How Much Does Gutter Cleaning Cost in 2024?

By Amanda Lutz Updated January 9, 2024

Typical costs range from $70 to $460.

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Gutter cleaning costs typically range from $70 to $470, but many homeowners will pay around $200 on average. Adding additional services, such as downspout cleaning, can tack on another $50 to $100. The cost of gutter cleaning can also be expressed by linear foot. In this case, the average cost of hiring a gutter cleaning professional is $1.04 per linear foot of gutters.

At this cost, you may wonder why it is necessary to routinely have your gutters cleaned. Roof leaks, rotted fascia boards, and flooded foundations are a few of the problems that result from neglecting to maintain your gutters. Climbing a ladder and cleaning gutters is a dangerous task and hiring a professional is often the way to go, despite the cost. Another option is to add gutter guards which can greatly reduce the frequency of necessary gutter cleaning.

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A building contractor is installing rain gutter system, fitting brackets on the top of fascia board, setting up a level line string for the correct positioning of the rain gutter.
Gutter Installation

Gutter installation can range anywhere from $1,000 to $6,600.

Half round gutter system in a grey silver color. Textured modern concrete tile roof.
Gutter Guards

The average cost of gutter guard installation is typically between $1,000 and $2,000.

Gutter Repair

The average cost of gutter repair can range from $150 to $630.


Average Gutter Cleaning Cost

Price Range LikelihoodCost
National Average$207
Typical Range$146 – $284
Full Range$73 – $466

Note: Pricing was calculated from 2024 data published by Angi, HomeAdvisor, and Fixr. The actual cost of gutter cleaning in your area may vary.

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Factors That Affect Gutter Cleaning Cost

No two gutter systems are alike, and a variety of factors influence the cleaning cost. Gutter length and height are two of the most important determinants in gutter cleaning cost, but they aren’t the only ones.

Other variables, such as the amount of debris, obstructions to the work area, and local labor costs, affect gutter cleaning prices. Following are some important factors to consider regarding gutter cleaning costs.


Do you have a large tree limb looming over a section of gutter or a fence that makes ladder placement difficult? Any obstacles that encroach on the workers’ ability to do their jobs will add to the cost of the job. Additional risk factors that contractors will consider include rain gutter accessibility, roof slope, and the number of stories.

Likewise, the slope of your land can create a challenging environment to work in. If part of your house was built on a hill, for example, the gutter technicians must take extra time and care to stabilize the ladder and carefully make their way down your gutter runs.

Cleaning Frequency

Most homeowners need to clean their gutters two to three times per year, depending on the intensity of local weather and common types of debris in the area.

If you haven’t been maintaining proper gutter cleaning frequency, there’s likely a lot of debris and clogs to clean out. Cleaning out neglected gutters takes more time and effort and therefore costs more.

Downspout Cleaning and Extra Services

Clearing downspouts isn’t typically included in standard gutter cleaning because the debris should flow through your downspouts and away from your home. However, if you have a tree branch, rocks, or other debris stopping proper downspout flow, you can request your cleaning service take care of it. 

Most companies can clean downspouts and perform additional services on the ladder, such as reinforcing sagging gutters with extra hangers, adding end caps, and replacing missing fasteners. Anything extra will be factored into the total cost of the job, often costing an additional $50 to $100.

Gutter Guards

Installing gutter guards greatly reduces the maintenance efforts associated with keeping your gutters clear of debris. “We have encountered many examples of properties that require cleaning on a more regular schedule due to debris,” says Niki O’Brien, Operations Manager at Custom Exteriors. “If additional cleanings are needed regularly, gutter guards may be a reasonable choice in spite of the costs.” Gutter guards are available in different designs and styles, with micro-mesh options generally considered the best gutter guards on the market.

With a professionally installed micro-mesh gutter guard, your gutter system will be sealed and less prone to clogging. However, debris will still collect on top of the mesh screen and need to be swept off occasionally. Temporary options, such as foam or brush gutter guards, will need to be removed from your gutter before cleaning.

Gutter Width

The slope of your roof and other factors determine the gutter size you need to divert rain away from your home successfully. Gutters typically come in 4-inch, 5-inch, and 6-inch wide variations, with 5-inch gutters being most common on residential homes. Wider gutters have more debris to clear out, leading to higher cost estimates.

Length and Number of Stories

Understandably, one of the biggest factors in determining the cost of cleaning your gutters is the length of the gutters. Gutter length is measured in linear feet, and the average home has 200 linear feet of gutters. The more linear feet there are to clean, the more expensive the job will be.

Gutter height is an important factor as well. Second- and third-story gutters place technicians in more precarious positions, and the technicians must be extra careful and purposeful about their work.

First-story gutters typically cost as much as $1.31 per linear foot to clean. Second-story gutters can be up to $1.79, and third-story gutters can be as much as $2.73 per linear foot.

The table below shows the average gutter cleaning cost per linear foot by the height of a home.

Height of HomeLow-End CostAverage CostHigh-End Cost
Single Story$0.48$0.90$1.31
Two Story$0.85$1.32$1.79
Three Story$1.40$2.07$2.73

Professional vs. DIY

Anyone with a ladder, trowel, and keen sense of balance can clean gutters by themselves. It’s pretty easy to do, at least in principle. However, in reality, many things can go wrong during do-it-yourself (DIY) gutter cleaning. 

Performing any work atop a ladder is dangerous, especially if you don’t have previous experience. You may not be comfortable leaning to the left or right as you attempt to remove as much debris as possible before resituating your perch. Furthermore, professional gutter cleaners have ladders of the appropriate style and height to complete the job as safely and efficiently as possible.

While safety is the main concern, professionals will bring power washers and other tools to the job site that DIY kits and garden hoses can’t compete with. They’ll also lend a trained eye to your gutters’ condition, letting you know of budding issues—such as sagging, leaks, or pests—before they become major headaches.

Because of this, it’s worth the cost for most homeowners to outsource this job to the pros. Just make sure to get a free quote from at least three gutter cleaning services, and check that they have valid insurance and licensing.

Gutter Cleaning FAQ

What are the benefits of gutter cleaning?

Gutters capture rainwater and route it safely away from your home, but they also entrap pests and debris that prevent them from working as intended. The benefit of gutter cleaning is that it makes clogged gutters function properly again, preventing costly water damage to your roof and fascia, basement flooding, and pest infestations.

How often should you have your gutters cleaned?

Most homeowners should have their gutters cleaned at least once in spring, once in fall, and potentially once more in early summer, depending on the amount and type of pests and debris in your area. Keeping an eye on your gutters can help you set a cadence you feel comfortable with.

How do you know when to get your gutters cleaned?

You need to get your gutters cleaned when debris buildup starts to restrict water from flowing away from your home. If you notice weaker water flow from your downspouts and extenders, it’s time to have your gutters cleaned. The presence of staining, mold, mildew, fungi, or insects are additional indicators that organic matter may be decomposing in your gutters.

What do gutter cleaning jobs typically include?

Gutter cleaning jobs typically include assessment and maintenance in addition to debris clearing. When you hire a professional gutter cleaning service, they will clean your gutters and inspect them to ensure everything is in good condition. They’ll check for leaks, sagging gutters, and clogged downspouts to determine whether additional gutter repair is necessary. When they’re done, they’ll clean up any fallen debris, fasteners, or waste to leave your landscaping looking as good as they found it.



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We evaluated each provider’s reputation using independent, third-party sites such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Google My Business pages. For products, we analyzed the customer reviews on whichever online retailer primarily hosts the product.