Window Glass Repair Near Me

By Alex Hawkins

Mar 16, 2023
Glazier cuts and breaks glass on a professional table in the workplace

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Window glass repair is a task you want to complete quickly and without stress. We have researched the best window installation companies in the industry to understand their window repair costs and replacement process, preferred window brands, and warranty options. In this guide, we pull from our knowledge and methodology to provide an easy-to-use tool that helps you quickly match with window glass repair companies in your area.



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How Window Glass Repair Works

Solutions for a broken window vary by situation. However, there are some overall steps a contractor should take to ensure the repair is high-quality. You can tackle window repair yourself, but many homeowners choose to hire a professional since most window repairs and glass replacements now require low-E coating glass.

Below are some steps a pro will take for window glass replacement, whether it’s a glass door or a window.

  1. The contractor will remove the broken glass, then tape over the cracked pane with duct tape. This step helps keep glass shards from falling out onto the surrounding areas.  
  2. The contractor should use the same type of glass so the new glass matches your house. If the broken glass is in a wooden window, they will chisel the old putty out of the slots or use a pair of long-nosed glazier’s points. They will then clean it with a wire brush and sand the wood. Next, they apply a wood sealer.
  3. If the window repair is in a metal or vinyl sash, they will remove the parts retaining the glass by pulling the old glass out and having it reglazed. They can then replace it in the sash while replacing the parts that keep it in place. They will then apply a strand of glazing compound putty around the window opening for wood window repairs and make a soft bed with a putty knife or their fingers.
  4. Next, they will put the glass pane in place. Using a damp rag, they will remove excess putty after pushing the glazier’s points in the window frame
  5. If needed, the contractor can apply more window putty around the pane and create a tight seal with a putty knife. The repair should conclude with a clean-up from the window glass company.
  6. Once the putty has dried, you can paint over it.



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Our Conclusion

Contact a window replacement professional for a cost-effective solution if you have a cracked or shattered window. However, if your window has significant damage or the repair is more complex (e.g., shower doors, skylights, or patio doors), getting a replacement or new window may be a better solution. Our tool below helps you quickly get free quotes from reliable residential window installation companies for a speedy window repair service or a home improvement project.

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Window Glass Repair FAQ

How much does it cost to replace a window?

Replacement windows cost an average of $700 but range from $300 to $1,200. The price range fluctuates based on window material, glass type, window style, and labor costs. 

Is it cheaper to replace windows or repair glass?

Overall, it is cheaper to repair glass than replace an entire window, but if you want a long-term solution to a damaged window, replacing it may provide a better option. 

Why did my window crack for no reason?

Stress might be the culprit if your window seems to have cracked for no reason. Stress cracks occur from expanding and contracting glass due to temperature changes. You can combat stress cracks by installing thicker glass and choosing glass features based on your climate and sun exposure.

How much does it cost to repair a single-pane glass window?

A single-pane window costs around $50 to $80, depending on the severity of the damage. This price increases for double-pane windows, with an average price of $100 to $200 for a simple replacement glass repair.