How Much Does a Bow Window Cost? | 2024 Guide

By Amanda Lutz Updated May 10, 2024

Typical costs range from $1,500 to $15,000.

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Bow window costs typically range from $1,500 to $15,000 per window, but most homeowners will pay around $3,900 on average. Bow windows can make your home feel larger and boost its curb appeal, but they’re a considerable investment compared to other window styles.

Your price depends on several factors, such as whether you choose a made-to-order window or a custom one, as well as the window frame material, glass type, and number of panes. We’ll cover these factors and more in our guide.

*Article cost data via Angi, Home Advisor, and Pella.

Major Cost Factors of Bow Windows

Bow window prices depend on whether you’re replacing an existing bow window or installing a new one. The cost also depends on your home’s location, your chosen materials, the panel number, and if your window is custom or prefabricated.

A premade window costs as low as $1,500, but customization options can push the price to $15,000 or more (for materials and labor). You’ll pay at least two times the amount for wood than you would for vinyl. Below you’ll find the material price for bow window replacement followed by the installation cost.

Installation TypeCost RangeAverage Cost
Bow Window New Installation$300–$1,200$750
Bow Window Replacement$700–$6,000$3,350

Bow window prices depend on various factors. We’ve outlined some of the largest contributors to price below, but this list is not exhaustive.

Factor 1: Frame Material

Vinyl and wood are the most common framing materials, but other options are available. Here are bow window prices by frame materials for replacing windows.

Frame MaterialCost RangeAverage Cost

Factor 2: Glass Type

You can choose from various glass types to improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Factor 3: Cost by Number of Panes

Adding more glass to your bow windows increases energy efficiency. Multiplaned glass costs more up-front, but it will help to save you money over time by reducing your monthly energy bills.

Number of PanesCost Per WindowAverage Cost Per Window
Single-pane windows$100-$350$225
Double-pane windows$280-$1,500 $890
Triple-pane windows$300-$2,700$1,500

Factor 4: Custom vs. Prefabricated Costs

Prefabricated bow windows cost between $700 and $1,900. These are standard, prepackaged sets offered by most manufacturers using vinyl materials. Many homeowners prefer custom bow windows so they can match them to their home. Opting for custom work or luxury materials usually costs $6,000 or more.

Factor 5: Home Characteristics

Factors such as your home’s location and age can also affect bow window prices. Not only do contractors charge different prices based on location, but they’ll charge more to install a bow window on the second or third floor or if large structures nearby make window access more difficult.

If you live in a historic building, you may need to hire a certified specialist or obtain a permit. Making any structural alterations to an older home may require a structural engineer’s expertise and additional labor, which can significantly increase the cost.

What is a Bow Window?

A bow window is an arc-shaped window that extends outward from the home. They’re typically comprised of four or more equally sized casement windows and are often referred to by the number of glass sections, such as four-lite bow, five-lite bow, or six-lite bow.

You can find bow windows in modern homes, but they’re more common in Victorian-style houses. Customization is possible, and homeowners can choose additional features such as energy-efficient upgrades or window seating.

Pros and Cons of Bow Windows

Here are several advantages and disadvantages of adding a bow window to your home:


  • Additional space due to the windows projecting beyond the exterior wall of the house
  • Increased curb appeal
  • More natural light offered
  • Panoramic outdoor views


  • They are expensive. Most will cost as much as $15,000
  • You have to have the wall space available
  • Complex installation process
  • Maintenance challenges can arise

Bay Windows vs. Bow Windows

Bow and bay windows are often confused. Both types of windows extend beyond the home’s exterior walls, but bay windows are more angular and require less space than bow windows. Bay windows consist of three windows, typically with two operable casement windows or double-hung windows on either side of a fixed picture window. They are more often used in transitional and contemporary home styles.

Professional vs. DIY Bow Windows

We recommend hiring a professional to install a bow window versus doing it yourself. Even a small mistake can damage your walls and/or lead to energy and water leaks.

Professional Bow Window Installation

Hiring a professional window installation company costs more money, but the peace of mind it provides is priceless. Here are some benefits of hiring a pro:

DIY Bow Windows

We do not recommend do-it-yourself (DIY) bow window installation, even if you have professional experience. The materials are heavy and often require more than one person to lift and install them. Because of the window’s weight, it must be attached to the home’s load-bearing structures. If this isn’t done correctly, your walls could crack.

Our Recommendation

Bow windows are more expensive than other window types, but the added square footage and curb appeal can make them worth the investment. Their curved shape and multiple window panes help bring in more natural light and fresh air, making your space feel larger.

We recommend consulting with a professional about your bow window project. Check out our top-rated window companies in the panel below.

Bow Windows FAQ

Which are cheaper, bay windows or bow windows?

Bay windows typically cost less than bow windows. Bow window prices are typically two times higher than same-size bay windows. However, this depends on various factors, such as whether you opted for custom work or extra features.

What are the disadvantages of bow windows?

Bow windows are wide and heavy, making them difficult to install. The complex installation and higher number of glass panels makes them more expensive than most other types of windows. You’ll need to keep up with cleaning and proper maintenance to prolong your window’s life and maximize your investment.

Can you replace a regular window with a bow window?

Yes, you can replace a standard window with a bow window. The project requires widening the existing window opening to fit the new bow window. A professional will make sure the wall can support this window style’s weight.