reviewers praised LeafFilter’s thorough installation and professionalism. More critical reviews cited high prices and pushy sales tactics.

Read some of the reviews we analyzed below:

The best, sales rep Ellise came and explained cost and installation. The very next day Jeff came out to do the installation. They both were kind, courteous and great to talk to. These are the go to people, you won’t be disappointed and the estimate is free

— Lisa Russ via Google Reviews

I’ve heard some people have had problems with their gutters freezing up after installation of Leaffilter. We did too on the North side of the house. It took some patience and two follow up trips, but Leaf Filter came through. Thanks to ****** and his Sup, *****, and with proper installation of heat tape in those affected portions of the gutter, our freeze up problems appear to have been resolved. Kudos to ***** and ******.

— Robert B. via Better Business Bureau

I received a quote for over $10,000 (originally $12,000+ before “discounts” were applied) for 241 feet of gutter protection. If that wasn’t ridiculous enough, then I received a text a few days later telling me they would offer “employee” pricing. Today they changed their quote to $3,645 for cash [transactions].

— Mitch Mitchell via Google Reviews

​​LeafFilter employed misleading sales tactics stating “lifetime warranties” at sale but then refusing to supply warranty documentation until after work is completed. Only upon final completion of the work and payment is the customer informed that the “lifetime warranty” is only for the actual equipment failing and that there is only a one-year workmanship warranty, which if the system fails it is obviously more likely to be from workmanship than from hardware failure.

— Chris Page via Google Reviews

Our Recommendation

We recommend LeafFilter as our top pick of the gutter guards we reviewed. The company offers an effective design, has favorable customer reviews, and provides convenient professional installation service. Our gutter guard testing confirmed that LeafFilter’s micro-mesh guard is effective at filtering water and preventing debris from entering your gutters, and its design is aesthetically pleasing. The company also backs its product with a lifetime transferable warranty.

LeafFilter FAQ

Why are clean gutters important?

Clean gutters help protect your home’s foundation and siding from water damage caused by overflow. They also provide a basic level of pest protection, deterring insects attracted to decaying organic matter. Regular gutter maintenance also helps prevent mold and mildew caused by roof leaks and rotting fascia boards.

What is the best material for gutter guards?

Though this may depend on the type of debris your home experiences, micro-mesh and surface-tension gutter guards provide the best overall results. Not only are these types of gutter guards more effective at blocking small debris like pine needles, but they also require the least amount of maintenance and gutter cleaning. 

Will LeafFilter install gutters for me?

Yes, LeafFilter will install new gutters during its installation process if it finds that it is necessary or if the homeowner requests it. 

Do I need to clean LeafFilter gutter guards?

You will rarely have to clean LeafFilter’s gutter guards. Some debris can remain on top of the gutter covers during heavy downpours. However, gutter guards from LeafFilter are very easy to clean. Given that the guard has a built-in pitch, you can use a blower or broom if you notice debris piled on top. You could also wait for the debris to dry and see if it falls independently. However, this will rarely happen, given that the guard uses surface tension in its design to pull debris off of it. 

What color are LeafFilter gutters?

LeafFilter gutters come in several colors, including beige, brown, white, and gray.

How We Chose the Top Gutter Guard Providers

We researched and analyzed dozens of gutter guards and gutter guard companies to create an in-depth review methodology. We formulated a rating system based on the factors homeowners find most important. We evaluated each provider’s gutter guard design and aesthetics, service offerings, customer service and communication, quote process, warranties, and financing options. 

We created a separate rating system for DIY-installed gutter guards sold on retailer sites. We evaluated these guards based on their quality of materials, aesthetics, communication, warranty, customer reviews, and cost.

We evaluated each provider’s reputation using independent, third-party sites such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Google My Business pages. For products, we analyzed the customer reviews on whichever online retailer primarily hosts the product.