Can You Replace Windows in the Winter?

By Amanda Lutz Updated May 16, 2024

Replacing windows is an excellent way to add value to your home, save money on energy bills and offer greater curb appeal. While replacing windows is sometimes unavoidable, such as if damage occurs, many homeowners opt to wait for warm weather to tackle window installation.

However, it’s very possible to safely replace windows in the winter. In fact, there are benefits to replacing windows in cold weather. Our guide will cover the benefits of installing new windows in winter, some possible challenges, and what the window replacement project could look like. Whether you’re actively shopping for new windows or just starting to think about the project, you’ll be empowered with what you need to proceed.

Benefits of Replacing Windows in the Winter

There are four primary benefits to replacing windows in the winter. These include the following:

These are just a few benefits of replacing windows in the winter. Depending on your situation, you might discover even more cost-effective or earth-friendly perks.

Challenges of Winter Window Replacement

Even though there are many viable reasons why installing windows in winter can be beneficial, there are some potential drawbacks as well. Consider the below challenges before embarking on your winter window replacement.

Caulking and Sealing Concerns

New windows need to be sealed in place as the final step of the installation process. During cold weather, these materials, including caulk and other sealants, might not adhere as well. Fortunately, experienced window installation companies use caulk and sealant specifically designed for low temperatures, but if you’re attempting this as a do-it-yourself project, always use caution and double-check that your new windows are firmly in place.

Weather-Related Setbacks

Certain weather-related setbacks can come into play with any home improvement or renovation project. Snow, ice, and cold air can delay installations or extend the process by a few days or more. Don’t worry too much about winter weather, though. Professional window companies have crews that are used to working in the elements. They have techniques and equipment to stay on schedule, so your home isn’t thrown into disarray by a delayed installation.

Winter Window Installation Process

Replacing windows in the winter is the same process as installing them in the spring or summer. What follows is a look at a professional winter window installation process from start to finish.

1. Removal of Old Windows

The first step of the window removal process is removing the existing windows. This needs to be done correctly so the window can be removed in its entirety without allowing too much cold air to seep into the house. Floor-to-ceiling plastic sheeting can help isolate work areas and keep frigid air contained.

2. Preparing the Opening

The window installers will then ensure the window opening is clean, level, and weathertight. They’ll remove any existing debris and give the area a once-over before installing the new window. Insulating and flashing will keep the area secure and safe.

3. Installing the Replacement Window

Installing the replacement window is the next step in the process. Window companies will fit, square, and secure the brand-new window, checking to make sure it’s level and appealing to the eye. After the window is fitted, a professional will caulk and seal the window, preventing any leaks and ensuring it’s solid and secure.

4. Final Sealing and Cleanup

The final step in the process is doing interior sealing and site cleanup. In wintertime, window companies might use special materials such as heat guns to add any final touches and make sure the window can stand up to harsh temperatures. A reliable window company won’t leave any evidence that they were there, removing any debris and trash from the area before leaving.

Winter-Friendly Window Materials

While any new window will add curb appeal and give your home a fresh, new look, certain types of replacement windows offer superior winter weather performance. A few types of windows include the following:

Talk to your window installer about what window is right for you. Before you make a decision, consider your budget and your aesthetic goals.

How to Find a Winter Window Installer

Hiring the right contractor for your winter window replacement project is important. Here are a few things to consider when vetting companies:

Don’t be afraid to call around and compare companies. Finding the right window installation company for your needs can take a while, but don’t rush the process. Give yourself the time, and you’ll find the perfect contractor for your home renovation project.

Our Recommendation

Replacing your windows in winter is possible and offers several unique benefits—from seasonal discounts to faster project completion. If you want to replace your windows in winter, shop around for the right contractor, pick out the right type of window material, and familiarize yourself with the process. With some legwork and research, you’ll enjoy stunning new windows in no time flat.

Winter Window Replacement FAQ

How long does it take to replace windows in the winter?

How long it takes to replace windows in the winter depends on the window replacement company’s schedule. Some companies can replace windows in one afternoon, while others might require additional time and resources.

Can I replace just one window in the winter?

You can replace one or more windows in the winter, depending on your unique needs, or if you have a cracked window or other emergency situation. Talk to your chosen window replacement company about what you want to schedule to determine a quote and a timeline.

Do window companies offer discounts in the winter?

Some window companies offer discounts in the winter months. This depends on the window company, so talk to multiple contractors before settling on one.