7 Best Vinyl Windows for Your Home

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Opting for vinyl windows doesn’t mean sacrificing style. We’ve spent over 100 hours researching the best window brands for vinyl windows. Our favorite options balance affordability, durability, and aesthetics to fit a multitude of styles.

Check out our picks for best vinyl windows below, plus tips on hiring a local installer.


Top Vinyl Window Brands

Here are our picks for the best vinyl windows:

Compare our top picks for the best vinyl window brands in the table below.

Best For Price Range Star Rating Link
Renewal by Andersen Renewal by Andersen Best Selection $680-$2,700
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Champion Champion Best for Sunrooms $400-$850
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Castle Castle Best Warranty $300-$500
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Harvey Harvey Best for Wooden Windows $500-$1,350
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Milgard Milgard Best Speciality Windows $200-$600
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Pella Pella Best Eco-Friendly Windows $450-$2,000
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Simonton Simonton Best Vinyl Windows $200–$1,200
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Renewal by Andersen
Logo Renewal by Andersen
Best For Best Selection
Price Range $680-$2,700
Star Rating
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Logo Champion
Best For Best for Sunrooms
Price Range $400-$850
Star Rating
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Logo Castle
Best For Best Warranty
Price Range $300-$500
Star Rating
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Logo Harvey
Best For Best for Wooden Windows
Price Range $500-$1,350
Star Rating
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Logo Milgard
Best For Best Speciality Windows
Price Range $200-$600
Star Rating
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Logo Pella
Best For Best Eco-Friendly Windows
Price Range $450-$2,000
Star Rating
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Logo Simonton
Best For Best Vinyl Windows
Price Range $200–$1,200
Star Rating
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Star Rating
Best For
Price Range
Best Selection
Best for Sunrooms
Best Warranty
Best for Wooden Windows
Best Speciality Windows
Best Eco-Friendly Windows
Best Vinyl Windows

Why Choose Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows have become popular over the past several decades because they’re affordable, durable, and have additional structural benefits. The windows use polyvinyl chloride (PVC) as a synthetic base, offering a wood-like finish while remaining lightweight and easy to install. 

Vinyl windows are more durable than other window materials, such as wood or aluminum. Vinyl doesn’t fade, peel, or become damaged from extreme climates.

Overall, vinyl windows provide an optimal balance between style and performance that other window types don’t offer.

Our Recommendation

Vinyl windows add style and charm, boost energy efficiency, and supply natural sunlight to highlight your home’s interior beauty. 

Champion Windows is a well-rounded option for vinyl replacement or new windows. The company offers a completely customized approach and can add its energy-efficient Comfort 365 Window Glass into practically any vinyl window style you want. In addition to its wide selection of windows and tailored installation, Champion is one of the few providers that offers comprehensive sunroom services. 

Castle Windows follows a similarly customized process for vinyl windows. However, Andersen is a safe bet for style and durability if Castle and Champion aren’t available in your area.

We recommend getting quotes from at least three window installers to compare services, warranties, and reputation. 

How We Chose the Top Window Brands

We researched and analyzed dozens of window manufacturers. We then crafted a rating system based on each brand’s standard and energy-efficient product offerings.

We spoke directly to representatives at each company to learn how the installation process works and determine how each brand personalizes its windows for each home. We also closely analyzed each company’s warranty options to ensure their product and labor guarantees match or exceed industry standards. 

Finally, we assessed the manufacturer’s years of experience and customer reputation. In addition, we analyzed the 100 most recent Google Reviews for each provider across various locations and branches.

How to Select Windows for Your Home

There are a lot of options to consider when shopping for vinyl windows. Here are the key things to keep in mind.

Types of Windows

Vinyl windows are versatile and can be created to fit many shapes. Here are some of the most common window styles you’ll encounter during your search.

Window Warranties

Though vinyl windows are known for having long life spans of 20 to 40 years, a warranty adds additional security to your investment. Many window manufacturers offer limited lifetime warranties or labor warranties. Limited lifetime warranties cover the cost of window parts but don’t always cover labor. 

The term lifetime often refers to the estimated time the window will maintain its manufactured quality. Low-quality windows may have an estimated lifespan of fewer than five years, while high-quality windows can last more than 15 years. The length of the warranty matches those estimations. However, some manufacturers mean the actual lifetime of the window. These warranties are usually transferable to new homeowners

Lifetime limited window warranties typically cover the following items:

A labor warranty, often called a workmanship warranty, covers installation errors, not manufacturing defects. Labor warranties may require you to pay a service call fee for repair.

Window labor warranties typically cover: 

We recommend selecting a window installer approved by your manufacturer. This makes it easier to receive coverage if a defect occurs, preventing the manufacturer from blaming the installer or vice versa. 

Homeowner Reviews

Looking at other homeowners’ reviews of window manufacturers is critical to understanding what it’s like to deal with a company. These are the most important factors to note:


How to Find a Local Window Installer

There are a few significant steps to finding a reputable window installation company. We’ve listed them below.


Window Company Reviews 

Best Selection: Andersen

Fast Facts:

Benefits and Drawbacks Andersen Vinyl Windows


Includes 20-year warranties for glass and 10 years for non-glass items

Costs more than some competitors

Is available nationwide at big-box retailers such as The Home Depot

Doesnt offer cost information online because prices vary by location

Offers a large selection of vinyl window lines

What we like: Andersen is one of the most respected window manufacturers in the United States. Its subsidiary, Renewal by Andersen, offers customizable vinyl windows with full-service installation. The company offers 35 different window types and multiple operational styles, color options, and shapes. 

Andersen’s customizable E-Series caters to unique window installations, including accent windows that complement double-hung and casement options. Its 400 Series is a premium option, including Andersen’s highest-quality glass with vinyl or wood frames. Andersen offers a choice between contemporary and traditional styles to match your home’s aesthetic. 

Types of Windows Available

Below are Andersen’s options for custom-built windows and doors:

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Best for Sunrooms: Champion Windows

Fast Facts:

*Available in Alabama, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Wisconsin.

Benefits and Drawbacks Champion Vinyl Windows


Provides Energy Star-certified vinyl windows

Has limited service areas

Offers additional sunroom and patio services with vinyl options

Provides limited pricing information online, as quotes vary by location

Offers in-house installation and customization

What we like: Champion Windows was founded in 1953 to manufacture cost-friendly aluminum storm windows, storm doors, awnings, and screen rooms. The company now offers a wide selection of window lines. Its vinyl window line, ColorBond, has various exterior color options designed to adhere to vinyl. These windows also use heat-reflective and impact-resistant technology that prevents fading, warping, and energy loss. Color options include adobe, black, bronze, colonial blue, pebble, tan, and white. 

Champion includes eco-friendly, Energy Star-certified Comfort 365 Window Glass on its window offerings. This glass has a specialized low-emissivity (low-e) coating and insulating argon gas that block roughly 94% of harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, ensuring your home stays cool during summer and warm in winter.

In addition, Champion provides sunroom and patio services. The company offers wholly customized sunrooms with an in-depth, personalized installation process. Projects include all-season sunrooms, three-season sunrooms, patio enclosures, and screen rooms. 

Types of Windows Available

Below are Champion’s window, sunroom, patio, and door options: 


Best Warranty: Castle Windows

Fast Facts:

*Available in Connecticut, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Benefits and Drawbacks Castle Vinyl Windows


Includes a robust lifetime warranty for vinyl windows

Limited state availability

Offers made-to-order vinyl windows for a variety of window types

No online pricing, as price varies by location

Includes double weather stripping and insulated glass with its virgin vinyl products

What we like: Castle Windows has manufactured windows since 1997. The company has served over one million homeowners and built a reputation for high-quality vinyl windows, exterior doors, roofing, and siding services. 

The company provides design-friendly double-hung and basement hopper windows with double weather-stripping, insulated glass, and a maintenance-free vinyl frame. Its windows also have a tilt-sash—or the part of the window that opens—for easy cleaning.

Castle offers a 24/7 customer support line and includes a transferable lifetime warranty. This warranty covers all window parts, including glass, screens, and other components. The warranty also covers workmanship with free labor on all services.

Types of Windows Available

Here is Castle Windows’ door and window selection:


Best for Wooden Windows: Harvey Windows and Doors

Fast Facts:

*Available in Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Benefits and Drawbacks Harvey Vinyl Windows


Allows you to customize vinyl windows with hardware finishes, grid styles, and glass options

Limited state availability

Offers lifetime warranty

Doesn’t include prices online

Uses UV Tough Coat paint

What we like: A top Northeastern brand, Harvey Windows and Doors offers a comprehensive and customizable vinyl window line. Its Classic Vinyl collection comes with five BetterGrain interior finishes, which mimic the look of natural wood windows

You can pair these premium vinyl windows with Harvey’s UV Tough Coat paint in black or bronze. This coat is seven times stronger than industry-standard water-based paints, ensuring your windows will look great longer. Harvey also offers a diverse range of color options for its vinyl windows, such as cranberry, forest green, and wedgewood. The company includes a lifetime warranty.

Types of Windows Available

Here are Harvey’s window and door options:


Best Specialty Windows: Milgard Windows

Fast Facts:

*Available in Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Kansas, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Utah, and Washington.

Benefits and Drawbacks Milgard Vinyl Windows


Manufactures its glass and vinyl components in-house

Limited state availability

Offers SmartTouch Hardware for easy locking and unlocking

No online pricing information

Uses titanium dioxide to make its vinyl more heat- and weather-resistant

What we like: Many window companies rely on third-party providers to produce their glass and hardware components, but Milgard Windows manufactures everything in-house. This means you receive reliable customer service and lifetime warranty options for the company’s vinyl window lines

Milgard’s V300 Trinsic Series is an excellent option for vinyl windows with a modern, minimalist design. The V250 Style Line Series offers vinyl windows with a slimmer frame, allowing more natural light to fill your space and make your home feel more expansive.

Milgard also offers an excellent selection of specialty windows it can make with vinyl frames, including skylights. Other specialty window options include radius, bay, bow, and garden. The company constructs its vinyl windows with anti-corrosion technology. 

Types of Windows Available

Milgard’s door and window offerings are as follows:

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Best Eco-Friendly Windows: Pella

Fast Facts:

Benefits and Drawbacks Pella Vinyl Windows


Focuses on eco-friendly and energy-efficient windows

Doesn’t include a lifetime warranty

Offers cost-friendly vinyl windows that don’t sacrifice style

Doesn’t provide cost information online

Has nationwide availablity, including at Lowe’s

What we like: Pella is one of the largest window manufacturers in the United States and can be found at The Home Depot and Lowe’s locations. The company is notable for its energy-efficient windows and efforts in green technology.

Most Pella windows and doors meet Energy Star performance guidelines and include a low-e coating. The Environmental Protection Agency even recognized Pella for its efforts in pollution prevention with an Energy Star Award in 2009.

Pella’s Encompass line includes high-quality standard vinyl windows. Its 250 Series offers more durable and stylish vinyl options. This series supplies weather-stripping, insulating gas, and optional easy-to-open hardware components. You can customize your Pella vinyl windows with almond, fossil, or white color schemes. 

Types of Windows Available

See which door and windows options Pella offers below:

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Best Vinyl Windows: Simonton

Fast Facts:

Benefits and Drawbacks Simonton Vinyl Windows


Includes lifetime and double lifetime limited warranties

Additional upgrades are required for energy-efficient options

Includes various Energy Star-certified window and glass options

Collection availability varies by region

Offers a massive selection of vinyl window options

What we like: Simonton offers one of the largest catalogs of customizable vinyl windows. The company specializes in and only works with vinyl windows. Homeowners can select from five different design options to build custom vinyl windows that are weather-resistant and aesthetically pleasing. Simonton separates its windows into two collections for East and West Coast customers.

The East Coast-exclusive Reflections collection allows you to customize exterior color, internal wood grain laminate, hardware, and grid choices. The West Coast Simonton Madeira series provides traditional windows with wood-like designs and wide frames. Both collections offer energy-efficient upgrades, including double-pane and triple-pane options with argon gas. 

Simonton provides lifetime and double lifetime limited warranties. However, the coverage varies between models. 

Types of Windows Available

Simonton offers the following vinyl window types:

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Vinyl Window FAQ

How much does a vinyl replacement window cost?

Vinyl replacement windows cost an average of $700 but can range from $300 to $1,200. The price range fluctuates based on window material, glass type, window style, and labor costs.

Should I replace all the windows at once?

It’s best to replace all your windows at once if it’s within your budget. An installer can complete the entire job in a couple of days, and you’ll have less paperwork and stress.

How long do vinyl windows last?

Vinyl windows last 20 to 40 years, depending on your climate and sunlight exposure.

Do vinyl windows warp?

The myth is vinyl windows can warp, but this isn’t true. They’re made from PVC, one of the most durable home materials. Vinyl windows don’t warp due to extreme temperature changes or moisture exposure.