How Much Does Window Repair Cost?

By Alex Hawkins

May 30, 2023
Workman in overalls installing or adjusting plastic windows in the living room at home

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The average cost of window repair is $305, but it can range from $170 to $568* depending on type of repairs. Broken windows aren’t just an eyesore; they also reduce your home’s energy efficiency. The cost of window repair can vary widely, as there’s more to it than simply swapping out one window for another. The window’s frame, sash, seals, and glass type all influence total cost.

We’ve researched the best window brands and average window repair costs. This guide explains the factors that impact price and provides recommendations for top window repair services.



Cost of Window Repair

The average cost of window repair is $305, but it can range from $170 to $568.* This includes repairs for the window sash, seal, tracks, and opening mechanism. The total repair cost depends on which parts require repair, the severity of the damage, and the type of window in need of repair. For example, replacing a single-pane window might cost you $80, while a double-pane window will cost $180.

*Cost figures are based on national averages from multiple 2021 reports. 

Cost by Type of Window Repair

Below are some of the most common types of window repairs and their average price

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Factors Affecting Cost

Various factors impact window repair cost beyond which part of the window is broken. Here are some of the most significant ones. 

Type of Window

The type of window—and more specifically, the number of window panes—determines a large portion of the price. We surveyed 1,000 homeowners and found that a majority (56%) opted for multiple panes to make their windows more energy-efficient and cost-effective. The survey also showed that more than 78% of homeowners saw a decrease in their energy bills from these additions.

Window Size

The bigger the window, the more repairs will cost. This is because larger windows require more labor, time, and materials.

Type of Damage

The level of damage dictates the kind of repair your windows need, as well as material and equipment costs. For example, fixing one crack in a single-pane window is inexpensive, but a rotten wood frame or a broken seal between panes costs more than average.

Number of Windows

The more windows that require repairs, the more the project will cost. 

Labor and Equipment

Labor for a broken window repair costs around $50 to $90 per hour, including installation fees. Custom-sized panes, specialty hardware, and window accessibility also influence labor costs. For example, hard-to-reach windows that require a ladder or roof access cost more to repair. Specialty windows, such as bay windows or elliptical windows, also cost more because they require intensive labor.



Types of Window Repairs

There are many types of window repairs beyond standard glass replacement. Here are the most common window repairs

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Professional vs. DIY Window Repair

Window repair isn’t an easy project. You might be able to save money by repairing a seal or caulking vinyl windows yourself. Vinyl window repair can cost as little as $100 to $250 if you already own plenty of tools. However, this price can increase depending on your window frame material.

Consider calling a professional if you have high-end windows or a more complicated window design, such as bow windows. You should also hire a pro for challenging repairs, such as multiple panes of broken glass. Hiring a professional to fix a standard-size vinyl window costs $200 to $350



Our Recommendation

Because windows have many complicated parts, it’s usually best to hire a professional for repairs. Most people don’t have access to a glass cutter or the time it takes to complete the job. Below are two of our top recommendations for professional window installers that can assist with repair and replacement projects.

Best for Sunrooms: Champion Windows

Fast Facts:

*Available in Alabama, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, South Carolina, and Wisconsin.

What we like: Champion Windows provides an assortment of new and replacement window lines. The company has several eco-friendly products, such as its Energy Star-certified Comfort 365 Window Glass. This glass has a specialized low-emissivity (Low-E) coating and insulating argon gas that blocks roughly 94% of harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. Champion also offers repairs and replacements for patios and sunrooms.

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Best Selection: Andersen

Fast Facts:

Energy-efficient products available: Yes

What we like: Andersen is one of the largest and most respected window manufacturers in the United States. It has high-rated customer service and offers 35 different window types. Each window has multiple operational styles, color options, frame types, and shapes. The company’s customizable E-Series works for unique installations, such as accent windows. It also offers white glove repair and replacement services perfect for luxury windows.

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Window Repair Cost FAQs

How long does window repair take?

Window repair can take 60 minutes or less but may take longer, depending on the scope of your repair.

Is window repair worth the cost?

Yes, window repair is worth the cost, considering how much a malfunctioning window can increase your energy bills. Properly performing windows also help keep rainwater and pests out of your home, saving you from water damage or hiring a pest control company.

Is it more cost-effective to repair or replace a window?

It’s more cost-effective to repair a window than to replace one. However, full window replacement has many benefits, too. If you have old windows, you may be able to increase your home’s energy efficiency. Replacing windows also increases performance since window repair doesn’t involve refilling your windows with insulating argon gas.



How We Chose the Top Window Brands

We researched and analyzed dozens of window manufacturers. We then crafted a rating system based on each brand’s standard and energy-efficient product offerings.

We spoke directly to representatives at each company to learn how the installation process works and determine how each brand personalizes its windows for each home. We also closely analyzed each company’s warranty options to ensure their product and labor guarantees match or exceed industry standards. 

Finally, we assessed the manufacturer’s years of experience and customer reputation. In addition, we analyzed the 100 most recent Google Reviews for each provider across various locations and branches.